World’s Favourite & Best Kendama Players

Presenting 10 Best kendama players worldwide. Kendama is a traditional Japanese game played by young to older people. Kendama is a wooden toy that comes with a ball, and a player balances the ball.

However, the game is a combination of different tricks and grips. It enhances body balance, strengthens hand and eye coordination. Now the game is so popular that it is annually organised in various countries. In Japan, the kendama world cup has taken place since 2014.

Top 10 Favorite Kendama Players In The World

There are so many players in the world who practice kendama and take part in competitions. The game is no more limited in Japan only. The popularity has spread throughout the entire world. So, different region players are also coming out. Have a look at the Best Kendama Player below:

1. Bonz Atron

Bonz Atron is the first and only one player who won the Kendama Championship four times. When he first took kendama from curiosity, he never knew that he would be a legend in the kendama game.

But he was quite sure that he was going to play it for the rest of his life. Once he stated that in an interview. He first practised it in 2012, and two years later he became the first champion in KWC (Kendama World Cup).

2. Nick Gallagher

Nick Gallagher who won 2018 KWC. kendama was first introduced to him by one of his friends. He was only six grade student, and it seemed quite different to him. But he got attracted by the big cup of the toy.

He trained himself by watching kendama games on youtube and practising besides studies. He has taken part in many kendama competitions since 2015. Which bought him the greatest success in KWC 2018 by achieving first place.

3. Wyatt Bray

Winner of 2015 KWC Wyatt Bray is well known for own style of playing. He is the champion of 2019 European Championship. He’s been in Kendama USA and became a model since 2016. He is one of the best kendama players compared with other players.

However, his journey began just like other kendama players. He also became familiar with the kendama game through his friend. That he used to play all day and never imagined this game brought name and fame to him.

4. Zack Gallagher

Brother of Nick Gallagher also is a well-known kendama player. He has participated in KWC many times though but didn’t win any championship. But he ensured 9th place in 2018 KWC. He’s been taking part in various competitions and championships since 2014.

He won 1st place in MKO (Minnesota Kendama Open ) and third place in NKR (National Kendama Retreat) in 2015. His greatest inspiration is Japanese players, and his favourite players are Nobu Nori, Nic Stodd, Nonoka Kyodo, and besides his brother.

5. Lukas Funk

Lukas Funk who participated in KWC for four times and was on top four for three times. Still, he is very confident of seeing himself as a champion of KWC. He also took part in MKO for three times, PCK and Border open for one time.

Moreover, he was the winner of Border Freestyle in 2018. However, he got introduced with kendama at a festival with his friends. He purchased a kendama and hooked since that time.

6. Jake Fischer

Jack Fischer was born in 1997 in Kentucky. He has been playing kendama since 2011. He was the champion of Freestyle North American in 2015. Besides, the champion of Freestyle Kendama in 2016.

And also won second place at the Minnesota Open 2016 and 2017. His story of involvement in kendama is also the same as other kendama players. He got familiar with the game through one of his friends. He used to play with the kendama toy in his free time.

7. Bryson Lee

Bryson Lee who won 2016 KWC with 976 points. He proved himself worthy for the world cup. Sweets Kendamas also honoured him with the special edition of kendama.

However, he was chosen to Sweets Kendamas Team by a sponsorship contest. He was a special kid in the team from Hawaii. He competed with skillful matured players but achieved his own position on the team.

8. Nic Stodd

Nic Stodd is an inspiration for many kendama players. He has been a long time kendama player. He was a part of the Portland Brand in 2014. In 2015 he won fifth place in KWC with 1243 points. In the same year, he competed with Bonz Atron in the Freestyle Division and achieved second place.

However, he came to this game with his crew team COTK. Then he hooked in the game and proved his talent in many competitions. His unique style and talent made him the role model of many champion players.

9. So Kanada

In 2017 something new happened in the kendama world cup. A non-American kendama player achieved a new milestone. He is So Kanada who won 2017 KWC and also a player of Sweets Japan.

Besides, he dignified with commemorative kendama as well. In 2018 he gained second place. However, Sweets Japan’s teammates are preparing with unique tricks with So to go to the next level competition.

10. Rui Sora

Rui Sora is the second champion of Japan who brought the trophy of KWC 2019 after So Kanada. After four USA world champions, Japan returned the trophy second time by Rui Sora. He won the title for record-breaking 1308 points.

Rui was also a part of the USA Kendama Tribe team. He was picked up to the team for his unlimited talent. Even he is also on KUSA’s Team. So, he made himself worthy of preparing and winning kendama.


Kendama is a universal game which gives physical strength and mental peace both. It is a combination of body and mind exercise that focuses on one goal. Players are inventing variation, different tricks, to make the game more enjoyable. The best kendama players listed above will be extended by more players very soon.

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