Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face Table Tennis Paddle – Review

Are you a tennis enthusiast? Have you been searching for a good tennis paddle that can offer you the companionship you need for a good tennis experience? If you said yes to any of the questions above, then you have landed on just the right page! Here, we have identified and shall subsequently review one such reliable tennis paddle. It is the Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face Table Tennis Paddle. We are going to examine its key features, technical specifications, some of its benefits, and downsides

It is our hope that by the end of the review, you shall have received the bare minimum pieces of information you require to make a worthy purchase.

Sand Face

Its face consists of the rough sandy texture. This is excellent for bouncing back the balls as well as minimizing slip offs and inaccurate hits. The existence of this feature is your assurance that you will indeed enjoy your tennis tournaments to the maximum possible extent. The rough surface texture also simplifies the storage and placement of the tennis paddle.


All its various constituent parts and components such as the handle and the blade are made of the 5-ply laminated wood. This reinforcement is quite beneficial in several ways. For one, it slows down the rate of deterioration of the said parts. Secondly, it increases the firmness of the various parts and hence boosts your striking power considerably. Finally, it minimizes the possible number of repairs and maintenance you will have to carry out every quite often.

Variable Speed Ratings

It grants you the rare yet crucial ability to vary the speed with which you hit the oncoming ball. This is courtesy of the existence of the spin-speed-control ratings of 1-5-8. This variable speed feature is great because it ensures that you apply the force that is proportional to the speed and the momentum of the oncoming ball. Moreover, it also reduces your likelihood of getting fatigued in the sense that it only lets you spend the minimum force and physical strength you have to.

Maneuverable Handle

Crowning the list of this paddle’s topnotch features is the maneuverable handle. This basically comes in the form of a straight and laminated wooden handle. You will find the whole paddle pretty convenient to toss around. By reason of this, you will generally find it quite convenient to handle those intense and demanding workouts.

Feature of Champion Sports 5-Ply Sand Face Table Tennis Paddle

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 6 x 1 inches ; 3.84 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces


  • Extremely Cheap: Unlike most high-quality paddles of its kind, this one is cheaper and very affordable.
  • Compact Size: The paddle is small and compact by reason of measuring a paltry 10 inches long by 6 inches wide by 1 inch tall.
  • Very Light: It weighs only 3.8 ounces and is as such very light to carry around.
  • Multipurpose: You may utilize this paddle for simpler and more complex tennis tournaments alike.
  • Highly Maneuverable: Being flexible, you will swiftly and conveniently engage this paddle.


  • Delicate: This paddle comprises some delicate parts and components and is as such not so long-lasting.
  • Inelegant: If class and prestige are your concern, then this is not the paddle to settle for.
  • Too Slippery: Its handle is quite slippery. This predisposes you to the risks of slip-offs once in a while.


QUESTIONS: What is the paddle’s general price range?

Answer: The paddle costs $5.00, give or take $1.00

QUESTIONS: In general, what is the paddle’s average life expectancy?

Answer: With proper care and moderate use, the paddle can be of value to you for around year.

QUESTIONS: Which company manufactures this paddle?

Answer: Champion Sports Sportswear Company. It is based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Notwithstanding the few demerits this paddle has, it is by far a worthy possession, as you may clearly deduce from the foregoing review. Its main strength lies in the fact that you may use it regularly to sharpen your tennis skills. This is because it has the ability to withstand great impacts and is also convenient to maneuver by hand. Why don’t you make an attempt to purchase it soonest possible? You shall forever be glad that you made that decision.

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