Top 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Boards in 2023

I like having the best of everything. I mean, who doesn’t? I believed that I owned the best puzzle table and even bought the best puzzle glue to give my work an artistic look. But I realized it was not enough for me because I’m looking for something a little more lightweight and easier to play with anywhere, including my bed, dining, or coffee table.

So my next mission became finding the best puzzle board. And once my puzzle-obsessed buddies and I started our research, we found a lot of options. And today, we will tell you everything you need to know about puzzle boards.

Best Selling Puzzle Board

10 Best Puzzle Board Reviews

You don’t want to spend all your time just looking for puzzle boards for days like we did. It was not easy to find the top-notch and well-performing boards out of so many.

But the good news is we have found 10 such puzzle boards after spending hours going through them. And our today’s reviews are about ten such best jigsaw puzzle boards.

1. Puzzle Ready Puzzle Board with Drawers and Cover

Puzzle Ready Puzzle board is an affordable option for anyone. This puzzle board comes in two different capacities, has sturdy material and a felt-top that won’t let your puzzle pieces slip. It has colorful slide drawers to hold all your puzzle pieces. So if you like keeping puzzle pieces organized, this board is suitable for you.


This puzzle board has a standard design. The rectangular board is suitable for any puzzle shape. There are four drawers for the players to store all the puzzle pieces. We liked the framing around the board surface that is to keep the puzzle pieces in.


Puzzle Ready offers two different puzzle board sizes for the users. You can choose from the 1000-piece and the 1500-piece capacity options based on your choice. The price will vary depending on which model you choose.


The puzzle board does not require any assembling task. You simply take off the cover when you want to play and put it back on after finishing.

Ease Of Use

The drawers have small knobs that help you open and close the drawers. Its four drawers have four different colors, which help you organize the puzzle pieces and help you remember where you have put them. However, the board’s quality is less sturdy than expected, and opening and closing the drawers can sometimes be tricky.


  • The felt-top help the puzzle stay in its place
  • The colorful drawers help keep the puzzle pieces organized
  • Comes with a cover to keep the puzzle safe and from losing pieces


  • The board quality could have been a little better
  • Difficulty in sliding the drawers in and out

2. Becko Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Becko Jigsaw Puzzle Board is one of the excellent puzzle accessories manufacturers. This board is extremely lightweight and suitable for storing anywhere. It is a two-sided puzzle board and perfect for users of any age.

Two-Sided Board

The Becko Puzzle Board has two non-slip surfaces. The playing surface is made of high-quality flannelette. This material helps increase friction, which prevents the puzzle pieces from slipping. The other side is made of terylene, which is pretty durable.


This is one of those puzzle boards that easily become a part of your life. The design and the outlook is versatile and does not look like you are playing with a mess even if you lay it in a corner. The non-slip surface of this board will allow you to prop it on an easel. Unfortunately, the board neither comes with an easel nor with a cover.

Safety And Storage

Since this puzzle board does not come with a cover, protecting the puzzle can seem a bit challenging. You need to pay a little more attention when you store it. However, the flat design helps you store it under your bed or the couch to keep it away from others.


This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle board is very lightweight compared to wooden boards. It weighs only 1.06kg. It means even the kids in your house can carry it around easily. Talking about kids, the board is suitable for any user, including kids.


  • Budget-friendly price
  • Non-slip surface prevents puzzle pieces from falling even when the board is propped up
  • Very lightweight and user-friendly


  • Does not come with a cover
  • Picking or moving puzzle pieces can be tricky

3. Jumbl Spinner Puzzle Board

If you are playing a puzzle on a large board, you may need to move now and then to place or fix the pieces. Okay, we didn’t mean to trigger your procrastinating self, but we have found the right puzzle board for you. The Jumbl Spinner Puzzle Board is large enough for solving big puzzles, provides 360-degree rotation, and is ready to last a long time.

Spinning Board

As we have been saying, procrastinators or lazy people love this board as it has a spinning feature. You can rotate it 360 degrees to catch up with any part of your puzzle. This feature is also very handy for older people or people with limited movements.


The entire board surface will allow you to play a 1500-piece puzzle. So it is suitable for small to medium puzzle players. You can start from around the edges of the board, and the puzzle pieces will stay in place as the board has wooden fences around it.


This Jumbl jigsaw puzzle board is made of wood and fiberboard. It has a smooth plateau fiberboard surface for you to work on. And the board also contains reinforced hardwood. The construction makes it easy to use for a good amount of time.


