Top 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Mat In 2023

Many of us love solving puzzles to stay stress-free and concentrated. But it’s not always possible to go through a really big puzzle all at once. And when that happens, a premium quality puzzle mat can really come in handy.

As such, today’s article is going to be all about the best Jigsaw puzzle mat reviews. Among these ten, the Marbs Puzzle Mat stands out as the top choice in terms of both practicality and quality.

You can readily go for the top choice if you’re in that much of a hurry. But if not, I’d highly suggest going through all ten reviews to thoroughly understand the products.

Best Puzzle Mat: Comparison Table

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Reviews

Fun fact – not everyone knows that they even need a puzzle mat until they come across one. And once they see how it makes their life so much easier, there’s no going back.

However, it’s hard to find a decent puzzle mat right away if you’re not experienced enough. Hopefully, my hours of research on finding the best puzzle mat roll-ups will help you to overcome such obstacles.

1. # Marbs Puzzle Mat Roll Up with Guiding Lines

Whether it’s ease-of-use or special features, the Marbs Puzzle Mat pulls ahead of all other mats in similar categories. And that’s why it’s rightfully the top choice in today’s list of best puzzle mat reviews. Premium-quality design paired with incredible accessories – you literally cannot go wrong with that combo.

Optimal Time Management

It takes less than 30 seconds to fully roll out this puzzle mat since everything’s ready to go. So, when you’re in a hurry to pack up the full puzzle, this little feature comes in super handy.

Plus, you won’t need to inflate the mat in advance, unlike other puzzle mats. Needless to say, that lessens the rollout time even further.

Improved Security

There’s no point in getting an expensive puzzle mat if it can’t even hold the puzzle pieces properly. As such, Marbs comes with 3 enhanced fastening straps to eradicate the chances of inappropriate handling.

The straps not only help with security but also help to improve the rolling movement. And they’re included within the package, so you won’t have to purchase anything separately.

All-In-One Package

In addition to the three fastening straps, the puzzle mat comes with guiding lines, foam poles, and a sorting tray.

The guiding lines help with the initial placement, while the foam poles ensure stability and precision in that placement. Furthermore, customers will also avail a storage bag with appropriate labeling to keep track of everything at once.


  • Easy to place, use, and store
  • Great for 500-1500 piece puzzles
  • Foam poles do not require inflation


  • Doesn’t have a great synergy with hard floors
  • Requires a lot of pressure sometimes

2. # Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat

Looking for the best portable jigsaw puzzle table that also has a reputation for being not as wasteful? You might want to check out the Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat then. It’s manufactured from environment-friendly materials, which is a huge plus in this century.

Anti-Leaking Design

The tubes of the Lavievert jigsaw puzzle mat feature a unique anti-leaking design. It allows the mat to last longer than usual mats by introducing an anti-leaking slit in the tubes.

But that also means – you’ll have to physically inflate the tubes before using the mat. And while that may seem like a demotion from the previous one, it’s actually not. The time taken to inflate is more than well compensated by the unique design that restricts any type of leaking.

Non-Slip Felt Mat

Lavievert ensures functionality over anything else in all their products. The puzzle mat can house up to 1500 pieces in one sitting. And that’s a lot of puzzle pieces to manage at a time.

Fortunately, the non-slip felt design makes sure that the mat’s always in its place. It also removes the creases as much as possible. The black-colored mat keeps still in solidarity while you figure out how to best solve the puzzles.

Ease Of Use

Other than the inflation during storage, there are virtually no other technicalities with this mat. You’ll just have to spread the mat like a normal table mat on the ground or the table. And that’s about it. No other extra servicing or anything.

However, do make sure that the ground you’re placing it on is fully flat. Plus, get rid of any bumps in the mat before putting the puzzle pieces in it. That way, you’ll have a much easier time rolling it back up when you’re done.


  • Unique anti-leaking tubes
  • Sleek black colored design
  • Made from environment-friendly materials


  • Requires an additional hand pump for inflation
  • Comes with only two elastic bands

3. # Puzzle Mat Roll Up, Store and Transport Puzzles

Next up, time to talk about the best puzzle table that actually does include a hand pump. The Transport Puzzle Inflatable is a folding and sorting puzzle mat. It’s designed to hold up to 1500 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in one sitting.

