How To Practice Table Tennis Alone With Table?

An avid tennis player doesn’t always have to have a sparring partner for a decent table tennis practice session. So, how to practice table tennis alone with a table?

Let’s find that out in today’s article.

Playback Position: Practice With Folding Ping Pong Table

If you intend to practice playing table tennis alone a lot, you should always go for the playback-positioned tables. The playback feature practically refers to the folding feature of the ping pong tables.

Here’s how you can use a folding table tennis table for practicing alone:

Step 1: Squeeze The Clamps

In folding ping pong tables, you’ll find some clamps around the base of the posts. By squeezing these clamps, you can move the net to the playing side of the table.

Step 2: Retract The Arms

You should find retractable arms below each half of the table. Each half stands upright when these arms are mounted fully. So, by retracting them, you can easily fold that side of the table effortlessly.

Step 3: Push Up The Other Half

Once the arms have been retracted, you can now push up that half of the table vertically to play alone. It’s essential to do this so that you can play off against the table itself.

Step 4: Lock The Folded Half In Position

Well, of course, only folding in half isn’t enough if the surface doesn’t stay stable while playing. Use a hook at the base of the folded half to make sure it stays upright.

Step 5: Enjoy The Playback Position

Now that the table is sorted out, you can use the folded half to practice alone effortlessly. The ball will continue to bounce off of the folded surface. So, you can practice for as long as you want without a sparring partner.

What Are The Best Folding Ping Pong Table For Practicing Alone?

Let’s take a look at some of the best folding ping pong tables in the market as of now. They’re not only highly durable and functional but also great for playing and practicing alone at home or in the arena.

1. # Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong Table

If you require a compact, foldable, and playback ping pong table, you should definitely go for the Butterfly Easifold 19. It’s one of the most functional table-tennis tables nowadays, and also pretty affordable.

Unlike most other traditional tables, you don’t have to move mountains just to move the net to a single side. The Butterfly Easifold 19 comes with an easy clip net set just to make this procedure more accessible.

The whole table takes no longer than 10 minutes for complete assembly. And if you’re looking to assemble for the playback mode, it won’t take even half the original time.

It’s no fun if the balls aren’t properly bouncing back when you’re playing alone against the table. And that’s why the Butterfly Easifold 19 has a 19mm thick top that promotes flexible bouncing at all times.

2. # GoPlus Portable Ping Pong Table

If you don’t want to get into the hassles of assembling, there’s no better option than the GoPlus Portable one. In addition to being portable, this ping pong comes fully preassembled to save you energy and time.The built-in handle grants easy access to flexible maneuverability. Wherever you want to play, you can just carry the entire table by one hand and place it there.

As the name suggests, the GoPlus Portable Ping Pong Table is not just built for indoor purposes. It’s got an engineered wood and aluminum framework that can tackle the outside environment as well.

So, if you want to practice alone out in the backyard, you can gladly do so with this ping-pong table.

The GoPlus Portable Ping Pong Table comes completely pre-assembled. You need only to adjust the six supporting feet and attached net alongside the locks to readily enjoy all the practicing sessions.

3. # Lancaster 4 Piece Official Size Ping Pong Table

Next up on the list for best foldable ping pong tables, we have the 4-piece official size table from Lancaster. Though it does need additional assembly, it’s one of the best tables for practicing table tennis as a total beginner.The Lancaster 4-piece comes with a super sturdy frame. Plus, there are corner protectors at every corner to provide adequate stability during the matches.

This ping pong table from Lancaster has a 0.625-inch table for optimal bouncing. So, even when you’re playing alone, you can enjoy a good bouncing against the tabletop itself.

The Lancaster 4-piece comes with a fold-up design for single players. You can separate the table easily into two halves to practice alone effortlessly.

4. # JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Ping Pong Table

JOOLA, as a brand, is quite famous for coming up with “Olympic-Grade” products. And the JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Ping Pong Table is hardly an exception.This ping pong table comes 95% pre-assembled. You can get on to playing right away by attaching the legs to the tabletop in one go.

Even though it’s primarily an outdoor ping pong table, it’s pretty easy to store and fold. So, you can separate it into two independent halves to play alone in compact arenas.

The Joola Nova tabletop promotes durability without compromising on bouncing abilities. The aluminum-plastic combo keeps it from chipping and cracking, while the 6mm thickness ensures great bouncing.

5. # PEXMOR Mid-Size Table

Lastly, the PEXMOR Mid-Size Table is another excellent option for multifunctional ping pong tables. Plus, it’s highly durable, which is a significant plus point.The PEXMOR Mid-Size Table already comes 95% pre-assembled. You just need to install the posts, and that’s it. You’re ready for the ping pong play-offs.

Corner protection is a serious issue with folded tables since they almost always get chipped due to the strain. That’s why Pexmor provides an intimate corner protection design with this table for optimal longevity.

The tabletop is covered with a waterproof PVC surface. As a result, it not only offers great bounce in normal conditions but also when it’s more humid than usual.

Final Verdict

So, have you figured out how to practice table tennis alone with a table yet? Turns out, if you have the right table, it’s not that daunting of a task after all.

We’d highly recommend going for the Butterfly Easifold 19 since it’s both durable and easy to assemble. But then again, any one of these 5 tables can be an excellent fit for your solo table tennis sessions.

Happy practicing!