Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket & Case Review: Boost Your Flexibility

For a long time now, Palio Brand has been a key player in the manufacture of high-quality table tennis rackets. While this is so, the Palio Master 2 racket has remained a favorite amongst professional players. This racket brings the perfect balance between power and speed. This provides the player with a high-level spin while still maintaining control over shots.With a redesigned built coupled with superior features, this racket makes an excellent choice for players who are looking to perfect their skills. Unlike its predecessor, this model-upgraded design makes it an all-rounder racket that executes speedier shots without sacrificing the control. Enough with the sweet talk; will this racket suit your needs.

Well, in this detailed Palio Master 2 Table tennis racket review, we have checked and rechecked its features and tested its performance. After a thorough evaluation, we have come up with the following review.

 Superior tacky rubbers

Generally, cheaply constructed bats come with a dead rubber. It makes it hard to generate much spin. Most often, you will need to exaggerate your strokes to get decent performance. As a result, you may take a long time to develop your technique. However, with the Palio Master 2, intermediate players master their skills within a short period.

Unlike other bats, this model features ITTF approved rubbers that generates a decent spin while still maintaining high levels of control. This is brought about by the soft spongy combined with a tacky top sheet that enables the players to produce topspin, sidespin, and backspin.

Great control

The Palio Master 2 tennis racket makes your gameplay enjoyable. To start with, this bat is faster than other models. Even better, it still maintains a controllable spin, which is excellent for intermediate, and players training for competitive matches.

This means you will have an easy time mastering your art with this model. Plus, this model also leaves a margin of error, especially when your stroke isn’t perfected. Generally, the super spinny bats can be very unforgiving, and a slight mistake may send the ball flying the wrong way. However, with this model, you can control the spin, giving them an edge over the competition.


Another notable feature is the blade. This model boasts of an all-wood blade that features an updated design. Unlike its predecessor, this blade improves on both feeling and overall quality.

This brings you the perfect blend of control and power. Thanks to the redesigned built; the Master 2 makes a terrific all round table tennis racket.

Comes with a case

Exposing your racket to dust and moisture for prolonged periods may cause the accelerated the wearing out of the tacky. However, this doesn’t have to be an issue with this model as it comes with a heavy-duty case.

Besides safeguarding the integrity of the racket, this case makes it easy to carry and store. Not to mention, the case has a high-end look, which makes the set to look great wherever your love of the game takes you.

Flared grip handle

Equally important, this racket comes with a flared grip handle. Different from other regular models, this handle is slightly wider towards the end. This makes it feel comfortable in your hand.

This shake hand style is very common, especially for hardcore gamers. Plus, this design also boosts your flexibility and comfort, even for people with sweaty palms.

Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket is best designed for whom?

In this Palio Master 2 table tennis racket review, we leave no stone unturned. True, this model is a great overall choice, but it best suit players that have mastered the basic strokes.

This makes it a great choice for intermediate players who are looking to boost their power and train on more advanced strokes.

Why Recommend Palio Master 2 Paddle for you?

Bringing the right balance in speed and power, this racket lets you make perfect shots. Equally, besides delivering the right speed, the spin is controllable.

The beautiful construction plus cute protective case is also a bonus. Be a champion every time you get into a tournament.

Why is this racket not for everyone?

After trying several table tennis rackets, we were impressed by the performance that comes with the Palio Master 2. It is not only balanced but also has a controllable spin.

While this sounds great for all players, we don’t recommend this model for a complete beginner. To have too much speed for individuals who have never played table tennis before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q: How do I maintain my Palio Master 2 table tennis racket?

Answer: Note that a table tennis racket maintenance is often determined by the frequency of use as well as your playing technique. Just like your regular bat, you should always keep this bat clean. Next, store it safely in the provided case. This bat may also require rubber changes or at least re-gluing after sometimes.

Q: Which rubbers are used for this paddle?

Answer: The Palio master 2 racket comes with Palio CJ8000 Biotech 36-38°. They medium-soft sponges are about 2mm thick.

Q: Is this racket durable?

Answer: Well, thanks to the durable and ergonomic design, this racket offers a decent service. However, this will depend on several factors such as your playing technique, frequency of use, as well as general care.


  • This racket is ITTF approved
  • It includes a paddle case as a bonus
  • High speed and controllable spin
  • It is budget-friendly


  • Not ideal for beginners

Final Verdict

Undoubtedly, the Palio Master 2 table tennis racket is an excellent pick for intermediate and professional players. It makes a perfect choice for individuals who are looking to increase their skills and train for competitive tournaments.

Unlike the mediocre products, this second-gen racket comes with a superior rubber that enables you to control your shots. The handle complements the blade beautifully, providing a high level of balance and control.

This makes it an all-rounder racket that brings unprecedented player performance. We hope you have enjoyed our Palio Master 2 Table Tennis Racket Review. So, don’t hesitate to click on the buy button and take your skills to another level.

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