Top 5 Best Stiga Ping Pong Table Reviews

Ping pong or table tennis is a handy game and a great way to spend time with your friends and families. But what if you have the wrong ping pong table, and it keeps ruining the game? In that case, you need a perfect and robust table. And I am talking about the Best Stiga Ping Pong Table here.

In the world of table tennis, Stiga is a familiar name. The company has been running the business for many decades and has been one of the top ping pong equipment brands.

When you want to enjoy this game, it is essential to have a table that provides proper bounce and has the right length. And Stiga, with their best ping pong table, gives you precisely what you need.

Best Selling Stiga Ping Pong Table

Stiga Ping Pong Table Reviews

After hours of research and going through various Stiga ping pong tables, I have selected 5 of them for today’s article. All of these tables possess robust quality and are effective for an enjoyable ping pong game.

But what are the unique qualities that made them worthy of being in the best Stiga table tennis table list? We will discuss them in the following parts.

1. # STIGA Advantage Professional Table Tennis Tables

It is difficult to say no to a ping pong table that comes in various models. The Stiga Advantage Professional Table Tennis Table is a series of compact, effortless, and efficient tables with safety latches. Each table model comes in different price ranges. So you can choose from whichever meets your budget.

The Frame

The Stiga Advantage ping pong tables have alloy steel frames. Alloy steels are known for their robust performance and more extended durability. They also make the table weigh comparatively less than other material tables. As a result, it helps increase your game performance.

Assembly And Initial Setup

All of these Stiga Advantage tables come 95% pre-assembled. It means you don’t need to spend a lot of time setting everything up. Taking the table out of its box and the rest of the set-up takes only 10 minutes. It is pretty convenient for anyone, whether they are a starter or a pro.

Playing Surface

The tables have a high-density MDF playing surface. They are painted with multiple roller coats. It means the surface is smooth, sturdy, and thick enough to allow proper bounce.

While the Stiga Advantage and ST3600 have ⅝-inch thick tabletop, Stiga Advantage Lite has a ½-inch and the Advantage Pro a ¾-inch thick tabletop. Nevertheless, the surface provides maximum playing performance for a long time.

Easy Storage And Transportation

You can store this table tennis table anywhere. Since the table comes in two separable halves, it is easy for you to fold them and keep them out of sight.

The tables come with 2-4 inches lockable casters. They make transporting the tables easier and quick. The lockable system keeps the table safe whether you are playing or storing it.


With these user-friendly tables, you don’t need to worry about getting the best ping pong robot to enhance your game skill. All of them are designed for professional-level play. That’s why it comes with a design that allows you to separate half of the table for multiple uses. You can also use it for playback so that you can get more practice.

The Legs

Table tennis table legs are among those that play a vital role in making the game perfect. Keeping that in mind, the manufacturer ensures the table stands still on any ground. They made steel legs for their Stiga Advantage tables.

The legs also have a self-opening system. It means the legs will automatically deploy from the storage as you open and close the table. It is both convenient and safe for the players.


  • The table surface provides an impressive level of bounce.
  • The tabletop is also smooth and suitable for new and professional players.
  • These tables come with a safety latch to prevent them from moving whether you are playing or storing them.


  • The table surface is prone to scratches. So it is advisable to use a table cover.
  • The tables are pretty heavy, which makes it a little challenging to move sometimes.

2. # Stiga XTR Series Table Tennis Table

The Stiga XTR series table tennis tables are among the most versatile ones from the brand. These tables are also among the few outdoor ping pong tables the manufacturer has introduced. The tables have suitable surface material, adjustable legs, posts, nets and are easy to use.


The Stiga XTR tables have aluminum/composite. It provides an excellent sturdiness for bouncing the balls. I wouldn’t call the structures the best of all, but these tables are robust enough to play indoors and outdoors.

Along with the tabletop, the wheels are also designed with adjustable levers. When it comes to a reliable design, the Stiga XTR ping pong tables are worth picking.


You can’t help but like the Stiga table tennis tables more because of their folding convenience. The table comes in two parts that you set together or separate as you need. Each separate piece has its own caster beams for more efficient folding. Besides, it makes storing the tables simple, and it does not require a vast space.

Solo Playback

This is another perk of the table’s foldability. Since half of the table is detachable, you can set it up against the front of the other half like a wall.

Now you can play ping pong without needing someone to play against you and without a ping pong robot. This feature comes in handy to practice for long hours for any upcoming game.


The legs and frames of the tables are made of galvanized steel. It makes them less prone to rust and moisture. Besides, there is a coating of zinc to protect them from water. The legs have 2 inches adjustable levers to allow you to set it up on any surface.


You might have noticed that I have described the Stiga XTR tables as outdoor ping pong tables. And outdoor tables have to go through any weather. The good news is that the table surface and frame are built to survive any harsh weather. It is waterproof, sturdy, and suitable for outdoor games any day.

