Top 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Table for 2023

Who would have thought that you could play jigsaw puzzles on some classy and aesthetic tables these days? And not just any table. There are particular tables made for this game only. And using such a table can add more fun and comfort for all players.

The advantage of getting the best puzzle table is not just about fun or comfort. It also helps you keep the puzzle pieces from losing. The best part is that you can use most of these tables for other board games as well.

Best Selling Puzzle Table

Best Puzzle Table Reviews

There are many puzzle table manufacturers. Each company manufactures multiple tables with various designs. But not all of them are known for making the best puzzle table. My team and I spoke to users, retailers, and professionals to find some of the top-notch puzzle tables to review, and this is what we have found.

1. Bits and Pieces – Portable Puzzle Table & Puzzle Storage

Bits and Pieces company has been known for manufacturing puzzle accessories for more than two decades. This company has designed several puzzle tables for the last several years. Each of them is robust, fit for any place, and suitable for spending hours solving puzzles. Today, we have chosen the Bits And Pieces Portable Puzzle Table for our first review.

The table has a foldable and compact design. Other than the surface, it has two wide plateaus to keep puzzle pieces. There is a carrying handle to ensure flexible portability.

The table is made with fiberboard. The material ensures the table’s long durability. The surface is non-slippery. Nevertheless, the rolling mat ensures your puzzle pieces stay together in a form so that you can continue later.

This Bits And Pieces puzzle table surface measures 25″ x 34″ after assembling. It is suitable for a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. You can try going for a 1500-piece puzzle, but that will be a little too much compared to the surface area it has.

Since the table has foldable legs, you can adjust them however you want. If you don’t want to use the legs, that will be fine as well. You can use the top as your best puzzle board. The advantage of such a feature is that the table is easy to store anywhere.

The table comes almost entirely assembled. But a small assembling and adjustment here and there will be needed. The table is suitable for users of different ages. And can use it for different purposes.


  • Foldable design is suitable for storage
  • Has two wide plateaus to hold loose puzzle pieces
  • You can place the puzzle spinner on your tabletop or bed


  • The latches are not very sturdy
  • Requires a lot of space when unfolded

2. Mary Maxim Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Mary Maxim Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table is what you will need if you want a non-slippery tabletop with a convenient design. This table is made to save space and comes with a foldable design. Moreover, it is one of the affordable puzzle tables you will find that is worth its value.

This table has a square tabletop and has two slide-out drawers to store extra puzzle pieces. It has cross-legs that help you fold the table easily. The downside of this design is that the drawers are not very wide. And getting pieces out of them can be a little tricky.

The Mary Maxim puzzle table is made of two types of wood. It contains both solid hardwood and composite wood. The combination makes the table sturdy and long-lasting.

The felt-top of this puzzle table measures 35″ x 35″. It is enough to have a 1500-piece puzzle. The benefit of a non-slip felt-top is that your puzzle pieces will stay in pieces, and you can continue from there any time you want.

The table is easy to fold, which gives it flexible portability. You can move it from room to room or place to place if necessary. Since the table does not have a very wide design, it will not take up much space when you unfold it.

The table comes pretty much assembled. There are not a lot of assembling tasks for you to complete. And the table is built to allow multiple players to take part in completing the puzzles. Moreover, it does not take a lot of storage space.


  • Foldable and convenient design saves space even when you store the table
  • Non-slip surface prevents the puzzle pieces from falling off
  • Suitable for playing with a 1500-piece puzzle


  • The drawers are a little small and not removable

3. Fanwer Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

The Fanwer Wooden Puzzle table is a multi-function table and is preferred by many customers. It is foldable and portable, which ensures the user’s convenience. Other than that, the table has a wider design to house larger jigsaw puzzles. We found its design pretty different from our first two reviewed puzzle tables.

The tabletop has a rectangular shape. Moreover, there are two large side drawers to store extra pieces, and you can pull them out completely. The legs are foldable and help turn the table into a puzzle board.

The main reason to like this table is its different function. You can tilt the tabletop to three different angles, such as 30-degree, 45-degree, and 60-degree. So you don’t have to lower your neck and suffer from neck pain because of long hours of gaming.

Talking about extra pieces and children, how about safety precautions? The table comes with a metal lock system to ensure the safety of your puzzle and its pieces. Lock it when you are not playing, and you can relax until you play again.

