Top 10 Best Jigsaw Puzzle Glue in 2023

Your endless hours with a jigsaw puzzle become worth spending when you finally solve the entire puzzle. But what do you do after you are done with it?

Puzzle pieces are delicate, and you certainly don’t want to ruin your hours of work. Be a little clumsy, and the entire puzzle will come apart. That’s why gluing the pieces is the best option for you.

People these days upcycle puzzles to use them as decorations and artworks. But the challenging part in this is to find the best puzzle glue.

Best Selling Puzzle Glue

Top 10 Best Puzzle Glue Reviews

There are so many types of puzzle glues available. But not all of them will give you the best result. My team and I explored a little bit to find some of the best puzzle glues and review them. You can check out the rest of this article to find the best puzzle glue for you.

1. Mod Podge CS15068 Puzzle Saver

Mod Podge is a well-known brand among puzzle lovers. This brand provides the best puzzle glue because it is suitable for kids, covers every tiny curve & corner, and lasts an incredibly long time. Besides, it is easy to apply and clean.


Mod Podge is a water-based sealer and does not contain any toxic chemicals. So if you are concerned about your kids using puzzle glue, you can let them use this glue without worry.


It is a multi-purpose product. It works as a sealant, glue, and finish. So you don’t need to use anything more to upcycle the glue. The sealant creates a strong adhesive to ensure the glue sticks properly.


This water-based puzzle glue comes with various finishing choices. This one will leave a hard and glossy finish to give a clear appearance to your puzzle pieces.

Drying Time And Cleanup

Mod Podge offers a quick-drying formula to ensure the glue dries quickly and effectively. And even if you end up creating a small mess around it, you can clean it up using soap and water.


  • Strong adhesive ensures long-lasting work
  • Dries up quickly and is easy to clean
  • It is a non-toxic glue and safe to use
  • It works as a sealant and leaves a glossy finish look
  • Enough glue to use on four 1000-piece puzzles


  • Does not come with a glue applicator
  • Need to apply multiple coatings as the glue is thin

2. MasterPieces 81319 Puzzle Glue

If you would rather choose smaller packs of puzzle glues with an applicator, you can pick this MasterPieces puzzle glue. This glue is strong, suitable for use on multiple puzzles, and leaves a clear finish. It is suitable for making your gluing work appear like a job done by a pro.

Ease Of Use

The MasterPieces is easy to apply. Thanks to the plastic spreader it comes with. The spreader is wide enough to apply all over the puzzle.


The glue contains anti-streak. It means even if you are not experienced with puzzle glue, you can apply it without worrying about not doing it right. This glue is strong enough to hold the puzzle pieces together.


The glue is neither too thick nor too thin. This quality saves you from spending more glue by spreading several layers. In the end, you get a satisfying result as the puzzle looks glossier under the transparent layer.


It is a non-toxic glue and safe for anyone to use. However, the instructions suggest it for users of age 13 and above.

Drying Time

The glue takes around half an hour before it begins to thicken. And it takes at least 3 hours to dry. But you need to leave it for half a day or a full day before you touch it. So the drying time is usually pretty long.


  • Two-pack glues are enough for several puzzles
  • Comes with a glue spreader
  • Leaves a durable clear finish


  • Takes a little longer to dry
  • As the glue easily spills over, there can be a lot of wastage

3. Sunsout Puzzle Preserver Glue

We could not help but like the Sunsout Puzzle Preserver Glue. It is simple to use and dries out quickly to give puzzles a vibrant look. What we liked most about this glue is that it comes with a brush that is right in the lid.


The Sunsout puzzle glue comes with an application brush. The best part about it is that the brush is attached to the glue bottle’s lid. So you don’t have to look for the brush every time you need to apply the glue.


The glue is thick enough to complete the job in one layer. However, depending on how you apply it, you may need to apply a second coating. But it is better to use two coats on both the back and front of the puzzle to make it more durable.