Easy Classification

Sometimes, people can lose track of the puzzle, even with a puzzle mat. Especially when the puzzle’s made up of so many pieces. Fortunately, the Transport Puzzle Inflatable Folding Mat has a unique way of dealing with problems like that.

The puzzle mat package comes with 4 different colors of sorting trays. Hence, it’s easier to classify the pieces immediately. The color-wise classification also helps the young players with proper placement and consequent adhesion.

Saves Storage Space

If you need a large enough space to store the puzzle mat, it defeats its whole purpose. Again, trying to cram it into a small cupboard might mess with the puzzle placement. And that’s not something you should want either.

You’ll receive a long-term storage bag with the Transport Inflatable Puzzle Mat. It’ll help to keep the pieces in a compact enough space without putting too much pressure on them. Furthermore, you can also carry this bag around like a backpack if you’re traveling somewhere.

Bonus Mini Pump

Even the top-of-the-line puzzle mats fail to include a much-needed hand pump sometimes. But the Transport Inflatable Folding Puzzle Mat isn’t one of them. It includes a bonus mini pump within the sorting package that you can use to readily inflate the inflatable tubes.


  • Colorful sorting procedure
  • Includes a felt puzzle pad
  • Enables compact storage and handling


  • Needs more sorting trays as advertised
  • Contains some slippage issues

4. # Becko Puzzle Mat Roll Up Puzzle Mats

Looking for a suitable puzzle mat alternative to the Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat one? You should check out the Becko Puzzle Mat then since it features similar attributes and requirements.

Anti-Leaking Slit

Like the Lavievert one, the Becko Puzzle Mat also comes with an anti-leaking slit for long-term sustainability. It helps the inflatable tubes not leak air unless it’s been decompressed further.

However, the inflation procedure itself is a little too technical. The instructions promptly suggest manual inflation by blowing in the air. Whereas a hand pump is generally more useful and acts per the anti-leaking design.

Enhanced Elasticity

Normally, you’ll hear about at least three elastic bands in all puzzle mat reviews. They help to keep the inflating tube stable and thus, keeps the puzzle pieces in their suitable place.

But the Becko Puzzle Mat comes with only two elastic bands in this case. Since they have enhanced elasticity, it hardly impacts the overall performance. By tightening both ends equally, they achieve both firmness and stabilization.

Additional Features

It’s the little things that count the most at the end of the day.

In addition to the usual tubes and the bands, the Becko offers some additional items as well. Such as – the distinguished card slots. You can use this card slot to identify your mat if you live somewhere with many people, like a hostel.

There’s also a hanging rope within the package. If you lack proper storage space, you can use this rope to hang the puzzle mat up on the wall.


  • Non-woven drawstring storage bag
  • Special anti-leaking tube design
  • Large storage capacity (up to 1500 pieces)


  • Has issues with connection slippage
  • Hard to move pieces around within the mat

5. # Jurnwey Jigsaw Mat Felt Puzzle

Speaking of large puzzles, sometimes you can’t help but go a little overboard with them. Thankfully, the Jurnwey Puzzle Mat can satisfy your needs to a certain extent. It can hold up to 2000 pieces at a time, as in 500 higher than the previous puzzle mat reviews.

Quality Material

The material is the primary selling point of a puzzle mat roll-up. If it’s synthetic, it might slip while transitioning. And if it’s fully natural, i.e., biodegradable, it might not have as much longevity in the long run.

The Jurnwey Jigsaw Puzzle Mat is manufactured from premium-grade felt material. It’s both soft and warm. Additionally, the thickness helps it to last for a long time.

Universal Design

The Jurnwey Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Up Mat enables solving puzzles in different shapes, sizes, and conditions. As a result, it’s widely suitable for more or less all types of puzzles.

The mat itself scales lines in both circle and square shapes. As long as you’re clever about the placement, the mat can handle pieces of different shapes and forms.

Drawstring Storage Package

The puzzle mat comes with a drawstring-styled storage bag, among many other accessories. You can use this storage bag to suitably carry the mat and the accessories anywhere.

