10 Best Ping Pong Paddle – Reviews & Buying Guide

Playing some games in your leisure could be the best activity you can do. Especially, indoor games are too attractive that require a small area. Table tennis is one of the best indoor games to play.

If playing table tennis makes you happy, you should consider choosing the best accessories for the game. Choosing the best ping pong paddles according to your need is the first step.

Various brands are now manufacturing this item that finding the right one within your budget could be difficult. It becomes worst when all the products claim to be the best in their particular category. Most people get confused after seeing the overwhelming number of products.

So, this is not only you who is struggling to pick the right product. To be honest, once I was the same as you who don’t know anything about the game. After struggling a lot with some worst and some best products, now I can tell you where to find your desired product.

This article will let you know which are the top products and how to pick the right one that suits your requirements.

Best Ping Pong Paddles: Comparison Table

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddle Review

Tons of ping pong paddles are available in online stores. One can easily get bluffed after reading the attractive product descriptions. Considering this, our team has researched the best quality table tennis rackets. After testing and analyzing the features, they recommended only 10 products which I shared in the following list –

1. Sportout Sriver-He Rubber Table Tennis Paddle

If you just have started playing the game or have some months of experience, you don’t need to spend hundreds of bucks for a single table tennis racket. This Sportout Sriver-He Rubber Table Tennis Paddle is a perfect one for the beginners and intermediate-level players. You can, however, even play professional games with this amazing racket.

Despite a low price, it won’t disappoint you about the quality. To have a strong durable structure, 9-ply wood and 8-ply carbon blade have used in the construction. This is a perfect combination of these two different materials which ensures enough solidness. The outer layer is designed for a nice bounce for power strikes in any position including attacking and defending.

On the wood and carbon blade construction, it features SRIVER-HE professional rubber which is ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) approved. It consists of a high elastic inverted sponge for good spinning and powerful returning in attacking mode. This rubber is attached after air drying for long-lasting performance. This won’t separate from the wooden part.

Being a lightweight racket for table tennis, it is comfortable to hold even for a longer time. When you are playing a challenging game and have to hit heavily, you will have full control over it. The ergonomically designed handle feels comfortable. This is sweat absorbing with carbon and create enough friction to prevent slipping.


  • Good for a fast and powerful hit
  • Anti-slip flared handle with comfortable design
  • Long-lasting rubber and wooden construction
  • Weighs only 205 gams
  • Comes with an affordable price
  • Includes carrying bag


  • Not a good one for professionals

2. Thunderline 6 Star Premium Ping Pong Paddle

When you are not a beginner but struggling to find a high-quality table tennis racket because of budget, I would recommend purchasing this Thunderline 6 Star Premium ping pong paddle. While most of the low-budget items miss some advanced features, this one comes with the best characteristics. As a result, this racket suits both beginners and advanced players.

People who have already purchased this item mostly liked it for a sturdy construction. Comparing with similar products in the same price range, it is sturdier. Featuring a 7-ply wood blade along with 2.0mm sponge construction, this provides ample power for power shots. This helps the players a lot, especially in the attacking mode. On the wooden structure, ITTF approved rubber is glued. It bounces back the ping pong ball fast and helps to spin for tricks.

Unlike some cheaply made table tennis rackets, this one has an ergonomic handle. It feels so comfy when playing. Moreover, it is lightweight. The comfortable handle with lightweight design allows the players to have more control over it. It moves smoothly without causing slipping.


  • Great quality with affordable price
  • Comfortable anti-slip handle
  • Superior control on the bat for better performance
  • Suitable anyone from beginner to advanced
  • Lightweight design with durable construction


  • The rubber used in the paddle is relatively hard
  • Need to clean regularly to avoid stickiness of the rubber

3. Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle Professional Racket

People often get a misconception that buying the best ping pond paddles cost huge. But the scenario is not always the same. If you know how to pick the right one, you can even have a pro-level performance with a low-priced product. This Idoraz Table Tennis Paddle is such an example. This racket is designed and constructed for different levels including professional-level.

This racket is highly recommended for people who want to take the playing skill to the next level. This could be your first professional racket for table tennis. Replace the previous one and start showing your best skills. It will help you to step up your game. The main structure of the racket is made from 85 percent natural plywood for longevity. Besides, the rubber used on the racket is ITTF approved. There is no doubt about the quality.