This non-toxic glue does not contain any foul smell, making it safe to use. You don’t have to take a lot of precautions to use it.


The bottle contains 4 ounces of liquid puzzle glue. It is enough for two 1000-piece puzzles. But if you are using double coatings, the amount might not be enough. But if we judge it by its price, the quantity is satisfying enough.


  • The glue dries pretty quickly and leaves a crystal clear look
  • Barely needs a second coating to make it last longer
  • Comes with an application brush attached to the glue bottle lid


  • The application brush is not of good quality
  • Only one coat may not be enough to hold the pieces

4. EuroGraphics Smart-Puzzle Glue

EuroGraphics 8955-0103 Smart-Puzzle glue is exceptional both in its appearance and effectiveness. This puzzle-shaped glue bottle comes with enough glue to let you preserve several puzzles. And in the end, it leaves a durable and shiny look.


This 6-ounce or 180ml liquid glue can easily cover three 1000-piece puzzles. It means you will have plenty of glue to give your favorite solved puzzles an eternal framing.


The glue bottle comes with a pretty large puzzle-shaped yellow plastic glue spreader. The benefit of this spreader is that it will help cover more areas at one go. This feature will also ensure the glue reaches every area evenly.


Look at that cute little glue bottle. Its puzzle-shaped design is convenient for all users. The round shape in the middle helps you hold the bottle comfortably to pour the glue. Moreover, the glue is toxic-free and suitable for young users as well.


At first, the glue may look too thick. But as it starts to set in and dry, you will notice the glue becoming more transparent. In the end, your puzzle will look shiny with a glossy finish.


  • The glue bottle design is convenient for users
  • The large plastic applicator ensures even glue spreading
  • Enough quantity to put together several puzzles
  • Leaves a glossy finish
  • Safe for young and adult users


  • Requires multiple coatings to get a better result
  • Some users did not receive the applicator

5. Mod Podge CS11302 Waterbase Sealer

We have already spoken of Mod Podge puzzle glue in the beginning. While the previous one was small and for touch, this one is entirely opposite. This puzzle glue is for those who want a matte finish and a stronger glue for more puzzles. On top of that, you get more glue at less price.


It is a strong and durable glue. While one coating can be enough, you can use two coatings to ensure more effectiveness. Give the glue enough time to dry, and your puzzle will get a matte finish.


Mod Podge puzzle glue is reliable because they are safe for everyone. It does not contain any toxic formula that can be harmful. Moreover, the glue will not leave any foul odor when you spread it on the puzzle or afterward.

Drying Time

Mod Podge sealer takes only 2-3 hours to dry. It is comparatively less time than most other puzzle glues. But we recommend leaving the puzzle for 7-8 hours before touching it. It will help the inner glue dry completely.

Cleaning Convenience

This glue is also popular for its easy-to-clean quality. If it dries up in unexpected places, you can clean it with soap and water.


The Mod Podge CS11302 is a 16-pound bottle. So compared to our first reviewed Mod Podge puzzle glue, this one is double. So it means you will be able to glue more puzzles than usual. And it all comes at a low price.


  • The glue has been made of strong adhesive for lasting a long time
  • Suitable for covering both sides of several puzzles
  • Dries pretty quick and is easy to clean


  • Does not come with an applicator
  • The matte finish might show some imperfections

6. PuzzleWorx Easy-On Applicator Puzzle Glue

Little did we know that PuzzleWorx was not kidding when they said it dries fast. This glue is super strong when it comes to preserving solved puzzles. It is kids friendly, and the package comes with enough glue to mess around a little.

Drying Time

How many puzzle glues have you seen that dries up in an hour or two? That’s right! It takes only one to two hours for the glue to start drying. But a slight disadvantage of a super-quick drying glue is that you need to apply the glue a little faster.

Application Ease

This glue dries quickly because of the way you get to apply it. Its package comes with a plastic glue applicator to ensure the glue gets evenly distributed and reaches every curve and the places in between.


