Best Shoes for Table Tennis – Top 10 Shoes Reviews in 2020

Playing table tennis is great fun. Whether you are playing it with your friends as entertainment or playing a professional game, proper movement in the game is important. How conveniently you can move your feet depends on the shoes you are using. Regardless of your skill level, you really have to pick the best shoes for table tennis. A perfect pair of shoes give you flexibility and adds comfort during the game.

The problem is, you can’t just visit an online store and pick your desired shoes. Instead, you need to spend dedicated time to get the right pair. Even if you spend one hour to pick a good one, chances are you won’t get the very best one in terms of your budget. To solve the issue, our research team has done the necessary research. Considering the most important facts, we finally picked the top 10 best shoes for ping pong.

Top 10 Best Shoes for Table Tennis Review

During our research, we have found some amazing shoe pairs. Some of them are attractive looking, some are budget-friendly, and some are best for performance. Here in the product selection, we tried to blend everything in a single pair. This means the following list contains only those products that are versatile. They are good looking and will provide full support when playing and moving very fast.

#1. Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes

It is often very difficult to balance between price and features, but when buying this butterfly trynex table tennis shoes, you will have all the essential features in it. No matter if you are just a beginner or playing professional games, you will find it comfortable. This item could be a blessing for those who are struggling to purchase the best shoe pair just because of the tight budget.

The first noticeable thing in this shoe is its outlook. The symbol of table tennis is embossed in the shoe that looks amazing. Moreover, the top design comes with breathable material. The mesh design passes air frequently and avoid any odor or sweating. Even when you are wearing it for a longer time, you won’t feel irritating. The top is attached to a rubber sole. The benefit of having a rubber sole is, when you are moving very fast, this rubber sole ensures perfect gripping. Which means you will have well control. To give the maximum comfort to your feet, the shoe does have EVA sport foam memory.

Despite mid-level pricing, Butterfly Trynex Table Tennis Shoes is heavily durable. The construction is similar to other athletic shoes that ensure longevity.



#2. LI-NING Men Table Tennis Shoes National Team Sponsor Wearable Breathable Lining Sports Shoes Sneakers APTM003 APPM001 APPN009

If you have a good budget and looking for some topnotch ping pong shoes, should check this out. This item is designed and constructed by LI-NING. It is for men and suitable for all levels of professional players. Matures who have a fascination with fancy shoes will like this item a lot. With the advanced features, this one would make you happy in the game.

Featuring a stunning look, it is built for comfort. The top is combined with synthetic leather and textile. This upper material is both breathable and durable. In professional games, players used to wear the shoe for a longer period. With the breathable top, it will pass hot air from inside and will bring fresh air. There will be no odor or sweating inside. The top is attached to the rubber outsole that features special grooves designed for abrasion-resistant. Moreover, it is skid resistant to ensure safety for the player. Proper gripping keeps the bodyweight balance and ensure more speed.

There is a common scenario for most of the table tennis shoes which is the collision of the toe. To give you comfort from the collision, it features an anti-collision toe cap for comfort during walking, running, and other activities. There is an extra layer of reinforceWoment inside in the toe area for a longer life of the shoe.



#3. KELME Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes

When you are not in the professional table tennis, you can choose something budget-friendly. Though most of the time it is almost impossible to have the best shoes with a low-budget, this KELME Star 360 is something different. The shoe pair is mainly designed for men and most common in futsal players. As you will have to move frequently when playing table tennis, this shoe pair could be a good pick.

The whole construction of the shoe is made of leather and rubber. The combination of these two materials has made it extremely strong that you can use it in all conditions. The top is constructed with leather and it does have a good ventilation system. You can comfortably complete a game with this pair without getting hot feet. The inside of the shoe is also comfortable for the players. It features a comfortable insole that provides good support for flexibility. Also, moving frequently won’t be an issue with it.

The overall support from the KELME Star 360 is good. You can use them for regular game playing. It doesn’t require much care. Besides a comfortable wearing, it ensures the safety for the players. Especially when you are on a flat surface, the rubber sole will prevent skidding to avoid a muscle strain.