And since it’s compact and lightweight, you shouldn’t feel any extra pressure on your backbone either. Unless you have any pre-existing back problems, that is.


  • Three separate fixing bands
  • Favorable color contrast
  • Large capacity


  • Requires ironing to remove creases
  • Not great for wooden puzzles

6. # Newverest Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll Up

Next up on the list for the best puzzle mat roll-ups, let’s talk about the polyester mat from Newverest. As mentioned, it’s got a polyester top with a rubber bottom for both flexibility and enhanced portability.

Non-Slip Bottom

If you’re tired of all the slippage issues, then you should try out the Newverest jigsaw mat. It’s got a rubber bottom that provides a non-slip interface for better stability.

Furthermore, the rubber bottom is also waterproof. So, you shouldn’t technically face any issues even when the humidity is high.

Convenient Guidance

Unlike other sloppy puzzle mats, this one comes with specific perimeter lines. Now, the perimeter lines do not have a direct influence on the overall functionality.

But that can help to guide you when you’re having trouble placing the puzzle pieces. Just follow the lines to form a fully straight and upright puzzle, no matter how big it is

Smooth Fabric Top

While felt is definitely a nicer material, not many find it fully comfortable. If you, too, face similar issues continuously, then you should get a polyester puzzle mat instead.

The polyester fabric top is both smooth and flexible. As a result, you can easily move around the pieces without any hesitation.


  • Easy clean-up
  • Smooth fabric
  • Highly bendable


  • Not machine washable
  • Sizing info is a bit complicated

7. # Nessie’s Playground Large Puzzle Roll Up Mat

If you’re looking for the best puzzle table with a modern twist, Nessie’s Playground can help you out with that. Their large puzzle roll-up mat has an improved design, and it’s lately been the center of attraction for many.

Sturdy Inflatable Tubes

Previously, puzzle mats used to come with cardboard boxes instead of inflated tubes. In fact, some cheap and outdated ones still do.

Thankfully, Nessie’s Playground has moved on to the next best thing, i.e., the inflatable tubes. They’re a great help in keeping the mat stable. As a result, you’ll find the puzzle pieces as they were even after a really long journey.

Easy Visibility

The mat’s fully black. As such, it’s perfect for large puzzles since there are no additional distractions.

The color contrast also helps you to focus when you’re facing a difficult puzzle. Unless it’s a puzzle that’s prominently black in color, if that’s the case, this mat might just not work out.

Decent Capacity

The Nessie’s Playground Large Puzzle Roll Up Mat can hold up to 1500 pieces. And that’s a decent enough capacity for average consumers.

The mat itself is 46×26 inches in size. In addition to securing up to 1500 pieces, it doesn’t need much space for storage. Win-win situation.


  • Lightweight construction
  • Premium felt material
  • Works with standard pumps


  • Hand pumps aren’t included
  • Needs additional ironing

8. # Lavievert Jigsaw Storage Package Jigroll

Lavievert makes yet another appearance in the list of the best puzzle mat reviews. And this time, they’re back with Jigsaw Storage Package Jigroll Puzzle Mat. The roll packing feature alone makes this mat a worthy investment.

Lack Of Creases

As mentioned just a while ago, the roll packing feature is truly a game-changer. Like many of us, Lavievert, too, is tired of all the bumps and turns during puzzle solving hours. And that’s why they decided to come up with a really clever solution to tackle the situation.

The mat itself comes in a long box in a rolled-up position. Since the mat always stays flat on the surface, it hardly develops any creases. In consequence, you don’t have to waste your precious time getting rid of those creases.

Anti-leaking Design

As you may remember from the previous Lavievert Puzzle Mat, they’re quite famous for the anti-leaking mechanism.

And this one’s no different either. The Jigroll package is equipped with an exclusive anti-leaking slit for enhanced performance. It also improves the overall lifespan of the inflatable tubes in the long run.

Card Slots

In addition to the usual accessories, the puzzle comes with a non-woven storage bag. The bag has a special card slot that can come in handy if you have multiple puzzle mats.

