13 Amazing Health Benefits of Stationary Bike Workout

Stationary bike is a great invention for exercising people for all ages. Comparing with others weight loss equipments stationary bike is an efficient and effective way to burn calories and body fat while strengthening your heart, lungs, and muscles. It can burn up to 50-80 calories in 10 minutes time span depending on exercise intensity and human body weight.

Its best known for its low impact exercising facilities and completely home gym equipment that allows you improve balance, reducing stress, great for toning, specially recommended for exercise bad knees; altogether it’s a very effective for sound fitness.

This bicycle puts less stress on your joints, but it still provides an excellent aerobic workout and proven exercise equipments for cardio fitness. It helps to build a stronger immune system; improve your sugar levels and many other things we are going to highlight briefly some of the benefits of stationary bike that will change your mind forever.

What are the Benefits Routinely Riding a Stationary Bike?

1.) Stationary bike benefits for legs

As the legs are mainly used to exercise with stationary bike so it’s obvious that leg muscles are the first one to improve. It improves leg muscle, leg joint, thighs, thighs joint, ankle injury, arthritics injury and many more. Actually exercising with stationary bike is proven exercise equipment for joint mobility.

It improves our knees, back bones, balance, lung and breathing capacity too. There have lots of benefits of stationary bike. According to physicians it’s a good practice to do workout with it 30 to 45 minutes a day. Along with controlled diet it’s going to burns lots of fat gradually and helps to keep you healthy.

2.) Boosts brain function

Exercising with stationary bike burns lots fat, strengthen muscles, improve blood functioning and many positive benefits of it, it also good for better brain functioning and helps to reduce mental stress. Good blood circulating is a basic thing to our body; exercise does accelerate it and helps to gain sound health.

Exercise bike has all the properties that will definitely you are going to fall love with. Most best part of it, it’s the only good gym equipment with that you can do workout while you are watching tv, doing home work or chatting with friends or even doing business work with your laptop.

3.) Cardio exercise equipment

There are lots of benefits of cycling exercise machine it helps to reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar level and prevent unwanted heart attacks. It’s also proven and recommended by many physician that its increase the good cholesterol and lower the bad cholesterol in your body; you can achieve that just exercising regularly because cycling are considered as a good cardiovascular exercise. You can see your cardio progress report live on the monitor that comes with bikes. You compare it before and after certain periods of time later then you will see how it worked for you. Beside this also have some benefits; these are

  • A stronger immune system
  • Less plaque build-up in your arteries
  • Lower stress levels
  • Helps to better sleep
  • Improved memory and brain functioning.

4.) Stationary bike works great for bad knees

Stationary bikes works superb for bad knee remedy. If you workout regular basis (45 minutes a day), for few weeks you will see your knee improvement. It’s a natural and low impact workout accessory to gain most out of it.

Along with knee injury it improves ankle injury and other many like arthritics, almost every national level player are used to it and depends only exercise bike to recover their physical major and minor injury. Its strengthen thigh muscle to built up your body on it.

5.) Great for toning

Stationary bikes comes with different resistance levels that gives low impact workout that has much impact on overall bodies but specially on glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, and the calves (back of the thigh). It very good for abdominal and back muscles exercise as well as good impact on arms muscles too.

Exercising with stationary bikes has positive effect on build up leg muscles; remove arthritics, bones and joint without pressuring much on it that improves lower body fitness such as ankles, knees, hips, and other joints. Your thighs or your legs will not double in volume, even if you work out regularly! The cardio exercise bike remains a cardio sports and that’s not adapted to bodybuilding.

6.) Stationary bikes for weight loss

Regular exercising with stationary bike might be option to decrease your extra fat that you put on your body, its works slowly for weight loss but very effective in long run. Around 600 calories burns for hours of exercising with it. It’s relatively lower than other exercise equipments but you don’t need to quick fat loose. Just stay focused on exercising it will bring glory on your face.

Study shows that it if a person exercise with it 45 minutes a day that will lower their cholesterol level and burns fat; combining with low calorie diet it accelerate weight loss at most as 1200 calories per day after 12 weeks.

7.) Stationary bike works on type 2 diabetics

Sports or outdoors activities are very much helpful for controlling type 2 diabetics; indoor exercise like cycling or exercising through stationary bike has great impact on reducing the sugar control. Stationary bike such a machine that can be use while you working on laptops or chatting with others but effective for your daily exercise.

It helps to producing more insulin hormone in the body that’s lower blood glucose level, glucose level rising is the result but main culprit is lower insulin for diabetics. But exercising with bikes helps to increase your insulin that’s how diabetics can be control. If insulin become less in your body then insulin might be push for controlling sugar level but exercise does helps to produce more than we need to control glucose levels. Sports; therefore favors a better natural regulation of the blood sugar level.

8.) Exercise bike good for lungs and breathing capacity

Stationary bikes allow for varied resistance levels, so you can exercise at low, medium, or high intensities that are helps many physical improvement including lungs and breathing capacity of our body. It’s scientifically proven and prescribed by many renowned physicians.

9.) Improves balance

Stationary bikes works great on improving balance, co-ordination and gaits. Specially for elderly people who already have a chronic stroke, as the bike is completely indoor exercising equipments so there is nothing to afraid of falling or fractures for the elderly people.

If you don’t have any issues with balance still good exercising equipments that will benefits lots of ways; specially prevents those issues that might not encountered for you; worthy exercising or not? Of course it is.

10.) Energy boosting and Low risk

As cycling on a stationary bike at home there actually have no risk it all, no fear for falling as there includes a safety belt (not with every brand) too. It’s good for reducing mental stress, Very well for energy boosting and much better brain functioning and good for all age’s people. This equipment specially designed for gain sound health not for body building, so it’s not professional gym equipment and pro gym always exclude this.

11.) Indoor cycling benefits against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson

As the blood circulating improves by exercising with stationary bike that will reduce the possibility of different brain dieses like most known brain stroke and rears dieses like Alzheimer and Parkinson.

12.) Exercise bike is good for your health and to live longer

Exercising is a good ways to live longer than usual; it could be outdoor or indoor. If you are not having physical exercise on your job then you should manage some times for your health too.

Studies shows that athletes are live longer than average persons but why? Because they have to exercise regularly to keep them fit to participating, later on they make it as a habit and live longer. So it’s a wakeup call for all of you guys, do physical workout live longer.

13.) Physicians prescribe stationary bikes for improve overall body fitness

Actually cycling is a good exercise equipment but not really as much beneficial as stationary bike. Cycling does help to improve muscles, bones, cardio exercise, stomach or helpful for knee injury but it has some bad effect any negative aspects too. Some of these are

  • Time consuming
  • Outdoor activities
  • Fear of ankle injury
  • Not much helpful for improving balance
  • Not prescribed by physicians

Instead physicians like to prescribe to their patients to improve balance those who already a stroke and it does well. It’s very beautifully design as a cycle, has all the benefits of cycle but no demerits any of these. It will take care of knee injury, muscles, back, bones, as well cardio improvement. Overall; it’s special equipments for gain sound fitness from stroke recovery.


To avoid some of the often encountered dieses like stroke, or improving full body functioning there is no option without doing exercise. Doing irregular exercise might be a problematic so it’s a good option to comply all of your works need find a specific time for your health. It could be a between 10-45 minutes but it will be a most valued time for your health.

If you not getting those time even then stationary bike offers exercise for you. Keep in mind elder peoples are very fond of stationary bike and they are 70/100 choose stationary bike to keep their body functioning.