JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

Are you an amateur ping-pong player and loves friendly competitions? Well, you are not the only one. There are millions of peoples all over the world, who love to play ping pong with their family and their friends.

It becomes very important for you to choose the perfect ping pong table because not all that shines is gold. However, you may find it very annoying to choose the right product since tons of similar looking products are available in the market.

But there is no need to worry because we have included an in-depth review and buyer’s guide for your help. In this article, we will tell you about JOOLA Rally TL – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table and Why It is one of the best available ping pong tables in the world and why should you buy it?

So, without any further delay. Let’s get started:

Available in three different sizes:

The best thing about the Joola Rally ping pong table is that it is available in three different sizes. It comes in:

The main benefit of this is that you can choose the suitable size of your ping pong table according to size of your room. For larger sized rooms 50x50mm Frame and 25mm(1in) Top is suitable. But if you have a smaller room or space then you should prefer the smallest available size for the ping pong table.

Easy to Fold:

Joola Rally ping pong table is very versatile. You can fold it up in the middle. It seems pointless at first but actually, it is very beneficial because when you fold it upward, this ping pong table becomes a table for yourself. You can play by yourself because the ball will reflect against the surface. This will not only save lots of storage space but also helps you to practice in an effective way. Besides this, you can easily store it in smaller places by folding it. Its foldability makes Joola really unique and different from other products.


The maneuverability is USP for this product. It has two halves and casters and 3-inch lockable wheels for easy maneuver. You can easily move your ping pong table from one place to another place without any difficulty. It also has wheel locks in order to protect it from sliding while playing the game. Its 360-degree wheels make it very easy to handle and move. Unlike, other ping pong tables, this one is best for both outdoor and indoor playing due to its easy maneuverability.

Assembly is super easy:

It is very easy to assemble and come with a user manual for your help. The main advantage of this features is that anyone even those who have very little technical knowledge about assembly, can assemble these parts very quickly by themselves.

For assembly, you don’t need any prior experience or help from an expert. You can set up the Joola Rally ping pong table by just following simple installation steps, mentioned in the quick user guide.


Joola Rally ping pong table comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty which is quite impressive. It will ensure that your ping pong table will last for a long time. Hence, with Joomla Rally ping pong table, you don’t have to worry about any damage to the product. Most of the parts come under the manufacturer’s warranty. But Keep in mind that the manufacturer’s warranty does not cover all the parts of the product. For more information please check the warranty card.

Super sturdy Undercarriage:

Joola Rally TL comes with very sturdy and robust undercarriage. It has 1.5” thick powder-coated legs and has 1.5” thick steel apron for supporting the structure. It also has 8 industry-grade wheels. Its height can be adjusted on any uneven surface very easily. Super sturdy undercarriage provides extra support to ping pong table. That is why this ping pong table looks very solid and stable while playing.

Comparatively safer:

Safety comes first when your ping pong table is quite heavy (more than 150 lbs). It can cause some serious injuries if not handled properly. However, Joola Rally ping pong table comes with the anti-tilting mechanism that prevents the ping pong table from accidentally sliding during the storage. It has lockable wheels that stop the table from moving while in the wheel lock position. It also has thick padding on corners to minimize the impact. So, with this ping pong table, there is no need to worry about the safety of players.

High-quality Table Top:

It comes with high quality 15mm thick table top made up of MDF or medium-density fiberboard. It is available in charcoal grey color that makes it super cool and classy. It has a polyurethane painted surface that makes it scratches and marks resistant.

The quality of the paint is also very good. Therefore, with this ping pong table, you don’t have to worry about the chipping of paint. The tabletop looks premium on the ping pong table.

Super sturdy latch and removable clamp post:

It comes with safety latches to prevent any accidental opening of the table. It also includes removable clamp post and adjustable net which is very practical while playing because you can adjust the height of the net what you want to set.

Come with Corner Ball Storage, abacus scoring system and net:

This beautifully designed ping pong table comes with 4 corner ball storage. You can store up to 3 balls in each corner ball storage. It helps you to keep ping pong balls organized and safe. You will also get an abacus scoring system with this table. This will definitely help you to count and remember your score effectively.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the table tennis net because this ping pong table comes with the net. These additional features make this table more appealing to the buyers.

This table is ideal for whom?

This ping pong table is designed for the amateur or recreational players, who are searching for a premium quality ping pong table. The grey charcoal color of tabletop looks very elegant and classy.

Players can enjoy fun games with their friends, kids, and family on the ping pong table. It also has a player mode that is specially designed for those who want to practice alone. Due to plenty of exciting features, this ping pong table is one of the bestselling products in the market.

Most Suitable For:  Recreational players, Home users, and beginners.


  • It has a very sturdy and strong build quality.
  • It has great aesthetics.
  • This ping pong table comes with 4 corner ball storage.
  • It is foldable and can be converted into a single-player table.
  • It has an abacus scoring system.


  • It is the little bit expensive in comparison to other products at this range.
  • It is comparatively heavier than peers.
  • The magnetic scorer is weak.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS):

Can you use this table outdoors? 

As you can guess from the name of the product. This product is not designed for outdoor usage. You should store it indoors to avoid the adverse effects of weather on the ping pong table. However, you can use it for occasional outdoor games.

Is this table weatherproof?

No, it is not waterproof. Therefore, you must cover it with a waterproof cover if you are storing it outdoors. Since, it is not a water poof pong table, so you should avoid leaving it outside because external weather conditions will severely affect the condition of your ping pong table.

Is JOOLA a reliable and reputed brand for table tennis table?

Yes, in fact, Joola is one of the oldest running ping pong table manufacturer companies. It was founded in the 1950s. This company has been proudly sponsoring many prestigious tournaments all over the world.

Final Verdict:

In brief, we are going to say that Joola is one of the oldest and most reputed brands that make qualifying pong tables since the 1950s. if you are a recreational player or a beginner and looking for a high-quality ping pong table with many additional features, then Joola Rally Tl – Professional MDF Indoor Ping Pong Table is best for you. However, you should consider your requirements and the product specification before buying any product.

Overall, Joola Rally ping pong table is a quality product from a very reputed company. If you are thinking to buy a quality ping pong table then go for it.

We hope that our in-depth review and buyers’ guide was helpful to you in some ways.

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