10 Best 7×7 Rubik’s Cube Reviews

The 7×7 Rubik’s cube is that the largest cube that got into the official competitions of the world cube association. The bigger the cube is, the tougher it is to keep up a number of its qualities like corner-cutting, lock-ups, and speed, swiftness down finding pace.

I greet you to the world of 7×7 speed cubes. This guide is the final result of the deep research I’ve made about the Best 7×7 Rubik’s Cube.

First of all, you need a cube that will not get a lock and stuck, so I am here to help you out, you can find the right cube for you.

This is the ultimate buying guide and 7×7 Rubik’s cube review, for the most important features you need to pay attention to and the Best 7×7 Rubik’s Cube on the market.

Best 7X7 Rubik’s Cube: Comparison Table

In-Depth Review: Top 10 Best 7×7 Speed Cube

The cubes I’ve mentioned below are the best choices you can get today according to my opinion. They provide the best quality and features, so you can choose the right one for your cubing style and budget.

There are various features of Best 7×7 Speed Cubes, like corner-cutting, turning, popping lockups, control and speed, these factors are the most important for rating the cube after all.

1. Shengshou 7x7x7 Cube Puzzl

Shengshou is well known for creating cube puzzles and obtain them right. This cube is not pillowed but still works well while playing all the features, this cube has every quality that a good player could want in it. This is the best-selling cube in the market. It is undoubtedly the best Rubik’s Cube Brands in the market.Shengshou is the most appropriate option for kids as well. It comes with outstanding quality and at a very reasonable price.

It is a highly durable product because it is made up of industrial-grade plastic material. Even it is a big cube compared to other models but it is still very smooth and players do not need to put in excess force while playing, that is the reason why it is on the top of our list. These qualities make it perfect for a fair game a speed.

The biggest flex of this cube is that its sticker will not fall out easily like some other 7×7 cubes. You can change or replace the stickers by putting new ones on them, and they will be ready to use again.

The only problem you’ll find in this cube while playing at speed, it might lock up and can slow down your speed. If you want a cube for practice and learning the features of 7×7 cubes this cube is perfect for you, but if you are the speed cuber then you may need some other options of 7×7 cubes, as this can cause the slowdown of speed.

The dimension of this cube is 82mm and it weighs 280 grams. The weight of this speed cube is moderate which makes it ideal for youngsters and kids as well.

It is easy to control, turns smooth but you may face lockups at some points while speed cubing. The grip of the cube is excellent and provides a perfect playing experience.

Corner cutting of this cube is great and gives satisfactory results while performing algorithms.


  • This cube is available at very affordable prices
  • It has durable stickers
  • Easy turning and smooth to play with


  • Lock-up may slow down the speed of play.

2. CuberSpeed YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 Magnetic stickerless Speed Cube

YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 is a budget-friendly 7×7 cube, with a feel of magnetic touch in it, the size of the cube is a bit larger than other 7×7 cubes but gives a totally comfortable feel like top-level 7×7 cubes. This cube is the upgraded version of the original yufu by YJ.The v2 feature is the upgraded mechanism and is more stable than its previous one. It cost almost half of the other 7×7 cubes in the market. It has an unerring magnetic position, an anti a sticky mechanism which makes it a premium speed cube and the first choice of speed cubers. It also comes with double corner feet.

YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 is a sticker less cube so, you do not have to worry about losing the stickers.

The cube contains 144 robust magnets to force position the inner core then distributed the magnetic sheets uniformly for the higher performance of the cube. The built quality of this speed cube is outstanding and it is one of the best values for money products in the market right now.

This cube is made with multiple inner holes that provide stability during turning, and definitely decrease the chance of getting confused by layers. The inner core of the cube is design in a way that will prevent the pigmentation problem between the surfaces by friction.

The dimension of this cube is: 69mm and the weight of this cube is 210 grams. It is a lightweight speed cube which makes it perfect for speed cube competitions and tournaments.