There is no point in buying an expensive table tennis racket when you can’t have full control over it. Considering the fact, this one has smooth control. Whether you are in an attacking mode or defensive mode, the lightweight design allows moving the bat faster. The thin rubber used on the blade bounces back and provide ample energy for hitting the ball

The weight is balanced over the racket to make it comfortable. Become the master of spin with it and dodge your competitors. The ergonomic design suits to any professional TT player.


  • Comparatively low-priced racket
  • A good one for stepping up the game
  • Lightweight design with proper balance
  • Fast and good for better spin
  • Slip-resistant handle with sweat absorbing capacity


  • You may not like the smell of glue in it
  • The handle is relatively short compared to similar items

4. Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis Paddle

Killerspin is a well-known name in the table tennis industry. They make a wider range of products with different features. They have both budget-friendly and expensive products. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, you can pick a good ping pong paddle from them. Killerspin JET 600 is a high-quality table tennis racket that is suitable for any level. Especially if you just have entered professional competitions and want to replace the old paddle.

This racket is constructed from the 5-ply wood blade which is 6.0m thick for proper balance. Moreover, the top is covered with 2.0mm high-tension Nitrx-4Z rubber. This rubber is attached with the top part permanently which doesn’t come off easily. This rubber is ITTF approved which ensures the quality.

The best feature in this unit is its controlling. Whether it is about the speed, control, or spin, this racket performs superbly. That is the reason professional TT players like this unit a lot. Moreover, the flared ergonomic handle is attached that feels comfy and allows for smooth moves. When you are in a super action moment, you will get full support from the handle.


  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Comfortable flared handle
  • High-quality rubber for good spinning
  • Better control over the speed
  • Suits for professional competitions


  • Doesn’t come with a carrying cover
  • Comparatively pricey

5. JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle

Do you have a passion for playing table tennis? Want to play the game at your home? Then you must have to buy a set of balls and paddles. This is costly and most of the time beginners can’t afford it. If you are a beginner and looking for a cool deal, I would suggest purchasing this JP WinLook Ping Pong Paddle – 4 Pack. In one set, you will get 4 ping pong paddles, 8 professional game balls, and training accessories racquet bundle kit.

Paddles in this set come with good quality construction for long-lasting performance. They are made of plywood and 5-ply wood blade. Bouncy rubber is attached to the top for better spin capacity. Medium soft sponge on the outer layer is helpful for the beginners.

Carrying all the stuff together might be a nightmare for someone. To overcome this issue, the package includes a carrying case for the paddles and the accessories.

After seeing the price, you might think the quality won’t make you happy. Unbelievably, this set actually comes in great quality. Suits for anyone who likes to play the game just as a hobby or passion. No matter if you are men, women, grandpa, teenager, or anything else, you are going to like this.


  • Price is affordable for all
  • All essential stuff in one package
  • Well-built paddles with good quality balls
  • Flared handle with a comfy feel and better balance
  • Hassle-free carrying with the case


  • Only for hobbyists and beginners

6. STIGA Supreme Performance-Level Table Tennis Racket

STIGA is well-known for its high-quality paddles for professionals. However, if you are an intermediate-level player, still you can find a good item from this brand. STIGA Supreme is such a product which is best ping pong paddle for money. Within a low budget, this paddle gives you all the facilities to compete at a higher level.

The wooden part comes with a 7-ply construction. This means the paddle is more convenient and will serve for longer. Moreover, it features a 6-ply extra light blade. Because of the lightweight of the blade, the overall weight of the paddle remains less. You will be so comfortable with the paddle even when a game becomes longer. The blade is well-balanced.

Both spin and fast delivery are possible with this paddle. The blade is particularly designed to ensure convenient spin with great control. It features a higher recovery rate and ball sensitivity. Because of the sensitivity, spinning the ball and dodging the opponent becomes easy.

STIGA Supreme Performance has some unique features which are not SDT technology. The full meaning of SDT is Shock Dispersion Tube. This modern feature will help you to get a power shot with less effort. When you are striking back a fastball, this absorbs the vibration and transfers energy of the handle. Whether you like offensive playing style or defensive playing style, this will be helpful.

