Franklin Sports Table Tennis to Go – Review

What happens when you want a convenient solution for enjoying your leisure time perhaps with friends or family? Well, it’s important that you make perceptive choices such as the starting with this Franklin Sports Table Tennis to Go Review. When choosing, the ideal table tennis gaming, you should also consider the design features of the set. In particular, this set comprises of all the important features to let you enjoy table tennis on the go. Whether you are a professional player or you’re are simply an enthusiast, this best table tennis set is the ideal solution for your needs. Designed to be simple to set up, complete, dynamic and with an extendable net, this set is perfect for most table sizes.

Complete set

The most essential aspect of using this set is that comprises of all the essential items required for your gaming regime. These include the retractable net with post, two ping pong paddles, a mesh carry bag, and balls as well. The manufacturers have done well to ensure that the entire set is simple to identify and set up. More so, the entire set is also durable and with appealing colors to match your gaming style.

Versatile design

Besides that, another benefit of using this best table tennis to set is that the entire set comprises of a retractable and expandable net post design. This feature Is backed by the inclusion of the two ping pong paddles and ping balls. The balls are durable and with paddles that ergonomic features for added comfort during intensive gaming. Users will also appreciate the inclusion of the mesh carry bag which makes it convenient to store your regime.


Further lending to the fully functional design of this table tennis set is that its compact. In this way, it becomes compact to make it simple to set up in seconds and to store as well. Unlike the conventional table tennis sets which tend to be cluttered and heavy, the Franklin table tennis is compact and practical. It is a tailor-made to match your performance needs and with superior design features to match. The added benefit is that it comes with a durable bag which helps you to stay organized.

Multi-use feature

The added benefit of this entire set is that it’s the perfect as a gift for users of all ages. The manufacturers of this set have done well to ensure that every component is made using high-quality materials. More so, it is also ideal for travel or home use, or even as a replacement for your conventional table tennis set. It meets all the values you would appreciate in your ideal gaming set and more.


  • This best table tennis to go set is complete
  • It is also versatile and with adjustable clamps
  • This unit simple to set up and versatile
  • It also comes with an extendable net that stretches 6 feet


  • It takes time to set up the entire set
  • There are only two paddles

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How long does the net stretch?

A: The net can stretch up to as much as 6 feet

Q: What is available for the entire set?

A: The entire set is available with everything you would need including a bag, balls, net, and paddles

Q: Will it attach to an oval table?

A: As long as the lip at the edge of the table is not too thick, it should fit smoothly.

Final verdict

Finally, there is no space for poor decision making especially when it comes to choosing meaningful solutions for spending leisure time. This is why we have prepared this Franklin Sports Table Tennis to Go Review, as the best suggestion for your leisure time needs. It does not matter whether you are experienced or not. This entire set is complete and simple to set up within minutes. As a result, you can enjoy a fun gaming experience with your peers and with a fully functional gaming set.

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