The flat design of this board makes it easy to store anywhere. When you have a puzzle on it, you can tuck it away under your couch. And if the board is empty, you can store it in any narrow corner.


  • Ideal for playing medium puzzles
  • The construction is excellent and long-lasting
  • Keeps all the puzzle pieces together and prevents slipping


  • Comparatively heavy
  • Does not come with any storage drawer or cover

4. Ravensburger Puzzle Storage

Now, how about a removable puzzle board with a different puzzle-piece storage system? The Ravensburger puzzle storage comes with both a puzzle board and a puzzle piece storage section. The best part is that you carry it with you anywhere.


This entire thing is a case of two parts. One part holds a cardboard puzzle board, and the other has five storage cases for puzzle pieces. The entire design is done to enjoy a more organized puzzle game.


We liked the puzzle piece storage system. You get five compartments of various sizes to store all the loose puzzle pieces. Once you are done playing, you can put the board on the storage area as a cover and close the case. In this way, all the pieces and your puzzle will stay safe.


The removable puzzle board measures 28″ x 20″, making it suitable for a 1000-piece puzzle. We understand that the capacity is not for large puzzle players. But if you enjoy playing with small puzzles from time to time, this Ravensburger puzzle storage is a good option.


The storage case comes with two strap handles. If you want to move the case, you only need to close it to carry anywhere you want.


  • Multiple storage compartments prevent puzzle pieces from mixing
  • Easy to store and carry
  • The case prevents the puzzle pieces from falling


  • You need to shut all sides properly to ensure pieces don’t fall off
  • The material is not very durable

5. Bits and Pieces – The Original Jumbo 1500 pc Wooden Puzzle Plateau

Bits and Pieces are well-known when it comes to the best puzzle accessories. They are also known for making the best puzzle board. And this puzzle plateau is no exception. It is made of durable wood, has a wide design, and comes with several storage drawers.


You can’t help but notice the classy color and design the board has. The working surface is flat and smooth, and the plateau has four removable drawers. The surface has integrated edging on two sides to keep the puzzle safe in its place.


The puzzle plateau is made of solid wood. It is sealed with a lacquer finish, which is beneficial to prevent warping. However, it is advisable not to expect the wood tone you see in the provided pictures because it can vary.

Size And Capacity

This Jambo size puzzle plateau has a 26″ x 34″ working surface. It is perfect for fitting a 1500-piece puzzle. The drawers are also wide and have enough depth to hold all the puzzle pieces.

Ease Of Use

The surface is not slippery and perfect for keeping the puzzle in place. The drawers are removable, and you can store puzzle pieces according to your preference. The drawer knobs make it easier to open and close them. Unfortunately, the plateau does not come with a cover like the Bits and Pieces puzzle tables.


  • Versatile design and smooth working surface
  • Four removable drawers help keep the puzzle pieces safe and organized
  • The solid wood plateau is very durable


  • Does not come with a cover
  • A few customers received warped plateau

6. Lavievert Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Don’t forget to check out the Lavievert Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Board if you prefer simple puzzle boards. It is a study, has a non-slip working surface, and is suitable for small to medium puzzles. You can prop the board with an easel, and it will still keep the puzzle in its place. We have liked this puzzle board for its overall performance.


The board is made of processed fiberboard. Then there is a flannelette layer on top of it. The combination makes the board sturdy, durable and prevents it from breaking easily. But it is best not to put a lot of weight on the board.

Size And Capacity

This puzzle board measures 30.1 × 20.3 inches. The size is neither too small nor too wide. It is suitable for fitting a 1000-piece puzzle pretty easily. As many people prefer playing mid-size puzzles, the size will not be an issue.


The board does not take up a lot of storage space, no matter where you put it. You can slide it under your bed or even your couch without any problem.


The overall performance of this puzzle board is pretty satisfying. It may not have one of the best puzzle frames, but it has a non-slip working surface that holds the puzzle in place even if you set it in an easel. But no, it does not come with an easel or stand.


  • Propping feature prevent fatigue or neck and eye discomfort
  • The non-slip working surface keeps the puzzle together
  • Easy to lift and store


  • The printed logo in the middle of the board is distracting
  • Does not come with a cover

7. Jigthings – Jigboard 2000 – Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Jigthings puzzle accessories are always satisfying to watch and use. The same goes for the Jigboard 2000 jigsaw puzzle board. This model accommodates 2000 puzzle pieces, making it one of the largest boards. Though it is an expensive puzzle board, it is very user-friendly, has a fabric cover, and is lightweight enough.


