Are you looking for high standardized ping pong paddle that gives an amazing level of spin? I’m a tennis lover and was in search of good racket paddle from long time. The paddle I used in past was not improving my performance. One of my friends asked me to try the Pro spin ping pong paddle. I’m truly impressed with the power of this paddle. I’m discussing with you reasons why this paddle is in my top list now.

Pro spin ping pong paddle is the best choice for intermediate and professional players. The blade of the paddle has made from advanced technology that helps in super feast spin. The high-quality rubber ensures the optimal spin along with the durability. It has filled with immense power that it becomes difficult for a normal player to control. Anyhow if you get little trained you can easily manage the racket despite blade weight.

This racket paddle is accessible at affordable price. This paddle is highly recommended by professionals that observed its decent spin. It has the unique number of features that are incomparable.

Why do I recommend this racket?

Being a table tennis player from the last ten years I preferred Pro spin ping pong as ideal for you. The reasons are so satisfying. It helps to uplift the game in no time with its incredible features.

Outstanding construction

The blade of racket has made from professionally grade rubber material that gives control. The manufacturers have used the ITTF professional rubber to give soft feeling. The rubber sponge increases the spin power against the opponent.

The sponge layer helps to play amazingly by giving the heavy return. The flared handle is accessible in all hand sizes so anyone can carry it easily. As it has made from premium materials, so it can be used for long times.

Low weight

It is a very light weight paddle which is designed for beginners, intermediate players and even the professionals. You can take this paddle during traveling as it is easy to carry. This paddle is designed in such a way that it reduces the chances of injuries at shoulder, forearm or wrist. Its lightweight ensures to give you heavy grip.

Quality standards

The company has used the distinct quality materials during the construction of paddle. The paddle and extra three balls are all made from materials that are USATT & ITTF approved. The price seems to be cheap but don’t go on the price. The materials are guaranteed.

Complete package

Pro spin ping pong paddle comes in amazing package as it includes 3 professional tennis balls. These tennis balls can be used more than year. They give you beautiful and safe casing. This casing is used for traveling purpose and when you keep the paddle outside the home to play. Also, it includes retractable net that can turn your ordinary table into a table tennis table.

Amazing Spins

This paddle is so easy to control for beginners. They help them to learn the basics of spin, power and handling very easy. The sleek designs and the heavy grip of materials help you to learn topspin, backspin, forehand loop, backhand drive and other professional techniques in no time.

The Sink Effect:

Well if you are a table tennis player already you will know this term. When a ball is smashed by the player and its trajectory is kept very low and it remains flat after the bounce giving an idea of a dip to the opponent is called the sink. This paddle allows you to use the sink technique easily. So you can now easily command the indoor or outdoor tables with your master stroke the ink stroke.

This Pro Spin Ping Pong Paddle is best for whom?

This paddle is best for Adults who wish to start their career as a table tennis player or adults who want to play in their leisure time and love to challenge their friends. Also, this paddle is suitable for old men as this racket offers less fatigues and easy to handle facilities. People can enjoy their game with amazing grip and performance. This racket is also suitable for players who usually play on defensive mode as with spin reducing facility you can easily return the attack to the opponent. Also, it is useful for those who travel a lot as carrying this racket is very easy. Also if you are looking to buy a low budgeted table tennis racket this should be your obvious choice keeping an eye on quality and the price.

Why this racket is not for everyone?

These high performing paddles may not be suitable for everyone. If you are already a player and used to the regular inverted rubber this racket may not be a good choice for you specially before moving to an important match with this paddle without enough practice can be very tricky, as this paddle can easily play with your timings and can ultimately cost you an important match. To be able to use this racket effectively timings and feet moment must be adjusted. A slight error in feet moments can place the ball in the wrong direction.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Quality justifies the price
  • Lightweight
  • Useful for adults and kids
  • 1-year warranty
  • Free pro level tennis balls


  • Difficult to lift low balls
  • No room for footwork errors
  • Defensive style
  • Warranty only at Pro-Spin sports

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Question: Can I buy this rackets for my 12 year old son?

A: Yes, it is very useful in teaching beginners.

Question: Is this product manufactured in China?

Answer: Yes, it is manufactured in China but it is tested and passed by USATT.

Question: will retractable net fit ordinary Iron desk?

Answer: It depends on what type of iron desk you are using also the length of the desk is important too. In most cases it doesn’t fit well.

Question: Will I receive a warranty card if I order these paddles online?

Answer: Yes, you will receive a warranty card from Pro Spin sports for one year.

Question: Do these 3 star balls mean not of high quality?

Answer: Three star balls that come with these paddles are of pro quality, you can play with them for more than a year time.

Final Verdict

This pro spin ping pong paddle set is highly recommended specially for the new comers and the old people because this offers a comfortable grip, great comfort level and greater efficiency during the game whether playing on indoor or outdoor tables. Also, it allows you to play for hours without realizing. These paddles are also best for professionals who have the knowledge of pips rubber and also like to play in defensive positions. In short, these paddles are amazing.

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