YJ Yufu v2 M 7X7 is so stable just because it has 144 magnets it that gives you excellent control and reduces the chances of popping the cube. However, this cube is a bit larger than another 7×7 cube out there in the market but you do not have to worry about it is a bigger size, you can still play with it efficiently. The grip of this cube is satisfactory.


  • It is a budget-friendly product.
  • It is sticker less.
  • It contains 144 strong magnets for more stable playing.


  • The size is larger than the other 7×7 cubes

3. LiangCuber Qiyi 7×7 Speed Cube

The qiyi is a 7×7 cube that is appropriate for kids and beginners and is available at an affordable price. This cube comes in a compact size and has many modern features that make it more accessible for all speedcubers.Its edge contact and anti-stick surface give magnificent 7×7 anti-stick performance. The inner layer of the cube is rounded that make sure stability while turning. Super smooth operation and optimal performance of this cube are one of the main reasons why speed cubers love this amazing product.

The center block of the Qiyi is advanced integrated die-out technology, that makes it smoother, accurate, and stable while playing.

This cube comes with a large corner design that makes smooth corner-cutting while playing at speed. As 7×7 is sticker-less and comes in vibrant colors, there is no need to change or replace the stickers and also there is no way to remove stickers while playing.

This speed cube has a very cool appearance and stylish design which is one of the main USPs of this product.

The outer part of the cube is broad with upgraded consolingly, which improves the speed. Speed cubers can easily maneuver this product and perform tricks and speed cubing without facing the slightest of difficulty.

As I said earlier this cube has a compact design and this compact design gives it a good grip that increases control of the cube over the speedcuber.

It is suitable for beginners and kids as well as it has a sticker less and compact design. It is perfect for those who want a high functional speed cube with the look of the traditional cube.

The outer part of the cube is broad that improves control and you can speed cube it without any problem.

This speed cube is not very bulky and easy to carry which is an important feature for any good speed cube.


  • This cube comes with a compact design
  • It is good for kids as well.
  • The weight of the speed cube is moderate.
  • It offers premium looking design with smooth curves.


  • It is sticker less blocks may fall out easily.

4. CuberSpeed QiYi 7×7 Stickerless Speed Cube

The qixing S2 is an absolutely budget-friendly 7×7 cube. This one is the big 7×7 cube. Its robust design makes it the right choice for beginners and children. If you are a 4×4 speed cuber and ready for new challenges this cube can be the best choice for you, it comes in vibrant colors also is a sticker less cube.Qixing S2 moves well and there is not much need for lubricant. Its bigger but compact design gives you a great grip while speed cubing. Unlike some other cubes in our list, this speed cube offers outstanding speed and maneuverability which makes it suitable for speed cubing tournaments and championships.

This cube is sticker-less and comes in vibrant colors, this feature makes it more compatible for kids. In this cube qiyi provides you more stability and smooth corner-cutting, turning while speed cubing.

If you are a beginner and want to learn new features and tricks of 7×7 cube is cube will provide you more than enough satisfaction while playing.

Sometimes it may lock up, which can slow you down a bit, if you are a speed cuber maybe you can choose another cube.

The dimension of this cube is: 70mm and this cube weighs 225 grams.  The lightweight of this speed cube is also one of the main features that makes it the perfect speed cube.

This cube turns smooth and fast and you do not have to apply much lubricant as it comes pre-lubricated.

You may face a problem with the turning of the blocks, the block may turn rough at first but you can reduce it by playing with it more and more.


  • This speed cube is comparatively cheaper than its counterparts.
  • This cube is the right choice for beginners.
  • The lightweight of this product makes it perfect for practicing speed cubes.
  • Kids, as well as new speed cube preciseness, can opt for this
  • Do not need much lubricant


  • it may lock up sometimes
  • Blocks may turn a bit tight at first.

5. BestCube Qiyi 7×7 Cube Stickerless Qixing 7x7x7 Speed Cube Puzzle

This is the 7x7x7 version of qiyi cubes. This cube is made up of ABS material that is non-toxic and eco-friendly, which is harmless to the environment and humans. Suitable for beginners and professionals as well.This cube comes with optimized big round corners, an anti-stick design that enhance the corner-cutting ability, and you can play more smoothly.