Two materials have been used in this puzzle board. One is plastic, and another is fabric. The plastic board is used as a working surface while users can cover the puzzle with the fabric part. It is not a very durable board, but it lasts a long time if you take care of it.


This Jigboard is one of the largest puzzle boards available. I mean, look at its massive size, and you can easily tell. A 2000-piece puzzle can easily fit into it.

Ease Of Use

The board is very easy to use, and many users like it for convenience. You can use either the plastic or the fabric part as your choice. If you are using the plastic board, the fabric will help you cover the puzzle and protect it. On the other hand, if you use the fabric as a working surface, the board can become storage for puzzle pieces.

Durability And Value

The plastic material makes the board less durable than wooden ones. But if you want something lightweight to carry around, it is a suitable option. Another downside of this board is that it is comparatively expensive.


  • Two materials provide two working surfaces
  • The fabric cover protects the puzzle pieces
  • Has a large working surface and is very lightweight


  • The price is comparatively high
  • The material is not very durable

8. ALL4JIG 1500PCS Rotating Jigsaw Puzzle Board

Reviewing this jigsaw puzzle board was pretty fun, and let us tell you why. This All4Jig puzzle board is as good as any other top-notch brand. But what we loved more was its smooth surface, lazy Susan spinning system, and four storage drawers. And what impressed us even more was its transparent cover which has extra features of its own.


This board has a rectangular working surface with fences around the edges. It also has four drawers for puzzle-piece storage. The board’s design may seem nothing out of the ordinary, but the wooden color makes the design stand out even in a room full of mess.


The entire board and its drawers are made of solid hardwood. Thus, the board is eco-friendly and very durable. The plastic lazy Suzan provides 360-degree rotation and allows you to work from any angle.

Transparent Cover

The best part was the transparent cover the board comes with. Other than protecting the puzzle pieces from falling or getting lost, you get to see the puzzle, which allows you to keep an eye on it. Moreover, the cover is water and dust-proof.


All four drawers have a magnetic system for users’ ease of use and safety. The magnets ensure the drawers remain close when you are not using them. Besides, the drawers are entirely removable, and you can sort the puzzle pieces based on their colors and borders.


  • Aesthetic design and user-friendly
  • The transparent cover provides more visibility and keeps the puzzle safe
  • Made of eco-friendly, durable hardwood


  • Some customers had damage issues during shipment
  • Sometimes drawers tend to come off if you tilt the board.

9. Kerrogee Wooden Puzzle Board

Kerrogee Wooden Puzzle Board is something you won’t see very commonly. But it is one of those puzzle boards that are less famous but more high-performing. It comes in two different sizes, which allow you to choose based on your choice. The wooden working surface is smooth enough to move puzzle pieces easily, and the price is budget-friendly.


This wooden board is pretty solid and durable. You will find four removable drawers with enough space to store all your puzzle pieces. The board comes in two different sizes to fit 1000-piece and 1,500-piece puzzles. The price will vary a little based on which size you choose.

Work Surface

The perk of having a solid wooden surface is that they are durable and suitable for playing both indoor and outdoor. The surface is smooth enough to allow you to glide the puzzle pieces around the board.

Space Saver

Since the board is medium-sized, it is already compact enough for small spaces. On top of that, all of its drawers are removable. So if you don’t want the drawers to claim more areas around the board, you can simply remove them and keep them somewhere else.

Non-Slip Board And Drawers

There is rubber padding underneath each corner of the board. So it will not slip or move unexpectedly no matter where you place it. The drawers also have magnets to prevent sliding off. This feature also works as a safety system to keep the puzzle pieces inside.


  • The price is budget-friendly
  • Safety padding and magnetic drawers keep the puzzle safe
  • Suitable to place on any surface


  • It is a little heavy
  • Gets overloaded if the puzzle contains large pieces

10. Jumbl 1000-Piece Puzzle Board

If you are a fan of Jumbl puzzle boards but want a compact model, here is another Jumbl puzzle board for you. While our previously reviewed board was for a 1500-piece puzzle with no drawers, this model is the exact opposite. This wooden board accommodates a 1500-piece puzzle and comes with four wide drawers.


