Best Ping Pong Table Under $500

Are you looking for best ping pong table under 500 dollars? Are you a table tennis fun who want to bring the game in your games room? If so, you might be thinking about getting a ping pong table. However, the question that will be running in your mind is how to get the best ping pong table among the variety available on the market. Moreover, you may want a table on a limited budget which will lead to you searching for the best table tennis within your budget.

In this article, I have reviewed the best ping pong table under 500. These tables incorporate features that make them durable, portable, easy to install, and convenient to use based on a variety of functions. Therefore, I urge you to read through to the end and ensure that you can use the buyer’s guide provided to determine if you will get the best table tennis table to meet your needs.

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Best Ping Pong Table Under $500 Reviews

Without further do, let us take a look at some of the best ping pong tables within the 500 range.

1. JOOLA Inside 15mm Table Tennis Table

Featuring a durable 5/8″ thick medium density fiberboard multi-layer painted surface, JOOLA Inside is not only built to last but also provide you with a reliable and consistent ball bounce. The board lies on thick steel legs with height adjusters to assure you of having a level playing surface at all times.

It comes as a set of two separate table halves. You can set the halves in a playback position so that you can practice individually. As such, you will never require having a friend at all times during a game.

The table is easy to move from one place to another. Thanks to its sturdy undercarriage that consists of 3″ locking caster wheels and foldable 1.5″ steel legs. The caster wheels glide easily making moving the table simple. Whats more is that the locking mechanism featured on the wheels enhance stability when playing and safety when storing to ensure that the table will never move out of place. Additionally, it includes a safety latch that prevents the table from opening unexpectedly when stored or moving.

Included in the set of the table is a clamp-style net with tension adjustments. As such, you can be sure to set up your table faster and easily before each gameplay. Additionally, it comes with solid steel legs. These assure you of having a sturdy surface when playing and a table that will last for years. The legs feature rubber leg levelers to ensure that they will never scratch your floors, while they enable you to benefit from an even playing surface at all times.


♦ Sturdy and well made

♦ Well packaged and protected

♦ Solid and tight net

♦ Outside leg height is adjustable

♦ Great and attractive design

♦ Easy to store and assemble


♦ Quite heavy

♦ Misleading instruction

2. Butterfly Junior 3/4 Size Table Tennis Table

Butterfly Junior is a fully preassembled table that eliminates the need for assembly before each game play. It is 3/4 in size compared to regulation tables so that it fits in smaller spaces. Whats more, it features a 12mm top that is thicker than smaller tables to assure you of getting a better bounce of the balls.

The table includes corner pads on its four sides to protect you hurting after hitting on the sides. This also makes it safe for use in a room where kids frequently attend to protect them from hurting after hitting on the sides.

The table comes in two halves making transportation easy. Additionally, each half lies on stable and foldable legs that fold on each half making it even easier to carry. Due to the featured wheels on each of the halves, you can be sure to use minimal effort when carrying your table. It comes with a clip net set making it a ready-to-use ping pong table. You can get the table in blue or green colors.


♦ Sturdy nice design.

♦ Reasonably priced

♦ Easy to set up and take down

♦ Fits excellently in limited spaces


♦ Lacks offset wheels

3. Milliard Midsize Ping Pong Table

Milliard Midsize is one of the best ping-pong tables that will not only help you save money but time as well. It comes while full assembled meaning that you will not need to get to the store to get assembly tools to get it ready for game play.

With it, you simply need to fold open the legs, latch the halves, secure the nets and get on with the play.

What’s more is that you can be sure only to spend the amount you use to purchase the table since it comes with all the stuff need for the play. Included in its set are paddles, balls and the net. Hence, you only need to get company and start playing in minutes.

The table features a space-saving design making it ideal for use in small spaces. Each of its halves separates easily when the legs fold up on the halves making storage easy.

It is built to last and contains reinforced legs to assure you that it will not wobble or collapse when in use. The legs include rubber grips on the bottom to protect your surfaces from scratching. The table is also lightweight so that it is easy for you to maneuver it to the place you want to use it.


♦ Easy to setup

♦ Comes with balls and a racket

♦ Affordable

♦ Solid construction

♦ Ball bounces easily


 ♦ Color isn’t great

4. Harvil I, Indoor Table Tennis Table

Are you looking for a smooth and reliable ping pong table to add to your games rooms? If so, Harvil I, Indoor Table Tennis Table is one of the best tables to give a try.

It features a solid design where the tabletop features a smooth wood playing surface making it reliable for you to use.

What’s more is that it is supported by a powder coated steel frame. This guarantees durability since it will never last or corrode so that it can last for an extended period.