With various upgraded features like, large corner designs, easy control layout this cube is just perfect for beginners who are ready to solve large cubes.

Comes with vibrant and attractive color, also a sticker-less cube which makes speedcubers want to add this cube to their bag.

The big round corner of these cubes will give you great grip and control so you can speed the cube without any problems. Anti-stick design enhances the corner-cutting ability and gives you better control over it.


  • Made up of ABS material that is eco-friendly and nontoxic
  • Comes in brighter colors, and is sticker less.
  • It has optimized big round corners.


  • The blocks may fall out easily.

6. CuberSpeed YuXin Hays 7×7 M stickerless Speed Cube

The hays 7×7 is made in collaboration with Kevin hays. Kevin hays are the world-renowned speedcuber. This cube is a Yuxin’s product. This cube played havoc with the whole market when it came to the 7×7 market because it was a lot better than any 7×7 cube in the market at that time.The hays have a great combination of speed and control, you can play fast while this cube remains in control and gives you smooth playing. It comes with strong magnets in the inner layer of the cube than on outer layers this feature makes it more stable to play and the inner block will remain in its place, while speed cubing.

The hays 7×7 has the least chance of pop-ups and lock-ups, it does not get locked up while speed cubing and because of the strong magnetic effect the blocks do not falls out easily. This feature makes it most appropriate for people who want speed cubing without any frustration.

The built quality of this product is quite good because it is made up of a-grade plastic material. The dimension of this cube is 67.5mm and the weight is 204 grams. This is the medium-sized 7×7 cube. This is an ultra-lightweight product and super easy to handle due to its form factor.

Hays 7×7 is a fast cube with better control what else do you need in a speed cube? It rarely locks up and the magnets of this cube make it more reliable while speed cubing and gives excellent control.

Despite being a lightweight and balanced speed cube, one may find it a little slower than others. The magnets are stronger inside but you may feel the weak performance of magnets in the outer layers.


  • It offers smooth and better control while speed cubing.
  • It is a sticker less speed cube which means it gives a traditional appearance.
  • This speed cube rarely locks up.
  • It has a strong magnetic effect. It gets clicky at random times.
  • It has weaker magnets in the outer layers.


  • It is not an affordable product.

7. LiangCuber Yongjun Yufu V2 M 7×7 Speed Cube

Yongjun YJ Yufu V2 M is a magnetic 7x7x cube, that runs so smooth especially in outer layers while turning. Yj is the total budget-friendly 7×7 cube, and totally perfect for professionals. It is quoted balanced speed cube because the weight of this product is evenly distributed. Overall, it is a balanced yet stylish speed cube ideal for not only new learners but for professionals also.This cube is sharp but stable, magnets are medium strength, it turns extremely smooth especially in outer layers. If you are a professional and looking for a faster cube this cube can be perfect for you, you can turn it fast and it also has the least chance to pop up or lock up.

This cube has vibrant and bright colors that make it more attractive and also stickerless.

Smooth turning, good corner cutting, stable, and a cube with good grip, what else a speed cuber needs? This cube is totally worth its price, by giving you a good experience of playing and speed cubing.

Dimension of this cube is: 69 mm and this cube weighs 209 grams.

This product is not very bulky and gives a premium feel while playing with it. This speed cube is almost 100grams lighter than many other speed cubes in the market which is quite outstanding.

You can feel smooth turning and good corner cutting while speed cubing as this cube has magnets in it however the magnets are not too strong but gives satisfactory results for speedcubers.

The average quality magnets are one of the main drawbacks of this speed cube and it is the main reason why this product is at 7th place in our list.

The size of the cube is average and gives a good grip, it is neither large nor too small.

Overall, it is a good speed cube for practicing but not ideal for tournaments and championships.


  • Turning is extremely smooth and fast.
  • It is sticker less thus gives a premium look.
  • It has good corner cutting


  • Magnets are not too strong.
  • Logo comes in a sticker that may fall out easily.

