10 Best Kendama in 2023: Expert Review & Buyers Guide

If you don’t have any idea what Kendama is? you are in the right place. Kendama is one of the best toys available in the market. It was originated in Japan as a traditional wooden toy but nowadays it is an extremely trendy toy among both kids and youngsters. It is super affordable and doesn’t need any batteries, internet or electricity. If you are looking for the best kendama then choosing the right one for you can be a real headache.

So, for your help, we have included an in-depth review of the top 10 best Kendamas. Now, it’s time for our in-depth review and buyer’s guide, so without further ado, let’s get started:

Top 10 Best Kendama Reviews:

1. # Sweets Kendamas Grain Split 2.0 Prime Kendama

Sweets Kendama is very popular among the Kendama communities. They manufacture well balanced, highly durable kendamas; made up of superb quality materials. Sweets Kendamas Grain Split 2.0 Prime Kendama are affordable yet very beautifully manufactured kendamas. That is why it is ideal as your first Kendama.

This Kendama is made up of high-quality beech wood.  2-piece spike and cups are specially designed for both right and left-handed players. Due to this, it is perfect for new players and experts because beechwood gives you perfect stability, and confidence to do amazing tricks.

Grain split 2.0 comes with sticky paint of superb quality and texture. The stickiness helps new players to learn basic stuff quickly and master players to do advanced stall tricks like Lunar or Lighthouse. This paint is also very durable because it will not chip or tear over the time.

Sweets Kendama is one of the most reputed kendama manufacturers in the united states of America. The benefit of purchasing kendama from a trusted and reputed brand is that you can blindfolded trust that you will only get a quality product. This brand is manufacturing kendamas since 2010, that is why we recommend it at first place.

It comes with an amazing instruction guide which is ideal for new players to learn basics tricks and progress rapidly. It not only helps players to get into the sport fast but also helps to practice this game properly.It also includes many average and advanced tricks. So, you can learn them rapidly under the guidance of this quick started guide.

With this Kendama, you will get some amazing pattern on the product and also there is a white bottom on each tama. This will help players to easily track down the hole in tama because the solid color is on top and prime print around the hole.


  • It is a very affordable and durable product.
  • This kendama is made up of super quality beech wood.
  • It is available in four different colors and matching colored string.
  • This kendama is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed persons.
  • This comes with an instruction guide for new players.


  • Sting is not so smooth.
  • Some players might find paint too sticky.
  • Paddles are not too large which might cause little difficulty for beginners.

Overall, this model is the ideal choice for both new players and masters.  Sweet Kendama is a very reputed brand and in fact, world-class players play with sweet kendamas. It is a perfect combination of balance, durability, stability, affordability, and beauty.

2. # Kendama USA – Classic – Green

It is ideal Kendama for those who want an affordable but high-quality product. It is very popular due to its simplicity and playability. Kendama USA is also a very reputed kendama brand from the US. If you are looking for affordable kendama as a beginner then you should definitely give it a chance.

It is one of the lightest and softest woods available for kendamas. This product is made up of excellent quality birch wood. This makes it very easy to play and handle it with great comfort. Birchwood is not only affordable but also offers the highest quality for Kendama.

It is a classic USA kendama series that does not contain stickers, stringing tools, beads, or instruction guides. It is very popular due to its simple minimalistic design and playability. It is a tribute to old traditional kendamas without adding any extra innovative features.

It is designed for both new and master players. That is why it is popular among both new and expert players. It doesn’t matter if you are a left-handed or right-handed person because this kendama is perfectly symmetric and ideal for both handed persons.


  • It is a very affordable product.
  • It offers a classic minimalistic design.
  • Excellent kendama with superb playability.
  • Very durable and robust design.
  • Sticky paint provides extra grip and tackiness.


  • Some people don’t like extra sticky paint.
  • It doesn’t come with extra stuff.
  • At this price range, kendama with more features are available.

Overall, it is ideal kendama for those who want a high-quality product at affordable prices. It gives a feel of traditional kendamas while playing, due to simple and minimalistic design.