Featuring inverted rubber on the top and 2.0 mm sponge, this paddle ensures maximum output when playing. The sponge easily absorbs the shock of fast delivery and allows the player to return it with high power. The rubber is ITTF approved. So, you can use it for playing professional tournaments.


  • Great for improving your game performance
  • Suitable to play professional tournaments
  • Features top-grade materials in all parts
  • Highly durable for longevity
  • Weighs only 4.8 ounces for users’ convenience
  • Better control and speed


  • Rubber quality could be better
  • Price is slightly high

7. Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled Professional Table Tennis Racket

For professional players, it is sometimes difficult to get the best ping pong paddles even with a higher budget. If you are in a similar stage and struggling to find a good product, this Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled could be a blessing for you. On the professional level, you can’t take even a single chance with an ordinary racket. This could ruin your game.

As Butterfly already has a reputation in the market, you could trust this brand. Whether you are practicing or participating in a competition, this paddle would be a good companion. Just replace your ordinary racket with this one and play a game. You will notify how different the performance is. This racket is highly recommended for players who like to play in action mode. Do more attacks with this paddle and dominate your competitors.

This unit features a BALSA CARBO X5 CARBON blade. The combination of these two different materials makes this paddle both strong and comfortable. Balsa core is especially used in the construction to keep the weight low while the carbon layer adds power in the paddle. This particular design helps play power shots in mid and long-distance.

Professionals often get confused to pick a high-quality racket that has proper balance and speed. But the good thing is, this Butterfly table tennis racket features TENERGY 80 FX 2. 1 rubber. This is not just a so-called ITTF approved rubber, instead, it ensures both quality and power. This particular design is great for both spin and speed. The sponge used in between the rubber is soft and all-round attacking and mid-distance looper.

To ensure the best quality in the ping pong paddle, it is assembled in the USA. The well-built construction and top-grade materials guarantee longevity and better performance in competitions.


  • Constructed for professional tournaments
  • Best quality blade with durability
  • The best combination of both speed and spin
  • Hand-assembled blade for well-balance
  • Top-quality with longevity


  • This product is for professionals and it is pricey

8. Ping Pong Paddle with Killer Spin

When a kid wants to learn how to play table tennis, he/she requires something comfortable. Even if you are an adult and playing table tennis is a hobby, you may not be interested to spend too much. In both of these cases, this ping pong paddle set from Sport Game Pro would be a good choice. Though it is a low-priced product, still the appearance of this product will make you happy.

This ping pong paddle comes with a carrying case for free. Whether you are practicing at home or going to your friend’s house, carrying won’t be an issue. Moreover, the weight of the paddle is only 13.4 ounces which is not common in the product in a similar price range. During the game, it won’t hurt much to your wrist. You will be comfortable even when the game becomes longer.

The main structure comes with 5-ply wooden material. This classic wooden material is known as durable and long-lasting. This might help you in the beginner level. Because when you are just learning to play the game, it is more important to focus on defense instead of just attacking. 5-ply wood is just perfect for defensive style play.

The main wooden structure is covered with high-quality rubber. A thick 2.0mm sponge is used under the rubber which gives a better feel to spin the ball. Moreover, the high degree of twisting of the ball allows improving the game at the beginner level. Whether you want better speed or more spin, both are possible with it. The ergonomic handle gives a relaxing feel when moving your wrist frequently in different directions.


  • Price is affordable for all
  • Pure wood construction for durability
  • Cool design with better balance
  • Comfortable handle with better control
  • Available in various colors


  • Suitable for only the beginners
  • Rubber attachment quality is not satisfactory

9. AirBlades Professional Ping Pong Paddle

To be honest, not everyone will have the same budget to buy a good ping pong paddle. That doesn’t mean that you won’t find the desired product. If you are a beginner or just started playing in tournaments, you can use this AirBlades professional ping pong paddle. Despite a low price, it won’t disappoint you. All essential features are included in this table tennis racket.

The main construction of the paddle comes with 5-ply wooden material. Among them, the three middle layers are made of Ayous plywood and the other two plies are constructed from Koto wood. This combination of wooden material gives in ample power and better control. At the beginner-level, you may have to practice a lot and that requires something durable. This item is highly durable and ensures longevity. On any level, you can show your best skills with this racket.