The table features a playback mode where you can fold it in half for a personal gameplay. This makes it ideal for use during practicing sessions and when you do not want to involve other individuals in the play.

It includes a folding feature to enable you to have an easy time when you want to store it. This also makes it convenient for use by people with small room spaces.

The table comes with convenient locking wheels that make it portable while enhancing a secure setup.


♦ Sets up easily

♦ Great size

♦ Good price

♦ Sturdy construction

♦ Comes with paddles and balls

♦ Solid color on top surface


♦ Heavy

♦ Takes some time to set up

5. Butterfly personal table tennis table

The Butterfly personal rollaway table is a very popular and affordable fold and roll table tennis table. The ¾ inch playing surface comprises mainly of melamine resin, which allows for a surface that is essentially lightweight and plays closer to wood than some other outdoor surface.

It`s got a nice steel rolling rim which is about 1-1/2 inches and 1 inches steel legs.

It is very convenient and folds up really nice and small (about 2feet wide) with a large 5 inches ball bearing wheels that make it an easy to roll out into position.

While it may be difficult to assemble at first, you will find it easier as time goes by and you get used to it. It is also backed by three-year warranty.

Best Ping Pong Table Under $500 – Buyers Guide

1. Size

How much space do you have to hold the ping pong table? This is the first question to answer when you want to purchase the best ping pong table. After all, it would be of any use getting a table that will not fit into the space you have available since you might as well have to store it until you can get the perfect room space. So, begin by measuring the room you have available, and search for a table that will fit into space. Make sure that it will conveniently fit into the space available while leaving enough space for you and your partner to move through.

2. Durability

What does the construction materials of the table tell you about its sturdiness? Note that the only way to make the best investment is to buy a ping pong table that will last for years to come. It would not be right to buy a table that will require you to replace it all through since you will end up losing more especially when it is for use at home. So, ensure that it features a durable playing surface that will not scratch, wear out, or tear due to intense gaming. Also, make sure that its support is made of sturdy metal that will last for years without rusting, breaking, or corroding.

3. Assembly Process

Some ping pong tables come when fully assembled so that you will only require attaching the net. On the other hand, you will get others that are not fully assembled, meaning that you will need to get assembly tools and spend some time fixing them. As such, you will need to determine the right choice for you. If you do not have an experience in assembling these table, better opt for the fully assembled type although it may cost more. On the other hand, if you are sure that you can join the table in a short time, going for one that is not fully assembled may be the right way to go since this comes with some savings.

4. Portability

Do you expect to buy a mobile or stationary table? If you want a movable ping pong table, you will need to get a table that is lightweight to allow you to carry it with a lot of ease. Moreover, you will want it to have a foldable design since this makes it easier for you to carry. Whats more, getting a table with wheels makes a better choice since you will only have to roll it to its designated place without having to lift. So, check for all these inclusions especially when you do not expect to use the table in the games room.

5. Legs sturdiness and leveling

When you want to buy the best ping pong table, you will want to get a table that will remain in place when using without wobbling. As such, seek to find out the sturdiness of the base. Ensure that it will not move around even during the intense playtime since this is the only way to get the maximum enjoyment out of the game. Moreover, check to see if it features leg levelers for use on uneven ground. A table with a base that features levelers on its legs makes the best choice especially for portable tables to ensure that they will provide an even playing surface even when placed on an uneven play area.

6. Other considerations

Besides the factors listed above, you will want to find out if the table features a rubberized surface. A table with protectors on its legs makes a better option since this prevent the floors from scratching. What’s more, consider the safety of the table. For instance, you will want to check if it features a safety latch to prevent it from opening accidentally when folded. Moreover, you will want to find out if it includes a locking mechanism on the wheels to prevent it from moving out of place. More to that, you may want a table with corner pads especially in those rooms that kids play a lot. So, be sure to check for these features before making a decision.

7. Price

Finally, you will want to consider the cost after getting tables that include the features above. After all, your final decision depends on what you can afford. A quick tip to getting a table within your budget under $500 is to ensure that you pay only for those features that you need your ping pong table to include. Remember, the more the features, the higher the price you will pay. So, pay for what that is necessary since that is the only way for you to save.

Final Verdict

I hope that the review above has been used to help you determine the best ping pong table to purchase for the best value of money.

I recommend that you give a try to the tables reviewed above especially if you are looking forward to buying the best ping pong table under 500. The tables above include lots of features to guarantee the best and most comfortable playtime. So, check the features that each of the tables includes and after that determine the best ping pong table to buy based on the provided buying guide.

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