You can write your name on a card and keep it inside the slot. That way, it’ll be easier to identify your particular bag in the puzzle camp.


  • Premium-grade materials
  • Decent accessories
  • Drawstring storage bag


  • Only two elastic bands
  • Way overpriced

9. # Piece Movement Jigsaw Puzzle Mat

As we go down the list, time to take a look at some of the compact puzzle mats. After all, not everyone plays with puzzles that take days, if not months, to solve.

Smooth Surface

A smooth surface is simultaneously a curse and a blessing when it comes to puzzle mats. Because if you’re prioritizing smoothness, you might ultimately slip more and more in the long run.

So, it’s important to balance out the smoothness appropriately. The felt Piece Movement mat ensures less slippage and more smoothness while it’s on the floor. Unless you’re actively pushing it away, it’ll hold its ground firmly.

Complimentary Sorting Trays

The Piece Movement Jigsaw Puzzle Mat comes with not one, not two, but four sorting trays. When you’re dealing with a complicated puzzle, you can readily use these trays to divide and conquer the puzzle.

Plus, the color contrast helps so that you don’t mix up the pieces. And the trays are fully complimentary. You’ll find them within the package itself alongside the usual accessories.

Complimentary Handheld Pump

How annoying is it when you need to inflate the foam tubes, and there’s no pump? Most puzzle mats don’t include a much-needed pump.

Fortunately, the Piece Movement is not one of them. In addition to the sorting trays, the package comes with a handheld pump as well. As a result, you don’t have to run to the store just to get an extra pump for the mat.


  • Helpful accessories
  • Great for small puzzles
  • Doesn’t need as much storage space


  • Needs ironing regularly
  • Complicated instructions

10. # Genovega Jigsaw Puzzle Mat Roll-Up

Lastly, let’s end today’s list with the Genovega Roll Mat – a mat that can conquer 2000 pieces. Undoubtedly, that’s the primary selling point of this specific puzzle mat.

Multiple Closer Types

The closer types play an important role in determining the overall security of the pieces during transportation. Also, people sometimes feel comfortable with a certain closing type.

The Genovega Roll Up Mat offers both hook and loop and tie system of closing. Although the hook and loop one’s more popular, the tie system is more time-friendly.

Effective Frame Lines

The frame lines were actually an added feature to this puzzle mat after significant market research. They make the procedure easier and faster, especially for kids and teenagers.

By following the frame lines, you can effectively place the puzzle pieces without shape distortion. It also helps to retain the shape during transportation.

Various Sizes

The Genovega Jigsaw Puzzle Mat comes in three different sizes according to the manufacturers.

While the 1000-piece one is the most popular one, they also have a 2000-piece one. And if even that seems low, you should definitely check out the alleged 3000-piece one.


  • Available in three different sizes
  • Includes a hand pump
  • Adjustable velcro straps for security


  • Low-quality pump
  • Plastic tubes lack stability

Best Puzzle Mat – Buyer’s Guide

The best puzzle mat reviews can only tell you so much. At the end of the day, you need to have some basic understanding of the puzzle mat itself. That way, you can make an informed decision fully on your own before purchasing.

So, let’s take a look at some of the important buying factors of a pristine quality puzzle mat.


The design is the first thing you’ll notice in a puzzle mat. But with a puzzle mat, the design itself is nothing too concerning of a factor. It’s just a placeholder for the puzzle pieces, after all.

That’s why most puzzle mats are fully black in appearance. It’s the best design as well since you get to fully concentrate on the puzzle pieces that way. However, it’s possible to find colorful designs too if you really want to.


On average, puzzle mats should come with a capacity of at least 1000 pieces, if not higher. Most puzzle mats in today’s top list could store up to 1500 pieces, which is adequate enough.

Again, if you love big puzzles, the Genovega and Jurnwey puzzle mats can offer up to 2000. Depending on your needs and storage space, you can choose accordingly.


As for material, you should choose what makes you comfortable. From a general point of view, it’s best to go with biodegradable materials since they’re reasonably environment-friendly.


The material directly determines the longevity of a puzzle mat. In such cases, you should always go for felt puzzle mats. Felt is manufactured from animal fur like wool.