The table comes with a green felt mat. It is non-slippery and suitable for holding the puzzle in places. The mat’s anti-skid effect prevents the pieces from falling even if you tilt the tabletop.

If you don’t want to use the table, you can fold the legs and make them suitable for storage. But don’t worry. It will not take up a lot of space for storage. You can slide the table underneath your bed or keep it in the corner of the room, or you can use it as a reading table when not playing puzzles.


  • Tilted head ensures more comfort and reduces eye and neck fatigue
  • You can use the table for other purposes
  • Comes with a metal lock to keep the pieces safe


  • It can be too large for a small space room

4. Sitelan Adults Kids Children Jigsaw Puzzle Table

The Sitelan jigsaw puzzle table has a slimmer design and is suitable for both puzzle and craft lovers. It does not take up much space when you fold it. However, it has a wider dimension when you unfold it. The advantage of having such a table is that you can enjoy playing with larger jigsaw puzzles.

This puzzle table has a slimmer design compared to our previous picks. There are two wide plateaus to hold your puzzle pieces. The surface is designed in a way so that you can tilt it if needed. The legs are foldable and open wide enough, and there is a handle on the table that allows you to carry it anywhere.

The Sitelan puzzle table is made of solid wood. The perk of a wood-made table is that it is likely to last a long time. The wood contains a shiny polish that makes its appearance classy. No matter where you place it, the table will not look dull.

As mentioned just a moment ago, the manufacturer provided a sturdy handle so that you can transport the table with ease. The tilting design will prevent you from bending down and eliminate fatigue. Besides, it is good for your eyes if you are playing puzzles for a long time.

There is no age limit for using this puzzle table. It is suitable for beginners who want to play with more ease. Nevertheless, even pro puzzle players recommend this table to bring fun to your game.


  • Lightweight construction is suitable for any user
  • Holds a 1500-piece puzzle and has large removable side boards
  • Folding and tilting design allows players to use it with ease


  • The chemical smell of polishing chemicals and glue takes a long time to fade
  • Legs are not sturdy enough

5. Jigthings Jigtable Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Let’s not forget that puzzle games are not for young children or grown-ups only. Even older people can play this game to pass their leisure time. So, how about picking a puzzle table that is more convenient for older or disabled people? When we saw the Jigthings Jigtable puzzle table, that is exactly what came to our mind.

The table is made with aluminum framing. It has a removable wooden Jigboard that you can take off when the table is not in use. There are four sturdy castors beneath the legs. So you can simply push the table around to move it instead of picking it up.

It is a multi-function jigsaw puzzle table. You can tilt the tabletop in various angles to use it for solving puzzles or working on your craft and art projects. You can adjust the table’s height based on your comfort.

If you are not willing to move to the table, bring the table to you. The wheels make moving the table pretty simple. You can adjust it next to your bed and sofa to play with more ease. The package will come with four castors for each corner, and you can lock two of them to keep the table from moving.

You need to use a Jigboard to play a puzzle game on this table. And the table’s surface area is wide enough to hold all four puzzle sizes. But it is recommended to avoid playing 2000-piece puzzles on this board.


  • Easy to move around using the castors
  • It has an adjustable height and tiltable tabletop
  • The design is suitable for older people or people with limited movements


  • You have to use the Jigthings company’s Jigboard
  • May not fit under all types of sofa

6. Kcelarec Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Table

The Kcelarec Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Table is another cool and convenient table for many puzzle lovers. You can use this table however you wish to because it serves more than one purpose. It also comes with a tilting tabletop with more space underneath it. So if you are solving a larger puzzle and need lots of puzzle pieces to store, this can be your gem.

This tabletop does not have an exceptional design. However, it has the same design and size as most standard puzzle tables. The table is pretty wide when you unfold it along with the drawers. But if you have a small space, you can remove the drawers and keep them elsewhere.

To make the game enjoyable, you need a non-slippery tabletop, and the Kcelarec Wooden Puzzle Jigsaw Table will give you that. The felt tabletop will hold the puzzle pieces together even if you tilt it.

You can play up to 1500-piece puzzles on this table. It pretty much works as a pro-level table. You can store a lot of puzzle pieces in its two sliding drawers. And if the drawers do not seem to be enough, you will get more space if you prop the tabletop with the bracket.