The board is made of a blend of hardwood and fiberwood. The reinforced construction is durable, and the board has a smooth finish. Its drawers are also made of the same wood to ensure more stability.

Removable Drawers

All four drawers are removable and wide enough to store all the puzzle pieces. You can sort your puzzle pieces however it seems convenient to you. The cutout handle allows you to pull the drawer easily. Moreover, all the drawers have magnetic closure to keep them entirely shut.

Non-Slip Feet

This board does not have legs, but it does have feet to keep it stable. These are non-slip feet underneath the board to make sure it does not slip or move. We liked this feature because it is useful for those of us who are a little clumsy.


There is nothing to dislike about the board’s design. It is flat and thick enough to play comfortably. The color tone of the board is made of natural wood, and it brings an elegant vibe anywhere you keep it.


  • Classy design with an eye-catching color tone
  • Easy to use and suitable for storing anywhere
  • The working surface is smooth enough


  • Has rail only on two sides
  • Does not come with a cover

Best Puzzle Board – Buyers Guide

Many puzzle boards will look pretty similar. A newbie will hardly be able to tell the difference between the best and low-quality models. High-quality puzzle board models will always come with a versatile design and durable material.

Moreover, they allow you to play puzzles of various sizes and are easily portable. But that’s not all you should look for in a puzzle board. Take a look at this buyer’s guide to learn more about it.


You will find puzzle boards of various designs from the same brand. The design you choose should be based on your convenience. While most puzzle boards come in a square or rectangular shape, some come with round or other unique shapes.

You also need to pay attention to the board’s foldability. Not all puzzle boards are designed to be foldable. Some of them come with cover plates as well. It is best to choose a design that is easy to carry and store.


We believe capacity is an essential feature you need to keep an eye on. Jigsaw puzzle board comes in different sizes and allows you to play medium to large puzzles.

Going for a little larger size is always better because you never know when you want to mess around with larger puzzles. But if you want a compact size, it would be best to go for a board with a 1000-piece puzzle capacity.


The surface plays a huge part in holding or not holding the puzzle pieces together. Generally, the puzzle boards are made of wood because they are sturdy and durable.

We recommend choosing a board with a non-sleep surface. It allows you to keep the puzzle pieces together even when you store away the board. But if you are too worried about the surface, we suggest you get the best puzzle mat and spread it over the board.


The material of the board matters because you are going to spend hours and days with it. That’s why it is best to aim for durable and high-quality materials. Besides, if you store the board in random places, it will be less prone to rust and damage if the material is high-grade.

You need to look for wooden puzzle boards as they are the most reliable. The surface should be felt-top as it ensures the safety of your puzzle. If the board contains drawers, having corrosion-resistant metal locks is a plus.


Puzzle boards are less heavy than puzzle tables. That’s one of the reasons why many of us like it. But the board itself can indeed be pretty heavy sometimes.

While durable and robust wood can be responsible for the heavyweight, it is still important to look for lightweight options. If you use a puzzle board, you probably want to carry it around the house. So it would be best to choose from the lightweight options.

Easy To Move

Portability is a cool feature for any puzzle board or table. No one wants to play something in the same place all the time. Also, you definitely want something a little more comfortable.

That’s why most of these boards come with a cover and a handle. The cover helps you keep the puzzle-on-process, and its pieces remain safe even if you move it. And the handle allows you to carry it anywhere you want, including outdoors.

Value For Money

Is the money you are going to spend after the board worth it? It isn’t easy to answer because sometimes you don’t know unless you use it.

You can look at our reviews and know which puzzle board comes with the value for money. The pros and cons will help you weigh your options.

There are plenty of quality products from low to high budget. So instead of going with whatever floats your boat, you can choose what will float your boat.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are the best way to learn about the product you want to purchase. Most customers, especially many online buyers, often leave feedback regarding their purchased items’ experience, likes, and dislikes.

To learn more about it, you can go through customer reviews of the puzzle board you intend to buy. Amazon is an excellent platform to find more reviews and learn different things about any product.

Final Verdict

There is nothing wrong with wanting the best puzzle board to make the puzzle game comfortable and fun. That’s how we ended up with such a long list of puzzle boards, as there were so many options to choose from.

You can compare through our reviews, pros, and cons. But if our list is confusing you, you can follow our buyer’s guide to know what you should look into to find the right board.

Other than the material and design, you need to look for a model that will ensure your comfort. You don’t want to spend hours of gaming only to end up with back and neck pain.

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