Besides good quality wooden construction, the top rubber also has better quality. It is not like some cheap ping pong paddles. The quality of the rubber is satisfactory. The sponge inside the rubber comes with 2mm thickness while the rubber is 1.6mm. The high-end inverted rubber is ready to take heavy pressure. When your opponent is hitting the ball very fast, the sponge and rubber will absorb the vibration. So, with minimal force, you can create ample speed.

Cheap ping pong paddles used to have a common issue. Most of them don’t have a good balance of speed and control. The good news is, this AirBlades paddle has both better speed and good control. Though it might not be a good one to use in professional competition, the performance is satisfactory.

Once you have finished the game, you can conveniently store the paddle with the case. This case is also suitable to carry the paddle wherever you want.


  • Good hand feel with comfortable handle
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor
  • Great for beginners with well-balance
  • Top-quality wooden construction
  • Convenient carrying case with the paddle


  • The rubber is not rated as ITTF approved
  • Not a good one to participate in professional games

10. Palio Expert 2.0 Table Tennis Racket

It is not that difficult to find a ping pong paddle with a low price. But the issue in most cases is, you don’t get the desired product or miss some essential features. If you don’t want to mess up, you could buy this Palio Expert 2.0 paddle from Expert Table Tennis. Within an affordable price, this product ensures all the things that you wish.

To like this paddle, you could find many reasons. But the best thing about this item is its satisfactory performance in the game. No matter whether you are just practicing or playing a game with your friend, you will get the best output. Constructed from good quality wooden materials. Both the inner and outer wooden ply come in good quality. While the outer layer provides ample power, the inner layer or the blade ensures better control. Especially if you like to play in a defensive style, you are going to like it a lot.

Though the speed may disappoint you, you will like the paddle because of its better spin capacity. You can easily defeat your competitor with the quality spin. The rubber that attached to the outer layer is good for absorbing the shock. You don’t have to strike back the ball forcefully. All you need is a good technique. This is highly recommended for any beginner who wants to start from the basics.


  • Comes with carrying case
  • Better feel to hold the handle
  • Good quality spin with a wooden blade
  • Great for control and spin
  • ITTF approved rubber attachment


  • Ideal for only beginners

A Complete Buying Guide For Best Ping Pong Paddle

Whenever you visit an online store for anything, a larger number of products appear in the same category. The same thing goes for ping pong paddles. To pick and find out the right item from an extensive collection, you need to have the proper knowledge. This buying guide will let you know what matters most and what doesn’t.

Playing Style

The first consideration to choose a ping pong paddle, you need to consider the playing style. Everyone doesn’t like to follow the same style or won’t have the same strategy. If you pick the right paddle according to the style, it would help in the game.

  • No Style

If you don’t have any particular style of playing, you can go for a paddle that is well-built and has better control. Also, check for the spinning capacity and power. No style means you may want to apply the strategies based on the game’s condition. So, a good combination of all features is required.

  • Offensive

When you like to play in the offensive or attacking style, you need to play long strokes with your racket. That requires a good bouncy rubber attachment and high-quality blade construction. Look for the rating of the product how fast it can move the ping pong ball. The handle needs to be smooth and anti-slip features.

  • Defensive

To play in the defensive mode, the ping pong paddle needs to be stable and well-balanced. Look for a comfortable handle and thick rubber on the top. The spin capability should get more importance for defensive playing style.

From the above discussion, it is clear that your playing style is related to the type of paddle you need to select. Find out which style do you prefer most and try to get something according to your playing

From the above discussion, it is clear that your playing style is related to the type of paddle you need to select. Find out which style do you prefer most and try to get something according to your playing

Skill level / Player Type

Just visit any online store that sells sports items and you will find tons of ping pong paddle are available there. Now addressing any of these items as the best ping pong paddle won’t be easy. Because an item that suits beginners may not give the best support to a pro player. That is why it is important to consider in which level of playing you are in.

  • Beginner

If you just have started playing table tennis or you play the game only because you like it, you are in this category. You don’t need to purchase a high-end paddle that comes with a higher price. Instead, give importance to the basic features and comfort. That is enough to have a good deal.

  • Intermediate

Players who already have entered the professional level competition are not a beginner anymore. This level is known as intermediate level and here you shouldn’t take the risk of a bad performance. Consider a paddle that is designed for the professional level. Check the product description if it goes with your playing style and the requirements. You may also ask for some recommendations.