The table is foldable, which means it can fit almost anywhere when you do not need it. It comes with a cover plate to cover the surface. Then you can lock the table and store it next to your headboard or under your bed.


  • Foldable design and removable drawers allow you to play puzzles by sitting on your bed
  • Suitable for playing larger puzzles of 1500-piece
  • The felt tabletop prevents puzzle pieces from slipping off


  • The legs are not sturdy enough and cannot be locked
  • Not suitable for putting much weight on it

7. YooQinn Wooden Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Table

You can describe the YooQinn Wooden Portable Jigsaw Puzzle Table’s function with three words: tiltable, collapsible, and portable. These are pretty much some of the major functions that the best puzzle table has. Other than these, this table is suitable for small and medium puzzles and convenient to use.

The table is made of high-quality wood. The texture is smooth and pretty shiny. The bracket that helps you prop the tabletop is also made of wood. It also has wooden fences around the table and drawers’ edges to keep the puzzle from falling. There are metal locks in each drawer to ensure safety.

This YooQinn puzzle table has a huge surface area and two large removable drawers. All of them are covered by green felt tops, which are slip-resistant. You can play by tilting the table surface or keeping the drawers on your lap without worrying about losing pieces.

The tiltable table surface has an easy bracket system to prop it into three different ranges. You can turn it into a 30, 45, and 60-degree angle based on your comfort level. In this way, you won’t have to bend forward or put pressure on your eyes.

Both drawers come with metal locks. They will protect your puzzle pieces when you are not playing or moving the table. And when you move the table or want to store it, you can put the cover plate on it and lock it.


  • The table is made of solid wood, which is durable
  • Removing the drawer will allow you to play in a tight space area
  • Easy to use and comes with safety features


  • Its strong glue smell takes time to fade
  • Some customers had packaging issues

8. Jumbl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Let’s move to puzzle tables with more puzzle-piece storage. We have introduced you to tables with two drawers or plateaus. Unlike those, this Jumbl jigsaw puzzle has four sorting drawers. Moreover, it is foldable, transportable, and comes at an affordable price.

This elegant puzzle table is made of fiber wood which is very durable if maintained properly. It has four sliding drawers and a foldable design. The table comes assembled, meaning you don’t have to go through any assembling task.

The table has a 23” x 31” surface area. It is suitable for a standard 1000-piece puzzle, and you can carry on other activities on it. And it has four built-in sliding trays or drawers to hold all the puzzle pieces.

Jumble wooden puzzle table ensures protection for your puzzle and puzzle pieces in every way with its unique locking system. All its drawers have magnet closures to prevent the drawers from opening unexpectedly. In this way, you don’t have to lose any puzzle pieces.

This one is more like a bed table. The legs are 13 inches in height. So you can use it by sitting on the bed, floor, or on your patio with more players. And if you don’t want to use the legs, simply fold them in, and you will be able to place the table anywhere. But if you want a regular table size puzzle table, you should avoid this one.


  • Convenient and compact design allows you to use this table even on the bed
  • Multiple sliding drawers can store all your puzzle pieces
  • Suitable for using as patio or coffee table as well


  • Legs don’t have locking systems that can make them move
  • Little heavier

9. Dapu Wooden Jigsaw Tilting Puzzle Table

If you are not into big puzzle games, it is best to purchase mid-size puzzle tables. They save space and are suitable for small and medium-size puzzles. The Dapu wooden jigsaw puzzle table is that kind of table. It is foldable, portable, comes with enough puzzle piece storage space, and more.

Almost all puzzle tables come at a similar size, more or less. While this one is not exactly very small, it has enough space to store a 500 or 1000-piece puzzle. The table has two removable side drawers and extra space under the felt top to keep all the extra pieces.

If you are not comfortable with regular puzzle tables, how about getting a table that can be tilted? That’s right! You can tilt the tabletop and use it based on your comfort. The felt top will make sure the puzzle pieces do not fall off.

This table is short in height as the legs measure 11 inches. The perk of such a table is that multiple players can sit down together to finish the game. Moreover, the foldable legs will allow you to play on your bed.

You can secure the puzzle in its place using the cover plate. The handle ensures comfortable and easy transportation. Besides, the folding and locking features let you store the entire table in any narrow space.