Thick Surface

Since we are talking about Stiga outdoor ping pongs, let’s talk about the surface as well. Outdoor ping pong tables need to be sturdier than indoor ones as they will have to tolerate dust, dirt, and harsh weather.

But as this table has aluminum and plastic composite, it will be compatible with any outdoor situation. Its 1.5 inches tabular steel apron helps the balls bounce across the entire surface.

Nets And Posts

You are getting a 72 inches exterior grade all-weather net and post set. It makes them eligible to be among the best ping pong nets & posts. And I must add that the nets and posts are removable and adjustable. It will take only a few seconds to set up or remove them.


  • The frames are weatherproof and rust-free.
  • Its thick surface provides smooth and bouncing delivery.
  • It takes less than 15 minutes to assemble the entire table.


  • There are thicker tables available in the market.
  • The halves are pretty heavy.

3. # STIGA Expert Roller Table Tennis Table

It is impossible to write about the best Stiga ping pong table and not mention the Stiga Expert Roller Table Tennis Table. It might be more expensive than the previous tables in the list, but it is one of the first choices by the professionals. Though it is made for tournament games, you can still have it for your game room or other indoor institution.


The frame is made like an H shape which is commonly seen in tournaments. The 2.25 inches heavy-duty wood apron design with crossbeams provides the table with maximum stability. The table also meets ITTF regulations, which makes it suitable for any tournaments. The international level design and framing allow the ball to bounce well across the surface.

Wheel Casters

The table has 4 inches ball-bearing wheels. Two wheels come with a locking system to prevent the table from moving whether you play or keep it in the storage. And as you transport the table parts from one place to another, it will feel more like gliding around the surface. So watch yourself when you do it before you get carried away.

Storage And Safety

Since the table is foldable, it is not unusual to worry about the risk of it getting unfolded accidentally. But to avoid such a situation, the Stiga Expert Roller comes with a tabletop lock mechanism. The dual-tension safety latch will prevent the table from unfolding when you keep it in the storage position.

Table Positions

The Stiga Expert Roller has three such positions. The unfolded play position serves the purpose of two or more players to play.

The playback position is for solo games. You fold half of the table like a wall against the other half and play without an opponent. Finally, you fold both sides of the tables to free up space and store it.


The Stiga Expert Roller ping pong tables are made with high-grade tournament-level material and design. The steel chassis in the frame and legs are highly reliable for extended use. Moreover, the professionals also prefer this model for its high-quality performance and longevity.


Assembling the table is probably the only challenging side of this table. While many people avoid buying tables that are tough to assemble, this one can be an exception for you. If you follow the instructions correctly, it will take less time than usual to put everything together.


  • Reinforced design aprons ensure long durability.
  • Easy to fold and lock to store the table in a low space area.
  • Professional quality makes it also reliable for beginners.


  • The table is costly.
  • It doesn’t have any built-in ball or racket holder.

4. # STIGA Premium Compact Table Tennis Table

The Stiga Premium Compact Table Tennis Table is one of those tables that come fully assembled. It takes up comparatively low storage space and is easy to handle. It is an indoor ping pong table and is compatible with international games. There are more top-notch features in this table, and it has excellent playability.

Indoor Use

This Stiga Premium Compact table is suitable for indoor games only. Though it has heavy-duty material, they are not compatible with outdoor dust, debris or weather. Those things can reduce the table’s durability. That’s why most users suggest that this table lasts a long time when you keep it indoors.

Fully Assembled

While the other Stiga Table Tennis Tables come 90%-95% assembled, this one comes 100% complete. You only need to unpack the box and unfold the table to start your game. This feature saves a lot of your time and energy. It is also suitable for anyone looking for a quick ping pong game without going through much trouble.

Single Person Task

Assembling such a table requires more than a pair of hands as ping pong tables tend to be very heavy. But because of Stiga Premium’s user-friendly and fully assembled design, one pair of hands is enough to fold and unfold it.

Assisted Opening With Commercial Piston

Beneath the top of the table, you will find the commercial-grade piston. It is a vital feature to assist you during opening or closing the table. You can use it in one motion without needing any help.

Pulling or pushing the lever will open and close the table. And the direction you are pushing or pulling it will determine whether you want to open or close it.


What can be better than a ping pong table that the International Table Tennis Federation approves? That’s right. This tabletop meets all the essential international tournament regulations.

The surface is perfectly sanded and has multiple coats of specialized paint. It has a layer of transparent paint on top of each specialized one for a smoother finish.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Legs

The Stiga Premium ping pong table does not care if you have placed it on an uneven surface. Each leg of this table has heavy-gauge steel legs with levers. The benefit of such a design is that you can adjust the corners of the ping pong table. You can set up the table perfectly even if the floor or the surface under the legs are not even.