8. V-cube 7 multicolor

If you are looking for a smooth and excellent quality pillowed cube, then it is time to purchase v-cube 7 multicolor. This speed cube has all the qualities that a professional speed cuber wants in his 7×7 cube. This cube is quite popular among professional cubers. Good handling and lightweight make it a good product one can consider while purchasing a speed cube.If we talking about the quality of this cube, well it is is made up of sturdy material and also gives a premium feel as it is heavier than other cubes out there in the market. That totally gives you the best experience of speed cubing for a long time.

Well, this cube can be tricky for beginners as it takes a lot of tricks and strategy while solving it. If you are ready for the new challenges then this cube will be perfect for you. It has 7 layers and 218 cubies,3.27” on each side.

Smooth and fast turning, good corner cutting will give you extraordinary experience while playing even in competition as well.

There are some downsides of the cube that you may face, as its pieces are smaller than other cubes, and tend to pop up sometimes, during use, and the stickers may fall off if you apply too much friction on it.

The quality of the product is not as good as other speed cubes on our list. However, if you want a decent speed cube for sharpening your speed cubing skills then you can certainly opt for it.

This cube is preferable to the professionals, pillowed cubes provide good grip while corner-cutting and performing algorithm executions.

Its pieces are smaller than other 7×7 cubes in the market that may lead to the falling of small blocks, but you can easily fix it by adjusting the cube.


  • It has pillowed cube
  • It is great for professionals and speed cubers
  • It is smooth and fast.


  • small pieces may fall out easily.
  • The built quality of this product is not up to the mark.

 9. WNIM 7X7 speed cube

This cube is named as more than a professional magic speed cube, this cube is the just-right choice for beginners but professionals can also go with it. Beginners can experience a new way of solving the cube as this cube needs a few tricks. WNIM 7×7 speed cube is larger than other 7×7 speed cubes. But still gives you a good experience of speed cubing.If you are looking for a new cube, that gives you a new experience through its performance, well this cube is the right choice for you.

It has smooth turning, and corner-cutting with round cutting, so you can play fluently in speed. Its bigger size is not a problem at all this cube turns so smoothly and has a rigid design, for speed cubing.

The sticker less design of this cube makes it a more convenient choice for speed cubers, available at a reasonable price it can perfectly fit in your budget.

WNIM 7×7 speed cube dimension is 70.1 mm and weight are 238.1. It is bigger than the other cubes in the market but has a durable and smooth design, that gives support while speed cubing.

It has round edges and premium built quality. This speed cube offers smooth turning and good corner cutting which makes a good product for practicing. However, it offers average controls and its bigger size might create problems for some users.

This cube has a little bigger size than other cubes, but the size of this cube will never bother you to perform the algorithm effectively.


  • It has round edges.
  • It is sticker less.
  • It has smooth turning.


  • It may lock up sometimes.

10. YUNTENG 7×7 Speed Cube

This yunteng speed puzzle by qiyi is eco-friendly and made with ABS material, totally safe for the environment. This cube is so durable that gives you the best experience while speed cubing. Smooth corner-cutting, and turning that is suitable for professional players as well.Every cube comes pre-lubricated and finely adjusted, ready to play. It has a built-in spring for self-adjustment or you can easily adjust it with the help of the screwdriver.

YUNTENG 7×7 speed cube is so adjustable as it has a self-adjusting spring in it. Smooth turning and good corner-cutting, what else do you need in a cube? This cube is just perfect for beginners who want to improve their speed and problem-solving skills.

This cube comes with anti-pop technology so each block remains the same at its own plays and will not pops out easily.

Made with eco-friendly ABS material that is harmless for the environment and totally safe for children. This cube is not sticker less so it can be a problem that stickers may fall out while speed cubing and may fade out their color. Appearance-wise it is an average-looking speed cube but one cannot expect more at this price.

YUNTENG 7×7 speed cube’s dimension is 69mm and weighs 198 grams. This speed cube is the lightest product on our list which makes it perfect for kids and new learners because players can practice with it for hours without feeling tired.

