Top 4 Best Ping Pong Backpack Reviews

To carry all your table tennis equipment safely everywhere, you’ll need to invest in high-quality ping pong backpacks. In addition to safe transportation, you can guarantee a stylish and trendy look as well that way.

So, today’s article will focus on the best ping pong backpack reviews in the market as of now. Among these stunning backpacks, I’d highly recommend the Killerspin SVR Rolling Ping Pong Backpack right from the get-go.

It’s lightweight, multi-functional, and, most importantly, ergonomic. Splendid combo to go for if you don’t have much time for checking all the backpacks out intricately.

And if you do have the time, read on to find out more details regarding all four backpacks.

Ping Pong Backpack: Comparison Table

Ping Pong Backpack Reviews

Admittedly, it’s incredibly hard to find quality ping pong backpacks within an affordable range for a number of reasons. But I dove down deep to come up with a list of the best backpack for ping pong accessories just for you.

So, let’s have a look at the detailed reviews and provisions of these backpacks, shall we?

1. # Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack

The Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack tops the list today as the most functional and strategic backpack. It’s sleek, modern, and comes with a considerably large capacity. And the cute buffalo design will never go out of fashion, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Ergonomic Design

It would be ergonomic if I could use a single word to describe the Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack. All the features that this little backpack comes with?

You’ll need every single one of them to last the stressful hours on a ping-pong tour.

Take the adjustable shoulder straps, for instance. Every time you’re a little uncomfortable, you will get to adjust the straps accordingly to ensure enough comfort for your back.

Lightweight Material

It’s good to use lightweight material for backpacks since you’ll have to carry it around most of the time. You’ll readily get tired if it’s super heavy and unstable. However, despite being lightweight, the material should have enough integrity for proper sustainability.

In addition to being lightweight, the material should have anti-scratch, anti-wear, and waterproof properties.

Fortunately, the Buffalo Backpack is manufactured from polyester fabric – a fabric that showcases all these properties. It’s also easy to wipe down. So, if some dirt accidentally gets attached to the backpack, a clean sweep should automatically get rid of them.

Heavy Capacity

Lightweight material with heavy capacity – Eto surely managed to find the perfect equilibrium in their backpacks.

The Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack has a dimension of 16×11.5×8 inches. That’s pretty spacious for a ping-pong backpack.

Multiple Compartments

In addition to the single large compartment, you’ll find three compact pockets inside the backpack. They’re perfect for storing the spare ping pong accessories while you use the large one for the main equipment.

And since they’re made from waterproof material, you don’t have to worry about anything getting dampened. The compartments are breathable enough to store all sorts of documents, books, and even clothing items.


  • Polyester breathable framework material
  • Double shoulder design with adjustable straps
  • Large capacity with multiple compartments


  • Not colorful enough for some customers
  • Might get dirty easily

Looking to know more about the Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack? Click here.

2. # PATINISA Backpack Ping Pong Lightweight Backpacks

The PATINISA Ping Pong Backpack is a great choice for all those people in love with geometric patterns. The design itself is a pretty demographic of the ping-pong table enclosed within an ashy-white background. The color contrast is quite impossible not to like, even if you’re not a fan of monochrome colors.

Spacious Compartments

Spacious compartments are the bread and butter of a ping pong backpack. And as for the PATINISA ping pong backpack, it comes with a dimension of 11.5″ L x 8″ D x 16″ H.

And that’s practically the same as the Buffalo Casual Backpack in all three dimensions. Also, the Buffalo Casual Backpack is our top choice in today’s list of ping pong backpack reviews. So, if you like PATINISA’s design more, it’ll work as a viable option instead of the Buffalo.

Highly Durable

The PATINISA ping pong backpack is manufactured from high-quality polyester. In addition to being lightweight, it’s also waterproof and sturdy.

And as such, it can last long enough before you have to go looking for a different backpack. However, since the color is prominently white, it makes the maintenance procedure much harder.

Multi-functional Design

This backpack’s great for organizing everything meticulously. The front compartment is the largest one, but it comes with many small dividers. Plus, there are a number of distinctive pockets for pens, wallets, cards, etc. as well.

Thus, whether it’s your ping pong accessories or iPad, you can store it all inside this backpack. You can bring it with you to college, tennis clubs and even picnics if you feel like it.

Elasticised Mesh Pockets

The PATINISA backpack comes with elasticized mesh pockets on both sides like regular backpacks. And like regular backpacks, you can use these pockets to store your water bottles, umbrellas, etc. Since they’re elasticized, they’ll keep the items secure during your trips.


  • Suitable for regular usage
  • Low-key monochrome design
  • Spacious and durable


  • Primarily white, so might get dirty easily
  • Needed more suitable pockets

To find out more details regarding the PATINISA ping-pong backpack, click here.