It comes with sticky paint that helps new players to learn fast and master players to do some amazing tricks.

3. # Kaleb USA Full Marble Swirl Kendama

Kaleb USA Full Marble is simple and very playable kendama that is made up of solid wood. It is a standard-sized kendama with superb built quality.This beautiful kendama comes with midnight black and blue metallic swirling. This pattern makes it very cool and beautiful. Beautiful patterns are the USP of this Kendama.

This Kendra comes with extra bead, sticker string, and string tool. So, there is no need to worry if your string is torn out or the bead is damaged.

This amazing kendama is made up of solid beechwood with an amazing multicolor pattern on it. Beechwood is an affordable and very durable wood that is why it is one of the most preferred types of wood used in kendamas.

It comes with a standard 7.25 inches design that is universally accepted in any competition a tournament. Its cup design and ball size are also traditional regular size. If you are a newbie then it is always better to go for standard size first.

Kendama USA classic comes with sticky paint on tama. It provides a super grip and playability that helps players to perform advanced tricks without any difficulty. Sticky paint is also most preferred the type of pain in kendama due to its benefits.


  • Very affordable and robust product.
  • It includes beautiful multicolor patterns on tama.
  • It comes with additional stuff such as strings and stickers etc.
  • Due to the standard size, it is ideal for any competition.
  • It is a makeup of solid beech wood.


  • Some customers report the regular chipping of paint.
  • The shiny finish fades after some time.

Overall, it is a nice product with beautiful looks and finishes and many extra kinds of stuff. If you want an affordable kendama with beautiful design and additional features then go for it. Sword of this kendama is very comfortable and cups are a little bit large sized. Strings are not weak and don’t break easily.

4. # Kendama Kraze Wood Toy

Kendamakraze wood toy comes with unique and exclusive design due to the use of the original ninja brush. It is a super durable and made up of high-quality wood. It is a perfect gift for your kids and friends who love playing with kendama toys.Kendama kraze wood toy is an ideal summer gift for your kids and friends because it is not only a super fun toy but also comes with entirely exclusive and unique designs and patterns on every single Kendama toy. Kendama lover loves beautiful unique patterns on it.

This kendama comes with lots of extra stuff such as sticker, string and sting tools etc. So, you can enjoy it without having the tension of wear and tear of string.

It is made up of high-quality wood. That is why it is very robust and lightweight. You can play with it for hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable. That is the reason why the company is advertising it as a pro-model.

It is the tribute samurai red and black because ninja brush is used for painting it. This gives it a unique finish and looks that make it different from other kendamas. Its looks and appearance are the main USP of this product.


  • Evey price of this kendama is unique and exclusive.
  • Very robust and sturdy.
  • Super lightweight and comfortable.
  • Sticky paint is ideal for doing advanced tricks.
  • It comes with an extra sting.


  • There are some complaints about the chipping of paint.
  • Some customers don’t like sticky paint.
  • There are companies about loose cups.

Overall, in case you want a unique and exclusive samurai theme-based kendama at a very affordable price then you should certainly try this one. It is robust, comfortable and looks amazingly cool. No wonder why this kendama is at number four on our list.

5. # Sweets Kendamas Prime Sport Stripe Kendama

Like our earlier product, this is another amazing product from sweet Kendamas. It is a very robust and comfortable kendama with prime sticky clear paint and refines prime ken shape. This one is most suitable for kids and teenagers because it is a racing-themed designed product.

It is made up of high-quality solid beech wood that gives it steadiness and robustness. It includes 2 pieces of wood cup and spikes specially designed for both right and left-handed people. You can expect only high-quality products form sweets kendamas.

It has sport stripe paint with an extra tacky and sticky finish. This allows players to do tricks with ease. This paint will not easily chip off over time. Players can perform amazing tricks such as lunar or lighthouse due to sticky paint.

Sweets Kendama is one of the most trusted and reputed kendama manufacturers that is why you will get only high-quality products from them.  They are delivering world-class kendamas for a long time that is why sweets kendama is the first choice of professional kendama players.