  • Expert/Advanced

In the advanced level or expert level, you can’t compromise with the quality of a ping pong paddle. Everything in the selected product needed to be perfect. It should be lightweight and comfortable. You need to keep a higher budget so that you don’t miss any feature in the paddle just because of money.

Be aware of the level you are playing in and find out the best one according to it. Don’t waste your money on a fancy item when you are just a beginner.

Important Features

Table tennis rackets or ping pong paddles come with a wide range of features. Each item may have some unique features. Especially, some brands produce paddles with their own technology and styles. But some features are common in them and that you need to care most.

  • Speed/Power

For advanced level players or players who like to play in attacking style, they often need to play long shots. The speed rating is important for those players. If you are an attacking player, find a product that delivers ample power to get more speed and fast strike back.

  • Spin

This feature is essential for players who like to play with their own strategy. For instance, instead of losing your energy after playing long shots, you can simply dodge your competitor. That requires the skill of good spinning the ping pong ball. Besides your skill, the paddle also needs a good rubber attachment for spinning the ball.

  • Control

There is no value of buying an expensive table tennis racket when it doesn’t have good control. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, control over the paddle is the key to succeeding in the game. Check for a well-built and well-balanced paddle to have more control. Also, check the rating for control for that particular item.

Based on your requirements and the playing style, you may also consider some other features. But don’t be disconcerted by seeing some fancy features which don’t have any impact on the game.

Proper Materials or Construction

Types of raw materials for a ping pong paddle are almost the same for most products. But the fact is the quality of that material. Also, the proper combination of the materials is important. Different parts of table tennis come with a variety of materials.

  • Blade

This part is important for professional TT players. The blade of a table tennis racket is the part that gives the additional ability to the player. This part mostly uses to spin the ball. The wooden construction impacts the performance in-game. The wooden part feels comfortable to hand. Based on the product, the number of plies may vary. For instance, some paddles come with 5-ply wood while some come in 8-ply. If you love to spin the ball a lot, fewer ply would be great. For long shots, more plies would be good. Another material sometimes use in the construction is composite which works similarly as wood but with better ball feel.

  • Rubber

If the blade does 80% of your gaming performance, the rest of the gaming performance is related to the rubber. This rubber covers both sides of the racket. International Table Tennis Federation has some rules for the rubber. One side mish has to be black and the other needs to be red. The thickness of the rubber will vary according to the product. Thicker rubber is helpful for offensive players while thin is good for defensive. Professional ping pong paddles even sometimes feature pimple on the rubber. Long pimples are good for blocking action and the short pimples are good for defense.

  • Sponge layers

Inside the rubber, the table tennis racket features a sponge layer. When the ball comes super-fast, this sponge provides the power to defend it and back the ball with action. If you prefer to play in a defensive style, choose a thick sponge which is up to 2.0mm. But if you prefer control and defense, 1.5mm to 1.9mm would be good.

Each material in a ping pong paddle is important to ensure durability and longevity. Even the materials have a direct impact on game performance. So, consider the materials carefully and pick the best one.


In table tennis, you need to be very fast. Good control over the ball is mandatory to perform well. How fast you can move your wrist with the racket depends on the weight of the entire paddle. According to your playing style and movement, you need to pick the right weight. In the following discussion, I have mentioned the weight range for different playing levels.

  • Below 77 grams

Ping pong paddles that are less than 77 grams are mostly designed for only professional players. These paddles suit for advanced level players. This kind of paddles is made of high-quality material that makes it possible to keep the weight below this range. The lightweight allows for flawless movement and great power for offensive style players.

  • Between 77 to 89 grams

Paddles that are between this range are also for professional and advanced players. It feels so comfortable to hand and movement becomes fast. The lightweight design gives the freedom to move fast in different directions. You can instantly change the direction and play power shot in the offensive style. Better control over the paddle ensures more comfort during the game.

  • Over 90 grams

If your ping pong paddle is over 90 grams, that is mostly designed for intermediate level players. Some are even suitable only for beginners. More weight means it will be tough for you to move your hand during the game. However, if your budget is not that high and you don’t care about weight, it can go for paddles that weigh more than 90 grams.

