Best Ping Pong Table - (Reviews & Buying Guide 2020)

If you are a ping pong lover, you should be familiar with all the tantrums related to playing this magnificent game and how to buy the best ping pong table? As a car cannot move if any of its wheels get out of order similarly one can never play ping pong until and unless he has a perfect ping pong table that acts as a base of the whole game. Always keep in mind that

“Buying a table tennis relates directly to the purpose behind buying that table. A standard size for a ping pong table is 9 feet x 5 feet or 274 cm x 152.5 cm, so that much space should be available before buying the table.”

As any ping pong player is aware of the fact that these tables are something expensive that brings ultimate entertainment to the table tennis freaks so much consideration is required before buying them in order to prevent yourself from making a wrong decision. Here we are going to give a brief review of the best ping pong tables of all time.

Top 10 Best Ping Pong Table Reviews

#1. Cornilleau – 500M Crossover Outdoor Table – best for 2020

Cornilleau 500M is marked as extraordinary among all the best ping pong tables of 2020, due to its lavishing look and quality which you may love to experience again and again. Some of the basic characteristics of the table include:

The Cornilleau 500M Crossover is designed specifically to deliver the best performance under all conditions. If you are short or tall in height, and a constant net set up on a ping pong table is always what irritates you than this problem has been solved. There is an adjustable net system which will let you adjust the height and tension of the net in accordance with your comfortability and will let you enjoy the game in your very own comfort zone  (but make sure to select the partner of your own height).

This table originated by France will surely give you a chance to experience best ping pong game. The table comprises 4 different layers, which protects your surface from any sort of destruction as well as gives the best ping pong experience at the same time. The surface is made of 7mm tar (Laminate with glare reduction) which bounces your ball perfectly whether you are playing indoor or outdoor. Also, the tables are made of protective materials which neither corrodes nor fades out. They are simply perfect for your playing area or your garden.

If you wish to bring your ping pong table out of your home in the fresh environment of your garden but the thought of rain is bothering you, then here is the solution. Cornilleau table is made of waterproof material which resists any attack from rain and protects the surface of your table for a long time. This characteristic of the product makes it durable and customers can trust Cornilleau that their investment is not at all going in loss.

The legs of the Cornilleau 500M Crossover are made of adjustable iron along with a wide pad. The legs are designed specifically for all types of players and can be varied in height. This is done to facilitate everyone and give them a chance to play their favorite game comfortably at their desired heights. So, if the height of the table is something which has always been a barrier between you and the ping pong table, then Cornilleau is all set to break that barrier.

For all those who spend their hours in search of rackets or balls before starting a game, Cornilleau has bundled up a package of solutions to every problem for you. They have designed a special storage area inside the table casing which can store up to 8 balls as well as 8 bats at the same time. If you are frustrated about your missing bats or balls all the time, then I suggest you buy this table and make your life easier.


  • High potential materials which resist corrosion or any other destruction factor.
  • Large playing area to enjoy the game.
  • Now it’s easy to pack and carry a huge table anywhere.
  • Larger wheels (200mm diameter) with brakes to give your table perfect stability.
  • Protective corner pads to make sure that the table won’t hurt anyone.


  • Very expensive; your budget might not be able to afford such high rates.
  • Charges extra for balls, bats or even cover
  • Consumes a lot of time for the deliverance of product.

#2. Killerspin Revolution Table Tennis Table – Best For Indoor

Killerspin tables are a series of perfect and durable ping pong tables for many years. They have not only designed a durable game partner but also a lavishing one due to their elegant designs. Some of the outstanding features are:

If you are new in the field of table tennis and looking for a product that makes you a pro in this field than Killerspin table with 22mm thickness will pay you perfectly. This table with a smooth surface bounces the ball perfectly and will train you for less dense tables and for more bouncy games.

The width of the table is 9m which provide the players with a larger playing area. This will make your games more interesting and will leave a strong impact on everyone. In my views, a larger playing area indirectly means larger fun, larger excitement, and larger thrilling sensations.

One of the best quality of Killerspin which makes it stand out among the best ping pong tables of 2020 is its elegant designing. The arched shaped undercarriage of the table is something that we have never seen in form of a ping pong table. Also, the undercarriage is coated with aluminum to make sure that the table looks unique and its beauty remains constant for a long period of time.

Killerspin tables come up with Killerspin Apex Net as well as Steel Post System which intensifies the qualities of the table. The net fixes at the bottom of the table perfectly throughout the game as well as the tension of the net is also adjustable and can be varied in accordance with your choice.

Killerspin table tennis comes up with a heavy duty steel frame along with a top that is resistant to any type of infancy ball marks. This makes the table reliable and guarantees you that a huge amount of yours is going at the right destination.