It comes with an amazing instruction guide that is ideal for new players to learn basics tricks and progress rapidly. It not only helps players to get into the sport fast but also helps to practice this game properly. It also includes many average and advanced tricks. So, you can learn them rapidly under the guidance of this quick started guide.


  • It is an affordable product.
  • This is made up of high-quality solid beech wood.
  • This kendama has sticky paints.
  • Ideal for kids and teenagers.
  • It is a racing-themed toy.


  • The chipping of paint is an issue.
  • Its weight is too light.

Overall, Sweet Kendama is a very reputed brand and in fact, world-class players play with sweet kendamas. This product is very comfortable and robust. It has a racing theme-based design that makes it a perfect gift for kids and teenagers.

6. # Yomega’s Coyote Kendama

This kendama is also made up of beech wood that provides a better grip and a good feel. This is one of the most reputed models available in the market right now. It is available in many models such as painted deserts, malachite, and trickster.

This kingdom is manufactured from beech wood that is why it feels very grippy and comfortable while holding it. Its handles are also very smooth that makes it easy to handle and do advance tricks.

Every single piece of Yomega’s Cayote kendama comes with a unique and very exclusive pattern that makes this product more like a collectible toy. Besides that, you can get three different designs such as malachite, painted desert, and trickster.

One of the most unique things about this kendama is that it has very smooth handles that feel very nice while playing. It also has different size cups to help you to catch the ball easily.

Yomega’s coyote kendama comes in a standard size that is universally acceptable in all competitions. Overall, the weight of the product is 6.4 ounce and the dimensions of the product is 9.8×4.3×2.5 inches which are perfect for both new players and experts.


  • Very fast delivery.
  • Great graphics.
  • Perfect weight with a standard size.
  • Robots and durable wood.
  • Easy to balance and adjust.


  • Some customers report falling paint.

Overall, this kendama is the perfect gift for your kids. It is made up of eco-friendly bamboo wood. In case you want a durable, eco-friendly and affordable set of kamas then you should buy it.

7. # CANSHOW Kendama Maple Wood

In case you are seeking for high-quality Kendama for a high level playing then go for CANSHOW kendama without thinking twice.  It is a deluxe pro model which means that it is designed and manufactured for professional and master players. However, new players can also enjoy this beautifully designed toy.

The show kendama is made up of maple wood. it is super light and highly durable. It makes very peasant sound when the Ken and tama collide with each other especially when you are doing and spoke trick. That is why most of the professional players choose it for their competitions.

This Kendama has the rubber painted-ball or tama that makes it tackier, grippier and durable incarnation to another type of paints. Rubber painted-ball is the USP of Can show Kendama. It also comes with a laser engraved logo on the body of kendama.

While playing with this kingdom you will find that the handle of this kendama is super stable which gives you full confidence to do tricks. It also has deep angled cups that impressively enhance the playability of this product.

It comes in a standard size that is why it is ideal for any kendama tournaments. Its dimensions are 2.8 x 2.4 x 7.1 inches. It is advised that If you are a beginner then you should first choose the standard size.


  • Sturdy and nicely built.
  • Extra strings included.
  • Well- packed.
  • Made up of maple wood.
  • Rubber painted-ball.


  • The ball is a little bit heavier than another model on our list.
  • Somewhat costly.

Overall, it is a nice product with its unique features such as maple wood body and rubber painted ball. If you want maple wood kendama then you should give it a try. Due to its durability and playability we recommend for those who love maple wood kendama.

8. # Yomega Kendama

This one is made up of plastic unlike most of the products in our list that were made up of wood. Its plastic is very durable and well finished. It is a perfect gift for your kids and friends because it is not only good looking but also very robust and steady product.

It has a very sleek design that makes it very easy to grip and comfortable while playing. It is a super stylish and steady product. Its design and looks make it very unique and different from other models.

It is made up of extremely durable, and sturdy plastic. It will last for a long time without any tear and wear. Unlike wood kendamas, this product does not loose. This kind is designed for high performance.