  • Top-notch table tennis table for tournaments or international sports events.
  • Multiple layers of paint and coating give you a smooth surface to bounce the ball.
  • The fully assembled table saves a lot of time.


  • It is heavy.
  • It does not have a solo playback feature.

5. # STIGA STS520 Indoor Table Tennis Table

The best Stiga Ping Pong Table review will be incomplete without the Stiga STS520 Indoor Table Tennis Table. It is a robust table with designs that serves various purposes, along with having high-quality material. This table is perfect for indoor environments and solo practice. Moreover, it comes with safety and user-friendly features and improves your ping pong game skill.

Corner Protection

It is natural to move around a lot during a ping pong match. And if you are not careful, the table corners can end up hurting you or an aimlessly running kid. The manufacturer has provided the table with 3D molded plastic corner protections to prevent such unexpected occurrences from happening. It eliminates the possibility of any scratching or snagging.

Ball Storage

Another unique feature of this impressive table is its full-length ball storage. You will find it on each side of the table, tight under its sides. The advantage of having this feature is that you can change balls without moving from your spot. Besides, it saves your gaming time as you get to change balls without taking any breaks.

Lockable Wheels

Stiga Ping Pong tables are not exactly the most lightweight tables. And moving a heavy table needs strong-built wheels for smooth transportation. In this ping pong table, you will get 5 inches Mag ball-bearing wheels. It is the perfect solution for efficient movement, and its two locking wheels keep the table secure in its place.


This Stiga STS520 ping pong table’s solo playability feature is what you need sometimes. We all want to enjoy solo game time from time to time. And with the half table foldability feature, you can make that happen.

Just fold half of the table and put it in front of the other half. Now it will work as an opponent for you as you play.

Reinforced Surface

This table also has a professional-level playing surface. The tabletop is 1 inch thick, which meets international tournament standards. The surface also has silk-screen stripping that makes sure that the table does not have any dead spots.


  • The table has in-built ball storage for playing efficiency.
  • Its 3D corner protection works as a safety feature to prevent injury.
  • The surface coating offers excellent bouncing during the game.
  • It meets international standards and offers maximum performance.


  • It takes an hour or more to assemble the table.
  • It is not suitable for the outdoor environment.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. 1. What Is The Best Surface For A Ping Pong Table?

Answer: Plywood is a popular material to make ping pong tables, especially if you are doing DIY. This material is an excellent choice for indoor ping pong games, as long as the surface is well-made. To ensure your ping pong table has the best surface area, make sure it has the following.

  • Wood: Plywood comes in three different types: pine, spruce, and fir. Any of these three are suitable for a perfect ping pong table as they are softwood. There is hardwood plywood to make ping pong tables. However, such tables do not need to be too strong.
  • Size: The table’s surface size plays a significant role in the game (no pun intended). Without the right size, it will become challenging to play. A perfect table measures five feet by nine feet. The plywood should be one or ¾ of an inch thick.
  • Finishing: A rough surface is not suitable for a ping pong table. To avoid getting such a table, make sure it is perfectly sanded, and the surface feels smooth. It should have a matte finish.

Q. 2. Which Company Table Tennis Table Is Best?

Answer: Table tennis is a popular indoor game across the world. But nowadays, this indoor game is moving outdoors from time to time. So keeping everything in mind, the manufacturers are also competing to make the best ping pong tables. And the following companies are among the renowned names.

  • Stiga: Stiga has been in the limelight for decades. Many players want the best Stiga ping pong table, and the brand has never disappointed them. You will find the most robust ping pong tables of different price ranges from Stiga.
  • Joola: If you are looking for the best cheap ping pong table, I recommend starting with Joola. Other than having budget-friendly tables, this company has some of the top-notch tables.
  • Butterfly: Just like Stiga, Butterfly also sells ping pong tables for both beginners and professionals. This company ensures you get excellent material for flawless delivery.

Q. 3. Where Is Stiga Ping Pong Table Made?

Answer: Stig Hjelmquist founded the company in 1934, Sweden. But it was an import/wholesale company at that time. Later in 1944, Stiga began manufacturing ping pong accessories and continues to do so.

The Stiga tables are still made in Sweden. On the other hand, the Stiga ping pong rubbers are made in Japan, while the rackets, balls, and bags come from China. And Stiga is also famous for making the best ping pong balls and the best ping pong paddle.

Final Verdict

It is challenging to pick from all these exceptional quality tables when choosing the best Stiga ping pong table. But I always recommend going for the one that meets both your budget and feature requirements.

Pay good attention to the surface quality and look for the best ping pong conversion top for better performance. Without it, the balls will not bounce perfectly. As long as the frame is made with high-grade material and has adjustable features, you are good to go.