Best Kendama Brands Leading the Market

Let us ask you a question in the first place; who didn’t enjoy playing with toys in childhood? We bet everybody does, actually. And in this case, best Kendama brands are continuously trying to provide quality toys for your child.

Craving for newer and unique toys to play with them is one of the most cherished hobbies for children of all ages. But what is it anyway?

It’s a traditional wooden Japanese toy with a stick with a spike at the one end and a string attached to it. The main catch of the game is to perform different tricks with it.

Now, let us enlighten you with some best kendama brands of all time that we came across.

10 Best Kendama Brands In The World

1. Sweets Kendamas

As the name goes, sweets kendamas is a famous brand for making a lovely looking piece of the wooden toy. This is considered as the best producer of entry-level products.

However, they have plenty of options available in their product line. Among them, Boost Radar Series is offering some best toys out there in the market.

The radar concept is an innovative design to make sure you can perform different tricks, even with your beginner’s hands.

In the boost series, there are two most optimized products available. You can grab those toys at a reasonable price from the market.

2. Kendama USA

Kendamas are the reason for what we can say; kids aren’t always into digital devices. Kendama USA is one of the most promising manufacturers of Kendama. Their product lineup is filled with different varieties.

The balance of products, what we call is fantastic. Moreover, decent looking kendamas are always catchy. In the wooden part, you can feel the craftsmanship.

There are different choices available within a wide price range. Long story short, the products from Kendama USA are worth recommending.

3. KROM Kendama

When you are looking for the best kendama under $40, KROM Kendama will help you out.

With their solid wooden products and light design, you can be a skilled player from an absolute newbie. Though, it depends on how hard you try with it.

There are vast numbers of colors available. Besides the design, the products from KROM are incredibly durable.

No matter where you are ordering it, you can feel the traditional Japanese touch in it. For beginner and intermediate level users, KROM is producing the best kendamas but at a reasonable price.

4. Yomega

Simplicity is a sign of elegancy. We assume this is the motto that the YOMEGA company is following. Durability and comfortable gripping are the key selling point of Yomega products.

However, looking for cheap options isn’t a good sign while practicing to be a skilled kendama player.

The pro series of Yomega is offering a balanced product. Each landing option on the stick is leveled as a different difficulty level.

If you are seeking pure entertainment, then Yomega Kendamas are perfect. Therefore, when you are in the race to being a good player, then you can go with the PRO Series of the company.

5. Terra Kendama

Terra Kendama is known for the best Tama and Ken combination. There are very keen to produce quality kendamas from the very beginning of the company.

The kendamas from Terra are the perfect suit for the competition. To start practice from scratch, Terra has some unique models.

The string that comes with those kendamas is also top-quality. Those are not too loose and perfect for swinging around.

Handles are comfortable enough to grip as well. As a result, the products from Terra are best to buy.

6. Active Kendama

The Active Kendama company has a quite established toy researcher team that allows them to create effective models.

They redesigned the base cup hole. You can find a giant balance hole in their products, and Ken has space inside.

Thus, the better than ever ken shape is suitable for the player of all kinds. The company has 22 different pro models that are available within $15 to $45.

Active Kendama has another product lineup called Spark V5. You can choose any one of them to start your kendama journey with.

7. Gloken

Gloken kendama company uses cheery Japanese wood for the Tama and Ken. This wood is best known for the hardness.

Because of that, while playing with Gloken kendama, it creates a euphonic sound. Thus, the interest to be better grows gradually.

High-performance of Gloken kendama products make them pretty desirable. The competitive price range and well-balanced kendama Gloken have proved they can also be in the top manufacturer list.

8. Kendama Kraze

Kendama Kraze wooden toys are quite peculiar looking, we must admit. Those who seek different design and decent balance, Kraze would be the perfect fit for them. The Kraze products have original Ninja brush paint design.

You will get an extra string with each item that you order. Because of the quality wood, there is no barrier to be a pro player with the products from Kendama Kraze. All three base cups are perfect for balancing.

9. Sulab kendama

The minimalistic design and the touch of Japanese tradition make it one of the best kendama brands.

The company Sulab not only specializes in this business but also, they are ensuring quality playing space for the children to play. Hence, they know what they are up for.

The spiked side of the Ken and the grip side both are perfectly balanced. Tamas from the Sulab Kendama are lightweight; thus, it feels convenient during playing with them.

10. Aura Kendama

Although Aura Kendama is the last brand in our list but does not let the numbers deceive you. Among the various kendama brands, Aura believes low-end price products are not bound to be low-quality.

Instead, they have taken the game to the next level with the commendable craftsmanship.

Each product from Aura is well-balanced as they know how perfect weight and shape are a matter for this toy because only 3-5 grams of difference can change your entire experience of playing this game.

Final Verdict

This wooden piece of excellence conveys a traditional vibe from japan. Your age is not an issue to play kendama and get hooked with it.

Hopefully, this list of best kendama brands will help if you ever think of giving this toy a try!

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