It is perfectly balanced kendama with the ideal body to weight ratio. That is why you will find it very easy to perform amazing tricks with Yomega’s plastic kendama.

Yomega’s plastic kendama is available in a range of bright neon colors. It also comes in a premium box. So, it is a perfect gift for the next birthday of your kids. Due to its bright colors, this kendama looks really cool.


  • Very affordable Product.
  • It is easy to Catch.
  • Very lightweight product.
  • Bright Neon colors.
  • Highly durable and sturdy kendama.


  • It is very difficult to do tricks using cups.

Overall, this is a very robust and steady kingdom with a very cool bright neon color. If you want the more durable yet affordable product then you should purchase this kendama. It comes with many variants and the premium box which makes it a perfect gift for your loved ones.

9. # Kotaro Kendama

This kendama was named after the leader of the Japanese Ninja clan, Fuma Kotaro. Like a ninja, it is the perfect combination of agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. These are very durable products with replaceable strings. Another Kendama is made up of quality hardwood.This kendama is made up of Harwood parts that is why it is a well-balanced, grippy and smooth product. It is always better to practice with full-sized kendama instead of miniature kendamas. It is widely accepted in most of the competitions all over the world.

Glossy paint makes it difficult to catch the tama and do tricks. That is why glossy paints are ideal for those who want to do tricks in a more challenging way. If you are a beginner then you should not buy this because it was always hard to do tricks with glossy paint, unlike sticky paint.

This kendama comes with colored handle and ball with better visibility that is why it is very easy to play with this kendama. You can also play with this kendama in dim light due to its better visibility.

This kendama from Kotaro comes with extra strings, instruction guide, and beads. So, there is no need to worry about the wear and tear of your kendama.


  • It is very sturdy.
  • challenging and super fun to play.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Extra strings included.
  • It is a value for money products.


  • Hard for new players.

Overall, it is a challenging and super fun toy to play with due to shiny paint on the ball that makes it difficult to catch it easily. If you want to try a little challenging then try out this one.

10. # 2-PACK – KENDAMA TOY CO. – The Best Pocket Kendama

It is a set of 2 Kendama’s which makes it perfectly suitable for two or more kids. It is manufactured from eco-friendly and environment-friendly bamboo wood. This kendama is durable and lightweight. This are especially designed to lasts for a longtime without chipping.

It is made up of eco-friendly bamboo wood. Bamboo wood is one of the lightest and most durable woods available. That is why nowadays most of the companies prefer bamboo wood over others.

Kendama toy co. 2 pack is very durable and comfortable products. You can play with them for a long time without getting tired and bored.  It won’t break or tears easily due to the superb durability of bamboo wood.

This is a combo pack that contains 2 bamboo kendama. It is a perfect gift for your kids. If there are two or more children in your kids then go for without thinking twice.

It is perfect kendama for kids due to its small size and lightweight.  You want to go for one if you can get two kendama at the price of one. Mini kendama is also easy to hold and carry.


  • It is a very affordable combo pack.
  • Made up of eco-friendly bamboo wood.
  • Well balanced and durable.
  • Suitable for kids.
  • Comes with extra strings.


  • It is a very lightweight product.

Overall, It is a very nice product with a well balanced and comfortable body. This kendama comes in a standard size that is why you can use it in any kendama competition. If you want a premium robust kendama at an affordable price then go for it.

Things to Consider Before Buying A Best Kendama:

Some important factors that are important to be considered before purchasing kendamas are given below:

1. Shape and Size

It is very important for you to learn about the different sizes and shapes of kendamas. There are mainly five sizes Nano(size=2″), Mini (6 1/8″), standard (7 1/16″), 5 cup (8 1/16″) and jumbo (9 5/8″), are available in the market.  However, you can only take part in the competition with standard-sized kendama. Kendamas are also available in different shapes such as 2 cups, 3 cups, 4 cups, and 5 cups and so on.

It is always better to start with the standard one because only with standard kendama you can take part in the tournaments.