Turning: smooth, corner-cutting: average, control: average.

YUNTENG 7×7 has smooth turning and good corner-cutting, the edges do not catch with each other. It also has anti-pop technology so the blocks do not pop out easily.

You can speed perform algorithm without any hesitation. Some players might find the quality of this product not up to the mark due to its lightweight and average-looking design.


  • It is made with ABS material, which is eco-friendly.
  • It has a smooth working mechanism.


  • The built quality of this product is not good.

Best 7×7 Speed Cube Buyer’s Guide

If you are a speed cuber want to find the best cube for you, well you are at the right place. This is the ultimate buyer’s guide. The 7×7 rubik’s cube is the biggest cube that participated in the official WCA competitions.

If you want to explore different types of 7×7 cubes, I am here to help you so you can get a more appropriate choice for you and not something that will just get stuck or lock up.

In this ultimate buyer’s guide, I will go to tell you what to choose when buying speed cubes and what are the most important features and characteristics of a 7×7 cube that are currently available in the market.

Brand reputation

Brand reputation is simply the way of thinking of a brand by a customer, or in other words, brand reputation is basically how customers view the particular brand and stakeholder as a whole.

Over the last decade, technology has bought through tremendous modification within the means we predict and understand brands as each minute detail is offered on our fingertips with the assistance of mobile technology that has embraced social media and digital selling that has created our life plenty easier however has some or different perils to that.

Importance of brand reputation

  • Trust
  • Employee retention
  • Worth of words
  • Higher sales
  • Consumer loyalty

It is very necessary to make a brand reputation as it gives a lot of benefits to the company.

Some top brands of 7×7 rubik’s cube.

  • Yongjun (YJ)
  • Qiyi
  • Yuxin
  • Shengshou


When it comes to turning the cube in speed and get a feel, we can divide the cubes into two categories:

  1. Smooth turning
  2. Fast turning

Smooth turning Rubik’s cube

Cubes optimized for speed have little or no friction between their layers thus there’s the lowest resistance between the layers. This makes the cube in no time, makes it feel lightweight, and needs little or no effort once turning its sides.

PROS: provides better control than fast turning cubes, as it has better layer gliding along with each other.

CONS: speed may reduce a little since resistance and friction are involved in it.

Fast turning rubik’s cube

Cubes made for speed have little or no friction between their layers thus there’s the lowest resistance between the layers. This makes the cube feel lightweight and needs little or no effort once turning sides.

PROS: this allows ultra-fast turning because it has lesser resistance between the layers.

CONS: this kind of cube provides weak control as there is little or no friction between the layers because of the high speed of the cube. This can be a bit difficult for beginners at first.

Corner cutting

It is the flexibility for a speed cube to create a flip even though the vertical face isn’t absolutely aligned it is because of overshooting while speed cubing and performing algorithm which is always happening while speed cubing so this is an important factor of any cube.


While solving the cube sometimes it explodes, that is called popping of the cube. It may happen because of loose tensioning of pieces and when pieces are catching.

You can fix it by adjusting the cubes. Catching and popping cubes can also be fixed by a screw in or out the bolt. It will turn easier when loose but pieces might pop out. Popping is one of the main drawbacks of cheaper speed cubes because their built quality is not up to the mark compared to the premium quality products.

You will face the popping problem in fast-turning cubes as the cubes turn too fast, they might lose their grip and pop out easily.


Lockup usually happens in higher dimensions of cubes like 5×5,6×6 and more. Because the bigger speed cubes are more likely to have complex designs that lead to the lockup of the cube.

It is directly related to the layers of the speed cubes; more layers will make more lockups.


Multiple factors affect the control of the speed cube. Faster cube has the least control because of less resistance and they tend to catch and overshoot while performing algorithms execution.

It is easy to control a magnetic cube but it is not possible to make all the cubes magnetic because of their designs.

Nowadays, many cubes are available with inbuilt magnets that provide excellent control while speed cubing.

The magnetic speed cube offers high functionality, maneuverability, and control to players compared to some traditional speed cubes.