#4. JOOLA Court Ping Pong Shoe

When you are a beginner in table tennis, you may sacrifice several things in a new pair of shoes. But for professionals, it is mandatory to ensure that the selected shoe comes with all the essential features. For intermediate and professional level ping pong players, JOOLA court would be a great selection of shoes that come with a good look. Unlike some conventional table tennis (TT) shoes, it has a stunning look.

This is one of the best shoes for table tennis that comes with modern features. Especially, for flexibility, this shoe is engineered with a comfortable outer sole. It provides full support when you are moving in different directions. No matter which kind of shorts do you want to play, you would be comfortable with it for sure. The sole can grip tightly in the ground that there is a very less chance of skidding or getting injured with it. On the upper, it features comfortable textiles. Moreover, the mesh design ensures proper ventilation.

Customers who purchased the shoe pair mostly liked it because of comfortable wearing. Your feet will be comfortable. The insole provides shock-absorption when you are jumping or returning a hard serve. The good thing is, all these features you will get with a little spending. It is not expensive but will support like an expensive ping pong shoe pair.



#5. NIKE Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoes

When it is about sports shoes, nothing can challenge the most popular brand Nike. They always ensure the very best quality for each of the shoes they make. If really want to grab a good table tennis shoe from Nike, I would recommend picking this pair. It may seem something impossible as they are offering a low price for it. Though it is mainly constructed for tennis, you can also have a good performance in the table tennis game.

The top of the shoe is constructed with leather and synthetic that ensures bot comfort and durability. Instead of the mesh on top, this features a mesh tongue. This has more area than typical shoes for sports. So, you will have enough ventilation for your feet. Even when you are continuously wearing this shoe, you won’t feel bad. The synthetic and leather upper is attached with a rubber sole. The benefit of this rubber sole is, it will keep your balance. Which means you will never slip on the ground. It keeps the feet flexible so that you can conveniently move for a variety of shorts.

Inside the shoe, feature s a Phylon midsole that provides a comfortable cushioning and makes it lightweight. There extra layer of the toe area keeps your feet protected from abrasion. With great comfort and the best materials, this shoe provides the best performance and lasts longer than regular sports shoes.



#6. adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

If someone makes a list of top sports brands, there is no doubt that Adidas will be on the list. This became possible because of their quality and comfort. If you would like to have a topnotch shoe pair for regular usages in TT, I would suggest going for this item. This shoe is versatile which means you can wear them for a wide range of sports including ping pong. It is particularly engineered for indoor games. So, you can expect to have all the support that requires any indoor game.

Adidas keeps this pair classic and features the three straps branding on it. If you are a brand freak like me, you would like this for sure. The top is designed with leather and it is durable. The outsole is constructed with rubber for both flexibility and durability. Shaft measures in this pair approximately 0 to 3 inches.

For added comfort, there is EVA insole. This will give comfort to your feet. The best feature of this table tennis shoe is its abrasion resistance. If you are a very aggressive TT player, you know that how does it feel when you moving too fast. The abrasion resistance keeps your feet safe during the movement.



#7. ASICS Men’s Gel-Rocket 8 Volleyball Shoe

When you are choosing a new shoe pair, it is a big question about what do you prefer most. If you are not in professional game and comfort is the priority, you can pick this one from ASICS. This shoe pair is for men and comes with a comfortable structure. Though it is named as a volleyball shoe, you will get the full benefit for table tennis too.

As I mentioned, this one is recommended for comfort, the reason is its breathability. While typical sports shoe doesn’t give importance on ventilation, this one is different. It comes with a mesh upper which is constructed with synthetic. It passes air and keeps inside dry and cool. For a longer period of gaming, you will get the benefit. The sole is just perfect for gripping on the ground. You will never skid on the ground and get the full traction for improved performance.

Inside the shoe, there is a gel cushioning. If you ever used this cushioning, you know that how does it feel during the game. You will be so happy in the game with it.