7 Best Puzzle Accessories For Every Puzzle Lover!

I’ve been going through my jigsaw puzzle possessions the other day and found out that I own a lot more things than I remembered. No, don’t give me that smirk. I’m obsessed with puzzles, and I made sure I have everything covered, okay?

Ever since then, I’ve been thinking of writing about the best puzzle accessories. To some of us, jigsaw puzzles are more than a game and a hobby.

So today, my mission is to give you basic ideas regarding all these accessories. It is a short read, but I believe you will find it pretty informative.

Everything You Need To Know About The Best Puzzle Accessories

Depending on the situation, you may need a puzzle table, mat, board, glue, or even scoops. But how do you know when you need those accessories, or how will they benefit you? Let’s find out!

Puzzle Boards

Puzzle boards are an excellent choice if you want something sturdy, durable, but compact. These boards are almost like puzzle tables but without legs.

Puzzle boards come in various shapes and sizes. From regular square and rectangular shapes to hexagons, you will find a lot of varieties. Based on the puzzle sizes you play with, you can choose the board size.

The material of these boards also varies. Though many of them are made of hardwood, some of them are made from plastic or plywood. The best part is that some of these boards come with storage drawers like the tables.

The only issue people face with puzzle boards is that they are not usually foldable or do not come with a secure cover like the tables. However, they are easily portable, and you can store these boards right under your sofa or bed. But make sure the board has a felt-top to keep the puzzle in its place.

Best Puzzle Boards

Puzzle Mats

Where do you play your puzzle game? On the floor, dining, or coffee table? Isn’t it annoying when you need to use those spaces and need to remove the puzzle? And it is impossible to move the puzzle without ruining the entire puzzle.

Puzzle mats can fix a lot of such transporting and storing issues. While puzzle boards and tables require wider spaces to store sometimes, puzzle mats take a very small space. All you need to do is to roll the mat and keep it away.

That’s right! Puzzle mats are very flexible. And even if you roll them, the puzzle will stay in its place without breaking. Moreover, it is an easy way to ensure the puzzle’s safety. Besides, you don’t have to bang into other furniture or house appliances while moving it from one place to another.

Some puzzle mats come with rolling tubes and handle stripes. You can buy one of those to ensure more flexible transportation.

Best Puzzle Mats

Puzzle Tables

It is troublesome and annoying to move a puzzle-on-progress. So what else could be better than a puzzle table?

Puzzle tables are trendy these days, more than puzzle boards or mats. That’s because these tables come with plenty of advantages. Depending on brands and models, they offer various benefits and flexibility.

A puzzle table allows you to set up your game anywhere you want. Almost all of them have foldable legs that you can tuck away if you are going to play on the ground or your dining table. Some of these tables even offer a tiltable surface, which reduces fatigue as you continue playing for a longer time.

Many of these tables have foldable systems with plateaus on two sides that work as puzzle storage and surface cover. But if you are worried about the space it will require, you can always look for compact options. A lot of puzzle tables come with removable storage drawers, which are space-savvy.

Best Puzzle Tables

Puzzle Glue

We can’t help but deny that puzzles look so mesmerizing once you finish them. So we, puzzle nerds, often take it a step ahead and end up gluing the entire puzzle. But if you are unfamiliar with this, sorry to break the news this late.

Puzzle glue is a thing, and a lot of people make sure to have the best puzzle glue as they ensure a lot of benefits. First of all, a puzzle glue will keep the complete puzzle from breaking. Secondly, some of these glues help leave a glossy or matte finish once it dries.

Glues that come with a nozzle system are easy to apply. However, some of them come with a glue spreader to help you spread glue evenly all over the puzzle. But what you need to ensure the glue does not contain any toxic chemical or foul odor.

Best Puzzle Glue

Puzzle Frames

Talking about preserving puzzles, have you considered framing your solved puzzle? Breaking down a jigsaw puzzle breaks a puzzle lover’s heart into 1000 pieces (pun intended).

That is why some people choose to frame their puzzles. Other than preserving hours of work, it becomes a beautiful addition to your living room’s wall.

Puzzle frames come in various sizes and shapes. Some of them can be large but allow you to frame smaller puzzles perfectly. You can purchase frames of different materials.

But here is a little puzzle game and framing hack for you. If you intend to frame a puzzle, purchase a frame with a good-quality stock paper background. It can work as a puzzle board for you, and you can glue and frame the puzzle directly on it.

Best Puzzle Frames

Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle sorting trays are handy for anyone using a puzzle mat or a puzzle board or table without sorting drawers. And even if you don’t use any of those puzzle accessories, you can still purchase puzzle sorting trays.

Just like other puzzle accessories, the trays also come in different capacities. You can purchase them based on how many puzzle pieces they can hold.

The material also varies, such as plastic, bamboo, even felt fabric. Some tray sets also come in various colors, allowing you to sort puzzle pieces into different categories.

Puzzle sorting trays with lids and folding felt fabrics are the safest, in my opinion. They prevent the puzzle pieces from falling unexpectedly.

While puzzle boards or tables come with a fixed number of drawers or sorting trays, purchasing them separately allows you to buy as many as you want. And more puzzle sorting trays mean finding the right piece more easily.

Best Puzzle Sorting Trays

Puzzle Scoop

A puzzle scoop is a life-saver because it prevents the puzzle player from panicking when an area breaks unexpectedly. Besides, you can often find several pieces that go together but moving it to the main puzzle without breaking it can be a challenging task.

You can solve a section of the puzzle somewhere else and easily scoop them up with this tool. If it comes with magnifying glass material, it will help you detect the tiniest details and put the puzzle pieces together more quickly. Besides being a handy tool for you, it can be an excellent gift for your puzzle nerd friend.

Final Words

Every puzzle game lover needs the best puzzle accessories. From a puzzle mat to the puzzle scoop, you have plenty of things to choose from.

So always purchase the ones that seem a more comfortable option for you. But it is also important to pay attention to the material and design for easy accessibility.

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