Butterfly Timo Boll Table Tennis Racket Review

Which is the best table tennis racket? The Timo Boll series from Butterfly is created for the developing recreational athlete. The Pan Asia rubber provides a good insight of speed and spin. The more active sponge layer provides additional power. It is an important question, As a beginner It is not necessary for you to have best table tennis racket in the world but you should have racket that can able you to spin the ball in right direction and give you good feeling. I met many table tennis players who have paid decent amount for useless branded rackets. So, I am going to give my personal opinion on what to buy and what not to buy. This article is aimed to guide people who are new to this game. Hopefully, this will be helpful for them to make a better choice.Any equipment or tool has its unique importance but knowledge of ‘where’ and ‘how’ to use is very important. No method or tool is universal in this world. The key to success is to know what is appropriate in given circumstances.

Why do I recommend Butterfly Timo Boll Table Tennis Racket?

Butterfly time is a popular brand in America that has focused on recreational ping pong market. These rackets are a perfect choice for beginners who want to learn and take control over speed and spin.


The Timo Boll table tennis racket series contain aggressive rubber and 2 ping pong balls. The Pan Asia table tennis racket rubber provides a good balance of speed and spin when striking the ping pong ball.

Five layers blade

It includes five layers blade that will provide you consistent power and sweet spot during the gameplay. It has been chosen for its quality and short in-game dwell time in comparison to more traditional outer veneers. This blade which combines superb touch with unbeatable power gives you the possibility to be as creative.

Tacky Surface

Due to the tacky surface, you will be able to make significant spins, but the problem is that the surface gets dusty very quickly. I recommend you to cover it while playing because that way you will protect the rubber. In case, dust gathers on rubber that will immediately affect tackiness and you will lose the spin feature. I would like to mention here if you are a beginner you should value control over speed and power. Kindly, do not buy carbon rackets it will be difficult for you to learn the basics of the game.

High-Quality Table Tennis Reaction Property

If the quantified reaction of the blade is bigger in number it will result in more reaction. The reaction property of racket is 10.8. The bigger the number, the more the reaction. The blade is considered the soul of your playing style. Defender or offensive player choose a different type of blade.

Vibration Property

If the quantified vibration frequency is higher in number the less vibration you feel. Vibration and control are pretty related. As you can feel the ball dig into your blade with more vibrations, you can get direct feedback to how much more you need to close your paddle or open it if you misread their spin.

Pre-made branded rackets

Normally companies make these rackets attractive by nice packaging look and use name and photos of professional players. I don t think these rackets can give the impression of a premium product. Don t buy table tennis rackets which are heavy, random gaps and holes in handle these rackets might be very cheap but I wouldn’t t recommend to buy these rackets.The properties of a ball, in any sport, ascertain how it will behave in-game. Other than being small and light, a table tennis ball has a few characteristics. Modern balls are made from plastic (the sport has moved away from celluloid as a material in international competitions due to safety concerns associated with raw celluloid manufacture). Most modern table tennis or ping pong balls are colored white, though seldom orange or other colors can be found as well.

Butterfly Timo Boll Table Tennis Racket is best for whom?

A table tennis player must know some basic things before selection of racket. It is not enough to buy costly or very high quality racket. It requires knowing what one needs and what suits best. I point out some important factors which will be helpful to choose the appropriate racket.

First, a person should know about skill level. If a guy is new to game, he is at beginner level.  He plays occasionally or few times a month then he is at intermediate level. If he plays few times a week or regularly is considered as advance level player. If he plays leagues, he is considered as professional player.

Secondly, a person needs to know about style of playing. There are three main style of playing.

  1. Defensive style
  2. Offensive style
  3. All-around style

Timo boll rackets are best for best for beginners and intermediate level players because it provides all around features until a person discover its style.

Why this racket is not for everyone?

The professional players spend a lot of time in playing. They know their abilities and skills. Their style and approach are developed with the passage of time. So, they need rackets according to their style and approach. They require more refined and specific types which can fulfill their need. Timo boll rackets are specifically designed for beginners and intermediate level players. It offers basic and overall features. Skill level and style demand specific feature. It does not suit to professional players. It is not recommended for them.


  • Provides good balance of speed and spin
  • Each ping pong paddle has different sponge and rubber thickness
  • Approved for international table tennis federation tournaments
  • Affordable
  • Cones with racket cover
  • Great for improving spin shots
  • 1 mm sponge layer for extra speed
  • Butterfly rubber for additional tackiness
  • Great for power attacks
  • Sleek design
  • Five layers blade


  • Not for advanced level users
  • Not for FL handle users
  • Expensive price tag on some models
  • Not very durable
  • Need to control fluidity

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the most suitable type of tennis racket tools for a beginner, middle and advanced man player?

Answer: The perfect symmetry of power and control for one member will be opposite for another. As a general rule, however, you can say that beginning players have less, more reluctant swings that do not produce lots of power. Conversely, you can say that advanced players have larger, more competitive swings that create lots of peak speed and power.

Q: How can I understand what is the fittest tennis racket for me and my way of play?

Answer: As expert tennis players have big, powerful strokes, they typically favour rackets that give them more command over the ball and don’t produce as much power. Midsize and mid-plus rackets are most ordinarily used in the professional classes.

Q: What is volume and swing power?

Answer: The swing power of the racket is how much weight the racket feels when you swing it. If you own more of the racket’s weight near to the handle, the swing weight will be weaker. Also, extra-long rackets have a more eminent swing weight since there is more power further from your hand due to the larger frame.

Final verdict

If you are new and want to become professional player you should consider Butterfly Timo table tennis racket. The first thing I would like to mention is its affordable price. You don t have to expect any professional level paddles because it is mostly made for new players. Butterfly table tennis rackets are perfect solution because it is designed for overall performance not for specific skill.

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