Perfect Grip

If you already have played some competitive table tennis games, you know the importance of perfect gripping. When you can hold the racket comfortably, you will be more comfortable and can play a power shot with full effort. Check the type of grip used in your selected ping pong paddle for your convenience.

  • Penhold

Penhold gripping is a popular method of holding the paddle. There are three different versions of the gripping which are Chinese grip, Japanese or Korean grip, and reverse backhand grip. In this method, the player has to hold the racket with the index finger and thumb in the front. The other three fingers will be behind the racket’s head. To make it comfortable, consider a comparatively narrow handle that feels comfortable to your hand.

  • Shakehand

Shakehand is a widely used paddle holding style in Western and Europe. The name comes from the style of shaking hands where someone holds another person’s hand with all the fingers. Two different styles included in this gripping which are deep grip and shallow grip. If you prefer to hold the paddle in a shakehand style, a round-shaped handle would be best. The round shape allows holding the paddle comfortably and powerfully to play any kind of shots.

If you are a beginner, you need to choose your style at this stage. Because the style you follow now will be permanent in the future. Buy the paddle according to gripping you do prefer.

ITTF approval or Not

ITTF or International Table Tennis Federation has some particular standards for a ping pong paddle. Those standards were set to ensure paddles’ quality. Mostly the rubber of a paddle must need to be ITTF approved for better performance. If you want to get the best from your budget, pick something ITTF approved.


For the maintenance of a ping pong paddle, some accessories are needed. For instance, you need to keep the paddle clean to get better performance. Some paddles come with the cleaning kit which makes it easier. Also, a good quality glue is needed to keep the rubber in place when it is coming off from the paddle.

Warranty- Guarantee Policy

No matter where you are buying your ping pong paddle, this might come with a warranty or guarantee. Mostly the warranty or guarantee covers the rubber attachment. Based on the brand and the product you are buying, it may vary. It is always better to buy a paddle with a warranty.

Price-Quality Ratio

Neither a higher price nor a low price can ensure a good quality ping pong paddle. There is a misconception that expensive products are always better. The reality is, you need to check the features manually. However, sometimes it could be difficult to balance between the price and the quality. Let me give you a tip. Fix your budget, now sort out the products within that price range, read some reviews and after purchased feedback and finalize the paddle.

Customer Review

The customer review is the best section to get realistic data about any product. Because customers give their reviews only after buying and using the product. There you may also get some feedback from the professionals. So, after finalizing a product, I would recommend reading the reviews from customers.

Secret Tips

Though I have mentioned different points above, still you may need to consider some other facts to have the right product. For instance, you should consider a brand that has a reputation in the market. Also, look for the paddles that professional TT players are using. Instead of believing some so-called expert’s review, only follow the guidelines from real professionals. If you are in the learning step, the best thing you could do is taking suggestions from your coach. He/She can tell you everything in detail. If you can’t manage to read so many reviews or checking each feature, pick any of the items from the above list of best ping pong paddles.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1. Does it vary how the ball will spin based on the red or black side of the paddle?

Answer: Yes, the red side of a paddle is known for faster delivery and long shots. This side is helpful for offensive playing style. But the black side has more spin and it might help you to be more strategic.

Q. 2. What type of paddles do professional players use?

Answer: It is difficult to recommend a particular product or a brand that professionals used to choose. But one noticeable thing for all professionals is, they give importance to the weight. Lightweight products are most popular among professionals. Moreover, they use paddles that give maximum control during the game.

Q. 3. Is the rubber part of a ping pong paddle replaceable?

Answer: Yes, the rubber part is replaceable. But the fact is, to perform such a thing, you need to be an expert. Because the wrong measurement can spoil the balance of the paddle. The only thing you can fix for the rubber is its glue. You can easily use glue to reattach the rubber to its original position.

Final Verdict

The above list of best ping pong paddle contains 10 different products. Each one in the list has its own beauty. The products were selected with a strict process. So, you can be sure about quality and performance.

However, if you are looking for a professional paddle and budget is no issue, I would recommend the Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled Professional Table Tennis Racket.

On the other hand, if you want to balance between the price and quality, I would recommend purchasing the Sportout Sriver-He Rubber Table Tennis Paddle which is in the number one of the list.

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