2. Materials

Kendamas are manufactured from various materials such as wood, metal, or plastic. Each material has its own pros and cons. Some important details about kendama materials are given below:

Type of wood

It is also very important that you should choose the perfect wood type for your kendama because it will not only affect the durability of the toy but also its performance. There are many types of wood is available in the market. Here is the list of some:

Ash wood: It is expensive material with good durability and average density. It has a wide and smooth grain. This type of wood is ideal for great performance.

Beech wood: It is the most popular and affordable type of wood used for kendama. It is durable, cheaper, and average weight wood.

Cherry: It is a lightweight and expensive type of wood with below-average durability but very low weight. It provides a very soft feel while playing.

Oak: It is very similar to beech wood with very strong cross grains. It provides a tough feelwhile playing.

Maple: Now, it’s time for everyone’s favorite the maple wood because it is super light and highly durable. It makes very peasant sound when the Ken and tama collide with each other especially when you are doing and spoke trick. That is why most of the professional players choose it for their competitions.

Plastic materials

Nowadays, plastic material is also very popular due to its durability, lightweight, robustness, high density, and affordability.

3. Paint types & aesthetic

There are many types of paints used in kendama. So, before buying new kendama you should consider them:

Natty or natural paint

Natty is kendamas without any paint on them. It provides a better grip and as time passes, it will absorb the oil and becomes more playable.


In past decades the sticky paint was considered as “cheating” by most of the players but this perception has changed and now people consider it as the most desirable paint in their kendama.

Glossy paints

It is the paint that was used for standard kendama but now things have changed a little because most of the companies have discontinued this type of kendamas. The reason behind it is the difficulty level of this kendama is very high. It is almost impossible to do a lighthouse trick and lunar trick with these shiny toys.

Silk or rubberized kendama

Nowadays, this type of kendama is becoming increasingly popular, it is sticky, not slippery and goes perfectly well with the beechwood kendamas.

4. Durability

You should always check the durability of your kendama before buying because if it is not durable then your kendama will not last long.

Different woods provide kendamas different levels of durability. For example, Maple wood and plastic kendamas are most durable and on the other hand, cherry wood kendamas are least durable. Other types of wood kendamas provide average durability.

5. Experience Level

It is also very necessary to choose kendama according to your experience level. Suitable Kendamas with respect to experience level are given below:

For beginners

If you are a beginner then maple wood kendama with sticky paint would be great for you. You should avoid shiny painted kendama. Standard size is ideal for beginners.

For Mid-level

If you are a mid-level player then you can choose natty, sticky and silk painted kendama. You can also choose standard, mini, and 5 cup kendamas.

For advanced players

If you are an advanced player then you can go for sticky, shiny, natty and silk painted kendamas. For advanced players the size of kendamas doesn’t matter.

6. Price-Quality Ratio:

It is also a very crucial factor to be considered. You should always try to choose a kendama that offers high quality at a low price. Therefore, the price-quality ratio should below.

7. Weight

You should always try to choose an average weighted kendama. It should not be very light weighted or heavy because in both cases you will find it very difficult to play for long hours.

8. User Review

It is one of the best ways to read the testimony of old customers. This will give you an insight of the product and also, you will beware of the pros and cons of the different kendamas.

Kendama Tricks Guide:

There are many tricks you can try on with your kendama:

Holding your kendama

There are three types of grips to hold your kendama:

Ken Grip: In this grip, the player uses 3 fingers with your thumb. It is the most versatile of grip.

Pen grip: It is also known as a pen grip or pencil grip.

Tama grip: In this type of grip you grab on to the ball. That is why it is called the tama grip.

First trick

Faster Than Gravity

This trick involves two steps, in the first step, you should hold kendama in ken grip and the second step is that you should let ball or tama directly down.  Move your arm directly down below the tama to grab the team in the spike.

Second trick

Jumping Stick:

In this trick, you hold tama in your hand and throw your Ken upward direction and grab it in the hole of the tama.

Third Trick

Lunar tre

This is an advanced trick in which you hold the ‘Tama’ or ball in your hand and try to land one of the cups in the upper side of Tama. Now again throw ken upward and try to grab into the spike.

