Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Are you an ardent ping pong lover? Are you looking for the best paddle? If so, you have come to the right place. Stiga Pro Carbon is a superior quality and ergonomically designed paddle. It is designed to increase your speed, as it can fit your hands very well. The paddle does not only improve your power, you can play your favorite game for hours without getting worried.

This is the most comfortable Ping Pong Paddle on the market today. It is designed with the finest quality material using the most advanced carbon tech technology.

The product is rated top in terms of control, spin, and speed. The paddle is specially designed with two layers of carbon. It is firm and responds very fast.

It does not matter whether you are an expert or inexperienced player; you are going to like using this great paddle.

The paddle is a great product as you can see from the unique features. Here are some of the great attributes.

Beautifully designed

The Stiga Pro carbon table tennis racket is beautifully designed. Because of that, it looks great in appearance. Because of the attractive design, many people liked using it, as it is very pleasing to the eyes. When you inspect the product closely, you noticed the improved production process. The racket is like no other. It is responsive and facilitates your playing speed. Apart from looking very attractive, the product satisfies all performance requirements. Because of this unique feature, it can create a perfect ball spin, which can help you win any competition.

Superior quality construction

Another great attribute of this product is the superior quality construction. It is a lightweight product. This is understandable as it was produced from a superior quality lightwood. Because of that, it is designed for a long-term play. If you are going for a competition, you can always make do with the product because it can withstand any kind of challenge it is subjected to. It uses the unique type of rubber, which is ITTF approved. The important thing about this rubber is that you can easily replace it when it wears down.

ITTF approved

This is one of the few table tennis rackets approved by the ITTF. ITTF stands for the International Table Tennis Federation. It was approved because it satisfies all the requirements set by the federation. Because of that, it is most suitable for international matches. It is equally the best for local and national matches. The brand was approved because of the high-performance rating. In terms of control, it is rated eighty by tennis players. In terms of speed, it is rated 99. The brand remains the best spinning paddle as it is rated one hundred percent.

Superior technology

If you want to understand the features that stand the product out, you have to consider the technology behind the racket. The point of balance is unique because it shifts to the place it contacts with the ball. Moreover, the rate of recovery is unique. There is always an improved recovery once you hit the ball with the paddle. This is because of the decrease in blade weight, and this can actually improve the ballpoint contact. Most importantly, it is designed with superior quality Balsa technology. It was designed with lightweight balsa wood and this increases the ball playing speed.


  • Good handle for better control
  • The paddle is ITTF approved
  • The paddle features a perfect and plain surface
  • The color is very beautiful and that makes it very attractive for users
  • This racket is the perfect size
  • It is a high performing table tennis racket as can be seen in the power and speed
  • Designed with high-end carbon technology
  • It was designed with 7 ply extra light blade
  • It is lightweight because of the type of wood material


  • It has heavy handle, because of that you have a better grip of the paddle
  • Lightweight blade: The blade is ultra lightweight this helps improve the performance
  • Better control: Furthermore, it makes for better control and that is why you can perform better with it
  • Speed: It plays at a faster speed and that is why you can do better in any type of competition.


  • The racket is one of the best in the market and as such users are satisfied with it. Here are some of the complaints
  • It performs better in loops than soft shots
  • Because of the heavier handle, it takes time to master it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this paddle be used for outdoor purposes?

A: Yes, the paddle is designed for outdoor. It is a perfect ping-pong paddle and suitable for the outdoor purpose.

Q: What is the weight of the paddle?

A: The weight of the paddle is 185 grams. It does not weight much as it was designed with lightwood material.

Q: Where is it manufactured from?

A: This high-end paddle is manufactured in Sweden. It can be shipped to many parts of the world including the United States of America.

Final Verdict

It is obvious from the features above that Stiga Pro Carbon is the best paddle for table tennis players. If you consider the features, you discover that it is one of the best that you can lay your hands on the market today. It is a high performing racket, as it is easy to control. It spins the ball very well and puts you in a vantage position to win in any match. The product is suitable for different kinds of tournaments. Because of the superior quality, it was approved by the ITTF. Any money you spend on the product is clearly worth it. It is highly recommended.

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