Catching occurs when two layers got splash with each other. Commonly catching happens when corner pieces catch on a centerpiece and edge pieces catch on another catch piece.

It may slow you down and disrupt the algorithm execution that may lead to distraction and difficulty to solve the cube. Thanks to some good brands that made speed cube with minimal catching but some may catch too often.  Bad corner-cutting with fast turning leads towards catching in speed cubes.


Tension is all about holding the whole cube together by making adjustments to the tensions, you give them more area together and bring all the layers on their point at the same time.  You can adjust a cube by adjusting its tension that will affect every feature that I mentioned above.

It feels great when you have a perfect cube for speed cubing, that is why I just love to adjust my cube.

Some cubes come with extremely loose or tight adjustments while some come perfectly aligned with 45 degrees. If you are having difficulty doing corner-cutting with one side, the top side must be loosened.

Stickered or stickerless

When we talk about stickers of the 7×7 or any cube, we can categories them into three categories.

  • Sticker less
  • speed cubes
  • With plastic tiles
  • With stickers

There is no best, it totally depends upon your choice.

However, sticker less cubes are more preferable nowadays, because not sticker falls out while playing, but there are still some people who prefer cubes with stickers. But none of the features can decide the quality and performance of the cube, it totally depends upon the buyer’s choice and decision.


The ability to resist damage and pressure is known as cube’s durability, it depends upon the material of the cube. Most commonly, speed cubes are made with PVC material because PVC is a durable and long-lasting material.

Size of Speedcube

Rubik’s title cube usually comes in 2×2,3×3,4×4 up to 7×7 cubes. Difficulty levels increase with the larger cube.

2×2 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube : this puzzle has 6 classic colors with eight cubes and 24 panels, some people believe that the 2×2 cube is difficult to solve than the 3×3 cube.

 3×3 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube: comes with 54 panels and 27 cubes, this cube is most common and classic, takes less solving time even some speed cubers to solve it in less than a minute.

 4×4 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube: this cube comes with 96 panels and 64 cubes; this cube is the same as 2×2 that comes without central pieces. You can use it as a 2×2 cube by not performing an algorithm on the outermost layers.

5×5 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube: this is the most difficult to solve, comes with 150 panels and 125 cubes. Because of the larger size, it takes a longer time to solve than other cubes.

6×6 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube: It is also one of the most played type of Rubik’s cube.

There are various form factor and designs of Rubik’s cube available in the market. Some of them are as follows: Megaminx, Pyraminx, Square-1, Skewb.

Rubik’s cube is one of the most popular toys but in recent years customer start preferring other toys such Kendama , 3-D Puzzles, Brain Teaser Puzzles, Preschool Puzzles.

Weight of the speed cube

The weight of the rubik’s cube is depended upon the size, brands, layers, material, and technology of the rubik’s cube, the weight may vary from cube to cube or brand to brand. It is up to buyers that what they want in their cube.

Price vs. Quality ratio

Price and the quality ratio is the important point that comes out while choosing the speed cube, some cubes are valued for money and some are not, so you have to be aware of the quality of the product whether it is value for money or not?

Warranty-guarantee policy

Most of the Rubik’s cubes brands give a 1-year warranty with 7 days return policy. But some brands give 6 months to 8 months warranty as well.

Customer reviews & ratings

Customer’s reviews and ratings depend upon, how the product is? In all the cubes that I mentioned above the most reviewed products are:

The products that I mentioned above have the most positive and good reviews, these cubes are mostly preferable by the customers.

Final verdict:

We hope that After reading this ultimate buyer’s guide, you’ll be able to choose right cube for you. While choosing the cube you should keep some things in mind that which cube is best for you. Have included only best of the best products in our review and buyers guide so you can easily choose best speed cube without getting confused.

We hope that our in-depth review on top 10 best 7×7 Rubik’s cube reviews 2021 will help you to become a better player.

Do you like our review on top 10 best 7×7 Rubik’s cube? Please let us know in comment section.

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