As a result, it’s not only natural but also really durable due to its sturdy build. And since it’s super thick, the mat takes a long time to suffer any deadly blow to the infrastructure.


You should prioritize portability if you travel a lot with your puzzles. In addition to the durability of the mat, you should be looking into the longevity of the storage bag too.

Plus, it helps if the bag has a drawstring design. That way, you can carry it like a backpack without having to worry about tucking it in.


A general rule of thumb – the mat’s not worth the money if it takes a long time to become useful. Even with inflatable tubes, it shouldn’t take longer than 3-5 minutes for a thorough installation.


The better the brand, the better the products. Everyone knows that. So, go for the puzzle mats that come from a more well-known brand. There are fewer chances of getting deceived that way. After all, they must be doing something right to become so popular among the customers in the first place.

Price vs. Quality Ratio

High price doesn’t always equate to premium quality. Hence, don’t blindly trust the price range right away. Take your time to thoroughly check out the specifications to determine the actual quality of the puzzle mat.

Customer Reviews

Lastly, you should never skip out on the customer reviews. They’re the most trustworthy way to determine the real worth of a product.

Thus, check to see what your fellow consumers had to say about the mat. If the consensus doesn’t seem favorable enough, cut your losses then and there. As in, remove the mat from your list and move on to the next candidate.

Frequently Asked Questions

So far, you have learned all about the best jigsaw puzzle roll-up mats and their buying guides. It’s now time to answer some frequently asked questions about the best puzzle mats.

Q: What Is A Puzzle Mat?

A puzzle mat is essentially a guiding tool that helps to keep your unfinished puzzle intact. When you’re working on a large puzzle, it’s not always possible to finish it in time.

In such cases, you can use a puzzle mat to keep the scattered pieces secure. Additionally, by placing the unfinished puzzle, you can keep it intact for several days, if not months or years.

All you have to do is just roll it and stow it away. Then when you have the time again, simply roll it back out to finish the puzzle. By keeping the mat inside a storage bag, you can also travel with the unfinished puzzles.

Q: Rolling Or Interlocking Mats – Which Are Better?

Rolling mats are definitely better than interlocking mats in terms of both practicality and functionality. While interlocking mats are known as all-purpose mats, they lack stability.

On the other hand, rolling mats offer more versatility and security, especially during transportation or regular transition.

Interlocking mats don’t exactly come with the best puzzle glue mechanism. Neither do rolling mats, but it’s far easier to control them.

Q: Can I Use A Yoga Mat As A Puzzle Mat?

Yoga mats are actually a great puzzle mat alternative. So, if you don’t want to spend extra on assorted jigsaw mats, you can simply use a yoga mat instead. That way, you can hit two birds with one stone effortlessly.

Take the BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose Mat, for example. It’s composed of high-density foam with a double-sided non-slip interface. As a result, it’s highly slip-resistant.

Needless to say, that’s important criteria for puzzle mats as well. You can use this yoga mat to keep your unfinished puzzle set in check. The thick cushion-like surface will keep the pieces stable and upright during placement.

You can also check out the Gaiam Yoga Mat if you’re looking to get a futuristic-looking mat. This one’s available in so many amazing designs that it’s hard to look somewhere else.

So, if you’re bored with your usual black puzzle mats, you can use the Gaiam Yoga Mat instead. It comes in under 30 bucks and weighs less than 4 pounds. For a traveling nomad with a passion for puzzles, it’s a really great mat.

Not to mention, the slick non-slip texture enables excellent traction. It’s also highly environment-friendly due to its exclusively non-toxic design.

Final Verdict

And with that, today’s discussion finally reaches its destination. Hopefully, I have properly helped you out with some of the very best puzzle mat reviews out there.

In my account, today’s top choice, the Marbs Puzzle Mat, will provide you with all the necessary features. On top of everything else, the 30-second storage system just seals the deal.

However, if you’re looking to go for a more environment-friendly option, you can go for the Lavievert Puzzle Mats instead. Also, if you like playing with large puzzles, the Genovega one can hold up to 2000 pieces at once.

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