You can apply this puzzle glue in two small steps. Just pour some glue on the puzzle after completing it and spread it all over with an applicator. To get a better and eye-catching result, you can apply a second coat.


PuzzleWorx glues are 100% non-toxic. It is tested and certified by ASTM to ensure safety. It means the glue will not cause any skin or eye irritation or release any odor.


  • This two-in-one package deal will help you glue more than one puzzle.
  • Comes with an applicator
  • Dries up really fast
  • Safe to use and has safety-test certification
  • Barely requires a second layer


  • Less glue compared to the price
  • Not suitable for children under the age of 8

7. PHILODOGS Jigsaw Puzzle Glue with Applicator

When it comes to advanced glue application, Philodogs is always a step ahead of most others. Its puzzle glue is strong, durable, and perfect for making a frame-worthy finishing look. Moreover, if you want a glue that won’t make any mess, the Philodogs glue is suitable.


This puzzle glue applicator contains Polyvinyl acetate (PVA) as raw material. This material is non-toxic and 100% environment-friendly. The glue also went through safety testing and was certified as safe for children as well.

Application Ease

Applying this glue is hassle-free as you don’t have to pour the glue on the puzzle. An applicator is included in the bottle. So you only need to hold it down like a pen and use stroke motions to apply the glue.


After the glue dries, it leaves a permanent glossy finish on the puzzle. The strong adhesive will preserve the puzzle for the longest time. And the best part of it is that the glue or its applicator will not leave any stroke mark.


It is a 120ml glue container suitable for working on at least two to three 1000-piece puzzles. And some glue is left, you can use it on other things as it also works perfectly on paper, picture books, etc.


  • Suitable for use on multiple projects
  • The glue is streak-free and easy to apply
  • Does not create any mess
  • Comes with an environment-friendly applicator


  • May need several applications, which makes the glue run out fast
  • Might not work on thick puzzles

8. Ravensburger Puzzle Conserver

Foam or sponge applicators have been a game-changer for ages. Even puzzle glues have them these days. And Ravensburger made sure their durable puzzle glue also comes with such an applicator. This user-friendly glue container will make sure you get to apply glue evenly and effectively.


The neck of the glue container has puzzle-like curved designs on the surface. So the user will get a comfortable grip without worrying about dropping the container accidentally. This will prevent an unexpected mess when you apply the glue.


You will get a sponge attached to the glue container and use it as an applicator. It is soft enough to spread the glue without leaving any marks on the puzzle. But be careful about not leaving any bubbles.


If you are purchasing this glue, be ready to experience more than you have expected. The glue is strong enough to hold the pieces together permanently. It can cover two to three puzzles, depending on the number of pieces they have.

Drying and Cleaning

It takes only around an hour for the glue to start drying and hardening. Only a very few puzzle glues work this faster. But it is better to leave the puzzle alone for a few more hours just to be sure. And you can clean the sponge with water after every use.


  • The glue dries and hardens really fast
  • Leaves a clean and glossy finish
  • Easy to apply glue with the sponge applicator


  • Need to have something at the back of the puzzle so that the pieces won’t stick
  • Doesn’t make the pieces rigid

9. Craft Medley GL600 Non-Toxic Puzzle Saver

The Craft Medley GL600 puzzle saver is a nice option for anyone looking for tough puzzle glue. It might not be on the top of our best puzzle glue list, but it is good enough to be among our top picks.


You cannot dislike this Craft Medley glue. It works as a glue, sealer, and finish. So this three-in-one quality ensures a better and shiny finish with a permanent feature at your home.


It does not come with a separate glue applicator because the applicator is inside the bottle. The trowel applicator comes as a part of the lid. We wouldn’t call it very effective for applying glue evenly or comfortably, but it works well enough if you can handle it.


The glue is entirely free of any toxic material. So there are no age restrictions regarding its use. Nevertheless, it is safer to keep toddlers away from such glues.