Kendama Competition Guide

For playing Kendamas, there are no fixed rules but every type of kendama competition is governed by rules. There are four main 4 kinds of kendama competitions; speed ladder, freestyle, open division, and KWC or kendama world cup.
If you want to take part in kendama competitions then you must practice with standard kendama because only the standard one is acceptable. There are many kendama tournaments such as kendama world cup, North American Kendama Open, Catch & Flow, Freestyle World Championship, Battle at the Border, and Dama Fest.

Kendama World Cup

This 2-day event was started in 2014 in summer in Japan. It is the largest competition that takes place in 18 different countries and with the audience or more than 50000 people.
2019: Rui Sora
2018: Nick Gallagher
2017: So Kanada

Frequently Asked Questions About Kendama:

When was the Kendama Invented?

Kendama is one of the most famous toys all over the world and it was originated in Japan. The term “Kendama” itself is the combination of two words “Ken” means ‘handle’ and “Tama” means “ball”. So, it is a very addictive traditional Japanese wooden toy that helps us to improve balance, reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

In this toy, a ball is connected to a wooden handle by a string. Players try to balance ball on the spike, juggling the ball in creative ways and spinning handle with the ball over it, etc. There are endless possibilities for new tricks for both newbies and seasoned masters. That is why, it is popular among both young and old people.

This toy is becoming increasingly popular in western countries like USA as well due to its versatility and playability. It is a perfect indoor game for both kids and older people.

What Are the Benefits of Playing Kendama?

Some of the benefits are given below:

Improves hand-eye coordination:

While sharping your kendama skills, you will notice that your other motor skills have also improved unintentionally. Catching, throwing and balancing kendama improves and strengthens your hand-eye coordination skills without any extra efforts.

Increases your patient:

Kendra is a tricky toy, so you have to practice before doing some cool tricks. It takes some time and also increases your patience. So, always keep in mind that in the end it really a fun toy.


Even in the united states, there are many Kendama communities in almost every city. So, playing kendama is not only fun but it will help you to meet some of the most the friendly and nicest people who share the same interests as you.

Affordable: another bonus point of kendama is that it is a cheaper toy in comparison to other electronic toys and video games such as PlayStations and Xbox.

How to care for your Kendama?

Taking care of your Kendama is very necessary for longlisting fun. Here are some tips and instructions that you should follow in order to maintain your kendama in good condition.

  • Keep in mind that shipping is a very normal tear and wear.
  • You should keep your kendama in a safe place because it can be dangerous for children if it is in their reach.
  • Always try to use good condition and if you see any worn-out string then immediately change it.
  • If your kendama is not glued at all then you should check if there is any loose part or not. In case parts of kendama are lost then try to fix it by hitting kendama on top with a hard object. But do it at yourself.
  • Always play with kendama in an open place in order to avoid any damage.

At what age should we start playing Kendama?

The suggested ideal age for plating with kendama toys is about 8 to 9 years old but keep in mind there must be supervision by elders while kids playing. The Kendama is not suitable for small kids below 8 years because it has a spike and hard wooden parts that can injure kids.

What should I do if my kendama string is stiff?

It is very normal because usually, kendama is made up of little stiff white thread. It helps you to do tricks and will not easily tangles. That is why the used string in kendama is a little bit flatter and stiffed.

Why my Kendama Pegs are loose?

Sometimes Kendama is small for the hole that is why they don’t fit properly. But there is a simple fix on it just wrap a tap around it and It will fit properly.

Final Thoughts

In brief, we have just covered an in-depth review of some of the most popular and reputed kendamas in the world. We hope that you will be able to choose the best kendama for your kids. In our opinion, Sweets Kendamas Grain Split 2.0 Prime Kendama is our top pick. If you want to try plastic kendama then go for Yomega plastic Kendama. The 2-PACK – KENDAMA TOY CO. is the most affordable kendama in our list.

We hope that our in-depth review was helpful for you in some ways.

So, are you ready for choosing your first kendama? If yes then go and buy one for your kids.

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