3. # Casual Backpack Table Tennis Bat Sports Bag

If budget is that much of an issue, let me introduce you to the most affordable backpack on today’s list. For around 30 bucks, you can purchase the Casual Sports Bag from Delayer. And for a price that low, this backpacks’ design is straight-up top-notch, and you too will agree.

Compartment Equilibrium

Normally, backpacks come with one large chamber and then a bunch of small ones. So, you end up cramming all the big items in that single large chamber. And that’s a big, in fact, sometimes fatal, if you’re carrying fragile items.

For instance – electronic items like laptops. If you happen to keep a laptop alongside your ping pong accessories, it might not end okay. The metal parts could even scratch out integral parts of the laptop.

And that’s why, this backpack comes with not one or two, but four different compartments. Utilize all of them to keep your personal items and ping pong accessories safe and secure.

Breathable Material

The Delayer Casual Backpack is manufactured using the twill weave procedure. This process is famous for increasing the breathability and functionality of backpacks and luggage bags.

It comes with a braided belt in the bag that’s both soft and comfortable. So, they don’t feel as harsh when you put them on the back. Plus, with the adjustable shoulder straps, you can easily adjust them if they’re too tight.

DIY Customized Patterns

The most invaluable feature of this backpack – it comes in several cool designs and patterns. And all the patterns are so eye-catching and colorful as well.

From blue to bright yellow, there’s an available design for so many pretty colors. As such, if you’re really into colorful accessories, you might want to go for this backpack right away.

Additional Pockets

In addition to the four internal main pockets, this backpack has two side pockets and one zipper pocket. After using the main pockets for your main accessories, you can use the rest to store additional items.

Plus, the two side pockets are great for storing water or juice bottles in case it’s a long trip.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Twill weave colorful pattern
  • Adjustable shoulder straps


  • Could’ve used adjustable compartments
  • Not everyone’s a fan of the DIY touch-up

Click here to get this affordable casual backpack.

4. # Killerspin SVR Rolling Ping Pong Backpack Silver

Lastly, I’ll highly recommend the Killerspin SVR Rolling Ping Pong Backpack as a must-have table tennis backpack. But only if you’re willing to go all out in terms of budget. The Killerspin SVR costs close to 200 bucks, and even then, it’s worth every single penny.

Stylish Design

Stylish is an understatement with this backpack. Back in high school, everyone dreamed of having a rolling backpack just to show it off. And now, you get to make that dream come true for your ping pong accessories.

The Killerspin SVR is a rolling backpack, that too, in the sleek silver color. Despite being considerably expensive, it made it onto today’s best ping pong backpack reviews due to its sheer fashionable design.

Anti-Shock Wheels

Just because it’s extremely stylish, doesn’t mean that the Killerspin SVR is any less functional. It’s equipped with anti-shock PVC wheels that help it to roll around precisely without lagging.

Plus, the anti-shock wheels also double down on the rate of wear progression. As in, it takes longer for the wheels to wear down and become dysfunctional to a certain extent.

Speaking of which, even if they do, you can easily fix them to their former state. And if not, you always have the option to get some fully new wheels to replace the broken ones.

Lightweight Construction

You’d think that a backpack with wheels would, by default, be a lot heavier. But surprisingly, that’s not the case with the Killerspin SVR. It weighs only about 5.5 Pounds.

And even then, the trolley function is going to do all the work for yourself anyway. So, just sit back and enjoy this backpack in all its glory.

Padded Handles

Well, you cannot push around a trolley without proper handles, can you now? Hence, the Killerspin SVR also comes with a stellar handle mechanism to help you out with the strolling.

The primary reason why this handle is stellar – it’s got a padded interface. Since you’ll need to push around the backpack for a long time, it’s important to ensure proper comfort.

Otherwise, you’ll develop calluses on your hand, and that’s certainly not what you want. Thus, the padded handles will keep your hands safe from such calluses and additional injuries.


  • Trolley system
  • Anti-shock wheels
  • Sleek polyester design


  • Pretty expensive
  • Needs heavy maintenance

For more details on the Killerspin SVR, click here.

Final Verdict

And there you have it. The very best ping pong backpacks – reviewed intricately all at once. Hopefully, after reading through all these ping pong backpack reviews, you now know exactly which one to go for.

But if not, here’s another brief rundown just for you. I’d declare the Buffalo Ping-Pong Casual Backpack as the best product for today. It’s reasonably priced, stylish, and most importantly, extremely functional.

The PATINISA one is also a viable option if you’re looking to get something thoroughly waterproof and breathable. And if you want to prioritize outdoor activities, then you can go for the Casual Backpack from Delayer.