DHS HURRICANE-II Review: It Will Also Boost Up Your Confidence

If you are a table tennis lover then you would know that the Best table tennis paddle can make a huge difference between loss and win. Even if you are an expert player, it can be very confusing to choose the perfect paddle.

Believe me, I also faced this dilemma and after trying so many different products and brands, I found the best tournament paddle which is ideal for my current needs. In case you have purchased a cheaper table tennis paddle then you should know that after some games these products fall apart. This stuff is made up of cardboard, MDF, another very cheap material. It can be suitable for small kids and newbies but not for you.

If you are seeking the best table tennis paddle then there is no need to worry because we have included an DHS HURRICANE-II Review and user’s guide for your help. So, without further ado. Let’s get started:

Why DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle Review?

Well, this is one of the most popular and high quality racket for professionals and serious players. This racket will give you perfect control and high level spin. It very comfortable due to rubber grip and also includes dual purpose padded surface on both side. If you want a professional gear for your next game then you should choose it without any hesitation. Here is why the DHS Hurricane- II should be your preferred choice of a paddle. Briefly describing the unique features and benefits:

Great Built Quality:

DHS HURRICANE-II is made-up of the finest material. No wonder, this quality reflects on its effectiveness and performance. It also includes the padding made up of the finest Chinese rubber. It delivers spongy effects due to red pimple-like dots on the surface of the paddle. It gives great spin and control.

DHS HURRICANE-II ReviewPainted padded surface:

The padded spongy surface is painted in red and black as per ITTF regulations. It ensures to its users that this product is a performance grade paddle. It is ideal for the tournament players and amateur players who want to play with professional looking paddles.

Comfortable grip:

It includes a very comfortable grip and sturdy handle that provide you great comfort and traction. It is very helpful because you don’t have to worry about the thin grip and the sweaty palms while playing multiple games and practice matches. It will also boost up your confidence

Landson wrist support for extra spin and control:

Landson wrist is very helpful to allow you to make each and every stroke with the perfect spin, control, and support. This will give you an extra advantage over your opponent and helps you to win the match.

Stylish racket cover:

Every DHS hurricane- II comes with racket cover which will allow you to carry the two balls and the paddle. It is also a very good gift for any ping pong or table tennis lover when it is fully loaded.

Manufacturing warranty and return policy:

This product comes with a manufacturing warranty, which is only applicable if the grip and padded area of the paddle are not tempered. There is also a return policy with these paddles. However, the product must look like a new product.

DHS HURRICANE-II Tournament Ping Pong Paddle is best for whom?

DHS hurricane- II is usually best for those who want to take part in the tournaments and play serious matches. The reason behind it is that this product includes Chinese rubber coating and oversized design, comfortable handle and Landson wrist support which makes it perfect for professional players and those who play serious games.  It will give them an extra advantage over your opponent and help them to improve their returns and get an exactly right spin on the pin pong ball for extra advantage.

Why DHS HURRICANE-II is not for everyone?

Well, it is a true fact that this paddle is not suitable for everyone because it is comparatively expensive than regular paddles. In case, you play mostly against your family members and friends in your basement or apartment then this one is not for you. You should find another cheaper product for that. It is also not suitable for children and newbies. It is basically designed for professional and seriously involved players.


  • It is made up of Chinese wood and rubber which is its biggest advantage.
  • It is a very stylish and fancy looking paddle.
  • This racket offers the insane level of the spin which makes you deliver very hard to defend.
  • It comes with dual-purpose rubber padding, while red is for offense due to extra bounce. On the other hand, black is for defense due to less bounce.
  • This paddle comes with racket cover which is very useful for carrying it from one place to another.


  • It is comparatively expensive than regular paddles.
  • It is not suitable for newbies and initiators.
  • According to users, their after-sale service is not up to the mark.

FAQs or frequently asked questions:

Q: Why should I buy this product?

Answer: If you are a professional or a serious player then you should consider this product in the first place. It is carefully designed for the professional players and comes with very exciting features such as padded two-sided dual-purpose surface, Landson wrist support, painted surface, and extra carry bag.

Q: Is this racket made up of quality material?

Answer: Absolutely yes, this paddle is made up of Chinese wood and rubber of the finest quality. It contains only quality material to ensure the optimum performance of players.

Q: Is DHS a trusted and reputed company?

Answer: Yes, DHS is a very reputed and trusted company and it is an official supplier to world champions such as Ding Ning, Li Xiaoxia, and Wang Liqin etc. And prestigious events such as Olympics.

Final verdict

In brief, Table tennis is a very technical and competitive sport. If you are a professional or a serious player then it becomes very crucial for you to use the best of the best sports gears for your next big event. DHS is ideal for a serious player in every sense. It offers great build quality due to Chinese wood and rubber, amazing grip and landson wrist support for extra control. You will also get a dual-purpose padded surface on both sides. Before choosing the best suitable racket for your next game you should consider some important factors such as built quality, softness, grip, wrist support, wood handle design, etc. You should choose the racket that can fulfill your needs and requirements.

We hope that our in-depth review and buyers guide was helpful for you in some ways.

So, are you a serious player and seeking the best racket for yourself? Then don’t think twice. Just buy DHS hurricane- II and you won’t regret it.

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