  • Fancy lookover which gives a lavishing look to your gaming area.
  • Durable and long lasting due to its heavy-duty steel frame
  • Variable net system
  • Adjustable feet for better stability
  • Top with a coating of ball mark resistant material to make your table look new for long


  • Highly expensive
  • Do not offer you a chance to take your table outdoor
  • Its handling can sometimes be a problem due to its extra heavy weight

#3. Harvil Outsider Table Tennis Table – Best Outdoor

If you are an outdoor sports lover and wish to carry your tennis table outside then Harvil is the most appropriate option for you. It comes along with a number of unique qualities which distracts the attention of sports lovers and convinces their mind to buy the product as soon as possible.

Harvil tennis table is made of such materials that perfectly resists all type of attacks due to climatic or weather changes. The table top is made of water-material along with aluminum coating to further ensure the protection. The table sides are made of a powdered steel frame which resists any type of corroding effects. So, no more worries about sunshine or rain effects, Harvil Outsider Table is designed to fight against all wearing effects.

The Harvil tennis table comes up with wheels that can be locked when you are playing and want to ensure the stability of the table or can be unlocked when you want to move the table. It also comes up with convenient folding equipment that helps to pack up and carry your ping pong tennis table wherever you go.

The undercarriage of Harvil tennis table is an error-free origination. The legs are made of heavy-duty steel along with wheels that can be locked or unlocked. The material of legs leaves no chances of wearing or corrosion. For uneven surfaces, the table is equipped with levelers that can be used to maintain the perfect level of the surface.

The tabletop comes up with vibrant white lines drawn at boundaries of the table. This facilitates the players to enjoy an effective and comfortable game. The table comes up with a free table tennis net and posts, to make the buying of the table a cost-effective experience for you.


  • Highly cost-effective
  • Durability; can be your outdoor game partner for a long time.
  • Comes up with a money back guarantee which further relieves the customers.
  • They warranty their product for a period of 1-year.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.


  • The thickness of the table is just 4mm, which makes it less consistent for the ball to bounce.
  • However, the table comes with a table net but the net is of bad quality materials and sags rapidly.

#4. Butterfly Playback Rollaway Outdoor Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Playback Rollaway is another mid-range ping pong table that can be afforded easily and works well to give you good gaming experience. You can easily afford the table for heavy-duty gaming points. So here is another outdoor ping pong tennis table that successfully joins our list of best ping pong tables of 2020.

This Butterfly table tennis allows you to enjoy your favorite game outdoor without any worries. The table top is made of synthetic laminate. The frame is composed of rustproof steel that sustains its quality for a long period.  Also, the wood finishing is done to make your table looks prior to all other tables.

The table thickness is just at the right point to give perfect ping pong to your tennis ball. The butterfly playback rollaway table is 19mm in thickness, which goes out best to bounce your ball and let you experience a decent game. If you wish to have a recreational game with your buddies, then this might be the best choice for you.

The butterfly playback rollaway table comes up with durability as well as comfortability. It is easy to fold up the table due to its indented 1-inch legs. Also, there is no need to remove the net system before folding up the table as it gives you the comfortability of folding the table along with the net.

The stability of the table is another outclass feature. Its 1-inch thick legs along with two safety lever ensure perfect stability. Their feet are designed so well to ensure perfect leveling even at an imperfect ground.

Along with a net, there is an accessory holder designed inside the frame that holds a number of balls and rackets. It facilitates the user to easily get all necessary equipment at the same position instead of finding balls or rackets everytime you decide to play.


  • Mid-range cost-effective table
  • Warranties maintenance of tabletop for a period of 10 years.
  • Warranties maintenance of table frame for a period of 3 years.
  • Provides a perfect Butterfly net set along with their tables.
  • The thickness of the table is one of the best factors.


  • The designing of the table is outdated.
  • The table even after folding occupies a large area.
  • Assembling the table for the first time may consume a lot of your time.

#5. Butterfly Centrefold 25 Table Tennis Table

Another table from butterfly ping pong table series manages its way to be among the best table tennis race. These tables are verified and approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) which is a clear warranty of its quality. Some of the best features of the table are:

The table is 25 mm in thickness which is perfect for your tournaments. A table with this thickness bounces the ball with a consistency we all are striving for. So, if you are a consistent player and wish to have a table that goes perfectly along with your consistency then buying Butterfly Centrefold Table Tennis is probably the best option for you.

The warranty period of the table is the second thing after ITTF verification that convinces the customers to shop it. A 5-year warranty is ensured by the company, that speaks aloud about its durability and fine quality. Obviously, the manufacturer knows best about its products and the time period till which the product won’t wear out.

The 25mm table top is made of scratch-proof material affirming long last life of the table. Furthermore, the steel frame and 2-foot long steel legs are also there to make your table maintain its looks for long.

The undercarriage of the table is something which is appreciated and liked by users the most. There are adjustable legs to maintain the level of the table at all types of grounds. The wheels are supported by rubber points so that the movement of the table does not scratch the floor or make any noise. Another, noticeable thing about the table is that its legs can be placed 400mm inward to make the table reachable for wheelchair players.

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