  • Comfortable puzzle table with tilting tabletop
  • Foldable design is easy to use and carry
  • Can be stored in a narrow space


  • None found yet

10. Jigitz Jigsaw Puzzle Tables

For our last best puzzle table review, we have the Jigitz Jigsaw Puzzle Table. This is yet another affordable puzzle table with robust material and performance. It is easier to fold, store and carry anywhere you want. Moreover, the table ensures the full security of your puzzle from getting messed up or losing pieces.

The table has a wooden frame, and the felt top is made of fiberboard. The construction is versatile and built to last a long time. The entire surface and plateaus have wooden fences to keep the puzzle pieces in. And the metal latches keep the puzzle secure.

The table has foldable wings or plateaus and legs. You do not need to disassemble it when the table is not in use. You can place the wing plateaus on the tabletop, fold the legs, and put the table aside.

The Jigitz puzzle table surface measures 25 x 33.5-inch when you unfold it. It is enough to enjoy completing a 1000-piece puzzle. The wings are also large enough to cover the work surface or store pieces when you are paying.

You can fold the table to use it as a regular desk. The desk is 29 inches off the ground, giving you enough height to pull a chair and sit down to work on it.


  • Does not require disassembling for storage
  • Its solid wood is good-quality and durable
  • The table comes fully assembled


  • Cannot hold much weight
  • Legs have no locking system

Best Puzzle Table: Buyer’s Guide

What makes a puzzle table exceptional? Well, it obviously comes with some unique features and qualities that make it stand out.

The factors you need to consider are the table’s overall and surface design, size, material, portability, etc. There are a few more things to consider, and this buyer’s guide will explain more to you.

Puzzle Table Design

The first thing you need to consider is the design. It makes a huge impact on how flexible solving the puzzle will be for you. Is the table flexible? Does it come with drawers or sliders for keeping puzzle pieces?

If you find a table that answers those questions in positive, you have found your puzzle table. Moreover, if you are looking forward to playing with the puzzle pieces sitting on a chair or your bed, it is best to consider purchasing the ones that come with foldable or adjustable legs.


Look for puzzle tables with non-slippery tabletop or surfaces. A puzzle comes with hundreds of tiny pieces and takes hours and days to solve. A slippery tabletop comes with the risk of accidentally ruining your work.

You need to pay attention to the tabletop edges. Puzzle tables with a little high edge will keep the pieces from falling off the table.

Table Size

Most people do not pay attention to this important part. The table size is also an essential part to consider. If you like solving large puzzles, there is no point in purchasing a small design.

However, if you want something that does not take a lot of space to store, you need to consider a compact design. Yes, it is a tough decision to make. So, we would say it is up to the user to decide which size is more useful to them.


Are you sure you are not going to use the puzzle table for other purposes? You know very well as much as we do that the table is not for that game only. You can carry on doing other activities on it.

But the table has to be sturdy enough for that. In that case, choose a wooden table or a table with a wooden surface. They tend to be less sticky and slippery and can last a long time.


Sometimes, you would want to sit at the table in your bedroom to play. Other times, you may want to move it to the living room. Now imagine getting a table that is tough to move or a table that needs to be dragged all the way.

I know that sounds like a waste of energy. That’s why it is better to purchase an easily portable puzzle table. Foldable and lightweight tables are pretty convenient in this regard.


The reason we suggest purchasing foldable puzzle tables is that they serve multiple purposes. These tables are not only for easy portability or for carrying around.

Other than those, such tables are suitable for storing in a small space. So when you are purchasing the best puzzles table, make sure to choose a design that will be easy to store.


Everyone wants the best quality product but at a reasonable price. Generally, a good-quality puzzle table can cost between $69-$150. Some of these puzzle tables cost more than $250. Most of the good-quality puzzle tables are available at a reasonable price.

Customer Reviews

Most customers, especially those who purchase online, leave reviews based on their experience with the product. It would be best to keep an eye on the customer reviews to get a better idea. Amazon is a reliable place to check for legit feedback.

Final Verdict

Puzzles are no longer children’s games. From kids to older people, anyone can sit down to spend their time completing jigsaw puzzles. However, a puzzle table can change the experience entirely.

It works almost like the best puzzle mat or the board, except you can sit down in a more comfortable position when you have the best puzzle table. And if you plan to immortalize your hours of hard work, you can check out our best puzzle glue review.

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