Top 10 Best Speed Cube Set Reviews In 2023

Speed cubes or Rubik’s cubes have never failed to amuse anyone as kids. Even as adults, many still enjoy solving these cubes when they’re frustrated. The best speed cube sets can help to center your thoughts and encourage your brain to learn about algorithms.

And the incredible thing is – you can get a 7×7 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube nowadays as well. Hence, if you eventually do outgrow the easy 2×2 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube or 3×3 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube sets, you can always move on to the upper league.

So, can’t decide which speed cube to buy to keep your kid’s developing brain busy and productive? Well, fret not! Today’s article is going to include the 10 Best speed cube set reviews to help out with your decisions.

Best Speed Cube Set: Comparison Table

Constantly solving Rubik’s cubes and increasing the difficulty level helps to consistently shun your brainpower and memory strength. Here’s a brief overview of different bestselling types of Rubik’s cubes in the market:

1. Roxenda Speed Cube Set

The Roxenda Speed Cube Set is your very basic 2×2 and 3×3 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube set. It is the perfect gift for absolute beginners. The surface colors are vivid and dynamic.

The surface is also frosted, i.e. the cube’s easier to hold and doesn’t slip or scratch easily. The pieces are manufactured from ABS eco-friendly material, hence the toy is non-toxic and safe for kids. The pieces are also highly tension-adjustable, so even the naughtiest toddlers will have a hard time breaking them.

Compare to Similar Roxenda Speed Cube Set

2. Coolzon Speed Cube Set

Coolzon is another beginner-friendly brand famous for coming up with preschool puzzles. In addition to the usual 2×2, 3×3, and 4×4 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube sets, they also have Megaminx and Pyraminx high-speed puzzles.

The Coolzon speed cube set comes in a pack of five and is a great gift for pre-schoolers. After mastering the easier ones, they can move right on to the 5×5 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube sets. The smooth transitioning of the pieces helps to improve your solving time. The vibrant ABS pieces are also durable and eco-friendly.

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3. Coogam Moyu Cube Bundle

The Coogam Moyu Cube Bundle includes 3-D puzzles from the 2×2 to the 5×5 range. The improved bundle no longer comes with external stickers.

Instead, they’ve switched to eco-friendly ABS pieces like most other quality and environmentally conscious brands. The lack of stickers also eradicates the possibilities of peel-offs and scratches after months of usage.

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4. D-FantiX Speed Cube Set

If you’re looking for a nice Skewb set, you can try out the D-FantiX Speed Cube Set. This holiday-themed Rubik’s cube set contains four cubes from the 2×2 to 5×5 range.

The fancy box also comes with a reliable handle to carry it everywhere you go. As such, it’s a great gift for pre-schoolers who love to take their puzzles on playdates. The pieces come pre-lubricated and hence, they have great tension adjustability and transitioning.

Best D-FantiX Speed Cube Set

5. Dreampark Speed Cube Set

If you’re looking to go all out, get an all-inclusive Dreampark Speed Cube Set directly. The set comes in a pack of 11 and includes everything from Square-1 to Skewbs.

The set is family-friendly in the sense that it includes Rubik’s cubes for both beginners and professionals. The cubes have non-fading stickers and the pieces come well-lubricated.

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6. STEAM Life Educational Speed Cube Set

The STEAM Life Educational Speed Cube Set is another completely beginner-friendly set. The 2×2 and 3×3 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube sets are mentally stimulating for toddlers.

The cubes have no sticker labels. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the kids chewing on the toxic plastic stickers. The set also includes a Pyraminx cube if you’re looking to solve something more challenging than usual.

STEAM Life Educational Speed Cube Set On Market

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7. Vdealen Speed Cube Set

The Vdealen Speed Cube Set is a dynamic-looking Rubik’s cube set primarily for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

The pieces are recyclable and are adorned with carbon fiber stickers. Furthermore, the eco-friendly design is helpful to preserve both the environment and the health of toddlers. The bright colors are helpful to keep toddlers focused and attentive on solving the cube.

The pieces are highly adjustable and stable, and as such, they don’t pop out easily.

Best Vdealen Speed Cube Set

8. QIYI Speed Cube Set

The QIYI Speed Cube Set contains a five-pack bundle for brain teaser lovers of all ages. The set contains a 6×6 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube, which has been approved for major competitions as well.

The cubes have also passed the USA safety standards and thus, you needn’t worry about the pieces being choking hazards.

The incredible anti-pop ability enables you to solve the puzzles as quickly as you can without breaking the cube.

9. Gejoy 20 Packs Speed Cube Set

From beginner-friendly 1×3, 2×2, 2×3 cubes to professional-grade axis cubes and ivy cubes – the Gejoy 20 Pack set includes them all. The cubes contain reusable and non-toxic ABS materials.

Additionally, the pieces have eco-friendly PVC stickers on top, which are both smooth and heavily scratch-resistant. Even after long-term usage, the cubes show no signs of decline in performance over time. The set is also pretty affordable. Hence, it makes for a great and unique gift to friends and families.

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4 Pieces Stickerless Speed Cube Set 4x4 5x5 6x6 7x7 Stickerless Speed Cube Puzzles Toys Collection
  • Speed cube set: you will receive 4 pieces stickerless speed cubes, contain 4x4 cube, 5x5 cube, 6x6 cube and 7x7 cube in vivid color, turn and twist the sides of the cube so that each of the 6 faces has only 1 color, suitable for most beginners, intermediate and high level players' rest, relax and entertainment
  • Quality and safe material: these stickerless cubes are made of safe and durable ABS material, the molecular structure is stable and impact resistant, which avoids wear and deformation caused by long-term use or performance degradation
  • Multi-faceted development: these magic cube puzzles can cultivate sense of space, increase attention, enhance the abilities of spatial thinking and imagery thinking, also work well for adults to improve overall cognitive ability and release the work pressure, at the same time, help prevent the memory decline in the elderly
  • Nice gift choice: these twist speed cubes will take a fun puzzle game for adults and teenagers with excitement and thrill, whose compact size is convenient for you to carry and play at any time and any place, ideal Christmas or birthday gifts for friends, teens and family, which will not out of date
  • Convenient turning: this cube set uses a more durable design structure to achieve fast and smooth turning, bringing you a good turning feeling; Warm reminder: if you encounter any questions about product quality or use, please contact us in time

10. COOLFUNY Speed Cube Set

Lastly, if you’re looking for adult brain teasers like 7×7 Speed Cube/ Rubik’s Cube sets, COOLFUNY has your back. The COOLFUNY Speed Cube Set is a must-have puzzle set for people who love to solve cube sets.

The molecular structure stability is off the charts with this one. You can aggressively attempt to solve the puzzles in under a minute without worrying about the pieces popping out. The contoured edges with a circular centerpiece improve both adjustability and transitioning.

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Final Verdict

A growing brain needs the right kind of motivation to help it stay active and even improve itself. Playthings like brain teaser puzzles are often the best ways to fuel a growing brain’s hunger for complex activities.

Hopefully, going through the best speed cube set reviews in today’s article has helped you out thoroughly. We tried to include the best Rubik’s cube brands so you’d feel no need to compromise on quality and longevity.

So, without further ado, order away and enjoy solving your brand new brain teasers happily!

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