Adhesive Strength

This multi-function glue is very strong. It ensures the puzzle pieces stick permanently. So the glue is suitable for anyone who plans to hang it.


  • Long-lasting glue for durable work
  • Comes with an applicator attached to the lid
  • Suitable for multiple coatings


  • The applicator is tough to use
  • The instruction manual is lacking

10. Anatolian 148 ml Shiny Jigsaw Puzzle Glue Multicolor

Anatolian Shiny puzzle glue is a low price but highly effective glue. You can apply it to more than one big puzzle, and it comes with an applicator. Moreover, this Anatolian Shiny puzzle glue dries pretty fast. If you are satisfied with a half-glossy finish, you can check out our final pick.

Half Glossy Finish

This glue leaves a half glossy finish once it dries. So if you are expecting a matte or glossy finish, this might not be the glue you need.

Drying Time

The Anatolian Shiny puzzle glue takes only an hour to dry. It is very impressive, judging by the fact that most puzzle glues take several hours to dry inside out. But it would be best if you left the puzzle for some more time just to be safe.


It is unlikely that you will finish off the entire glue container in one go. It is suitable to use on at least three 1000-piece puzzles. And if there is any glue left, you can use it on various art and craft projects.


The glue is strong enough to hold all your puzzle pieces together permanently. Unlike low-quality glues, this one will not wear off or make puzzle pieces come out.


  • Low-price but powerful adhesive
  • Suitable for use on multiple projects
  • Comes with an applicator


  • May require several coatings

Best Puzzle Glue – Buyer’s Guide

How do you know if you are getting the right puzzle glue? Well, the trick lies in knowing some factors that play necessary roles in doing the job right.

The most important thing to ensure is that the glue should be easy to apply, does not take a lot of time to dry, leaves a smooth look, etc. Here are a few things that you should consider before buying puzzle glue.

Ease To Use

If the glue looks like it will be another crafting project, avoid it at any cost. The best puzzle glue should be easy to use and will not make you go through any hassle.

Puzzle glues come in various application systems, such as brush applicators, foam brushes, plastic spreaders, etc. Choose an option that seems easier to you. It will help you apply the glue without a lot of stress and will prevent making a mess.

Adhesive Strength

Will the glue last a long time? The answer will tell you whether the puzzle glue is strong enough to hold the pieces together. If it is weak, the adhesive will wear off soon, and the pieces will start falling off.

The entire purpose of using puzzle glue is to upcycle your hours of work. So don’t let a poor-quality glue ruin it. You can look for the ones that come from renowned brands.

Cleanup And Dry Time

Gluing together hundreds and thousands of puzzle pieces is not a simple job. So when it is time to apply glue on them, the less messy it gets, the better. You can consider purchasing puzzle glue that can be cleaned easily using soap and water.

The drying time is always different for puzzle glues. The package will mention how long it will take for the glue to dry. But even if it feels dry as you touch the surface, the glue between the pieces may still need time.


Puzzle pieces are for everyone, regardless of their age. So whether an adult or a child is using puzzle glue, it is mandatory to ensure safety. Some puzzle glues are toxic and unhealthy when you breathe them in. And a toxic glue can cause skin, nose, and eye irritation.

That’s why you should purchase non-toxic glue. But how would you recognize such glues? Check for FSC, ASTM, and AP certification on the label.

Value For Money

The money you are spending after that glue needs to be worth spending. Yes, we know that such glue does not cost a fortune. Still, no one wants to spend their penny on something that turns out to be a waste.

If you want the puzzle glue to be worth its value, consider the previously mentioned qualities. The glue that comes with all those qualities will be the right puzzle glue.

Final Verdict

Anyone who loves solving puzzles knows what it feels like to complete one and keep it intact to show off like displaying a trophy.

To ensure the puzzle pieces stay together when applying the glue, you can proceed with your puzzle game using the best puzzle mat or the best puzzle table. That will help keep the glue application process more efficient.

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