Best 3×3 Speed Cube in 2023

Enhancing your mind, thinking, and speed, get introduced to the 10 best speed cubes and manufacturers. A Rubik cube or speed cube is a 3-D puzzle where multiple combinations lie. But there is only one solution to solve the puzzle. Rubik cubes are such handy games that are played by kids to age-old.

There are thousands of well-reputed companies which manufacture speed cubes in various shapes. Even the size, view, combination etc of a rubik’s cube comes with attractively. So, the kids and young people are fascinated with the playing object easily. On the other hand, a rubik’s cube is not only a simple puzzle. It requires the brain’s working hard to solve the puzzle.

Even more, a gamer’s patience, enthusiasm, etc are also needed. It is far better than computer games. By solving speed cubes a gamer can improve his brain function, intelligence, activism, memory and so on. Therefore, we have researched various rubik’s cube’s manufacturers and their products.

After reviewing the product specification, customer feedback, and experience, we have come to the top ten cubes. The players are intended to buy some extraordinary speed cube at a reasonable price; they can consider the puzzles. Moreover, buyers’ guides are there to navigate to the right speed cube.

Best Speed Cube 2022

Top 10 Best 3×3 Rubik’s Cube Reviews

Solving puzzle-like speed cubes is a fun and free-time activity. According to gamers’ choices, various types of rubik’s cubes are picked up here. So, a player can find his desired puzzle. Even the cubes are qualities, attractive, and come in numerous shapes and sizes. So, have a glance at the ten best speed cube below:

1. SpeedRipper Air: Tournament Black 3×3 Speed Cube

SpeedRipper 3×3 Cube is a fine, constructive and attractive designed rubik cube. Constructionally, the speed cube is the best cube for practicing or learning the puzzle game. Even more, it is suitable for both newbies and professionals. The design of the cube comes with multiple colors, which easily attracts kids, youngers, and others. So, anyone who would like to participate in any championship can train themselves with the puzzle.

Apart from this, the cube is made with ABS material for longevity, and it is eco-friendly. Therefore, the cube is flexible to turn, twist and reverse. 3×3 speed cube is easy to learn, understand, and the world’s popular form. Moreover, the cube can be turned at a 45-degree angle from the corner. It offers smooth corner-cutting. But the speed cube doesn’t pop out while turning.

Whereas others cube has the major issue of popping out for quick rotation. So, take your time and make an effort to solve the puzzle without any tension. However, one thing is that the cube is designed with a common look. The gamers who want something different-looking designed cube might be disappointed. But the stickers of the colors don’t’ fade or come out from the cube.

Besides, the puzzle is lightweight, 2.98 ounces only, and smooth to play with. The Rubik’s cube would be the best present for a birthday, Christmas, friendship day, etc. At the same time, other types of toys can be a waste of money. The reason is after a certain time; nobody never looks back at them. Rubik cube is some kind of toy or puzzle everybody gets obsessed with. It helps to enhance intelligence, makes a player smarter, and so on. It is a good and healthy time passing element for kids to senior citizens.

And also, an incredible gift for friends, children, family member, etc. Furthermore, the creator of the speed cube provides lots of benefits while buying the product. The price is reasonable, so everyone can afford it. The product is packed with a nice black packet to protect from dirt. The packet can be stored for further utilization.

The most amazing thing is the item can be returned and get a refund without any hassle. If any buyers get the wrong product or don’t like the product after delivery, the seller takes full responsibility. They replace the item with the buyer’s choice or refund it fully.


  • Made with high-quality ABS material, eco-friendly and non-fading color.
  • Created with injected ABS does not pop out during rotation.
  • The cube can cut at a 45-degree angle easily. 
  • Convenient for practicing both professional and beginners. 
  • The manufacturer offers a return or full refund facility.


  • Traditional cube design and color.

2.Hasbro Gaming Rubik’s 3X3 Cube

Hasbro is the leading toy industrial company for producing good qualitiful playing materials. It has held the top position by ensuring customer satisfaction. One of the best-selling puzzles of this company is the 3×3 Hasbro Rubik’s cube. Everyone knows the advantages of solving the Rubik cube puzzle. But people tend to play this puzzle for fun and recreation.

So, up to eight years old kids to any upper range aged people can try this puzzle. Around 43 quintillion potential moves are possible with this cube. But it needs only one solution to solve it. The manufacturer includes one solution guide with it. Buyers will get seven easy steps of solving guidance while buying. Therefore, it is straightforward and straightforward to play with anyone. The beginner will find it very easy besides, the professional cuber also can practice it.

Moreover, the speed cube comes with an advanced design. The designer has used plastic materials and multiple colors in the place of stickers. There is no chance of peeling off stickers or fading. Even it is glassy and looks more attractive, the vivid colors. Many gamers still prefer this classic Rubik cube with different colors.

However, the price of the classic cube is a bit high. That could be considered as a disadvantage of the puzzle. The reason is many players want to have such classic puzzles at a reasonable price. But examining the brand, quality, outlook, and features, the opinion might be changed. Apart from this, the Rubik’s cube is eco-friendly and smooth to handle. It provides many combinations, turns, twists, rotations, etc. It still requires one solution to match the colors on all sides. It may seem hard for new players. The cubes pop out sometimes for hard pressing or continuous wrong position.

Nevertheless, this speed cube doesn’t have this problem. It is contractually fine and has a heavy tolerance that hardly pops up while playing. So, play with this puzzle confidently and practice before participating in any programs. Take part with this puzzle to competition. It won’t break trust and won’t waste time by popping out. It is lightweight, handy, and provides an easy grip.

In addition, the puzzle also includes a display stand with the cube. A player can show off the puzzle in his favorite place. Store it while not playing carefully and take rest by keeping it on the stand during practicing.


  • Comes with a puzzle stand for display.
  • Classic cube with plastic non-fading design instead of a sticker.
  • More than 43 quintillion potential moves.
  • Includes a 7 step solving guide with the cube.
  • Easy movement, anti-pop up, and corner-cutting facilities.


  • Expensive compared with other classic cubes.

3. CuberSpeed MFJS Moyu RS3 M 2020 3×3 Speed Cube

Moyu is one of the top well-known brands of manufacturing speed cube in the world. It is a competitive and leading industry offering the most exciting model of speed cube. RS3 M is one of the famous speed cube models that has been released in 2020. It is the upgraded version of the previous model.

The item comes at a reasonable price so everyone can get the product. The cube is mechanically durable, robust but smooth while playing. It is dual adjusting and magnetic cube to make it feel flexible to gamers.

Moreover, the cube offers a butterfly feeling while spinning, flipping, rotating the cube. The manufacturer customized the cube in a way that the corner-cutting works effectively. Even the cubes never jump out while playing. Uncountable moves can be possible with the speed cube, but it needed just one solution. So, the product comes with a solving guide. Have a glance at the guidebook and try to understand. After a few practices, a player can solve it. If not, don’t worry. The more one tries, the more enhanced the brain functions. It is a good puzzle to increase one’s talent, potentiality, and much more.

Therefore, buy one 3×3 rubik’s cube for kids other than common toys. It will teach patience to kids. This cube gives chances to three years old kids to play the puzzle. Besides, It’s a great time pass for many players rather than investing time in video games. What could be a more precious gift than a Rubik’s cube? Present such a speed cube to friends, family members, or anyone and surprise them.

Overall, the speed cube is the 3×3 classic model, so anyone can get used to it by practicing for any tournament. In addition, the cube is featured with stickerless. It is made with ABS plastic materials to make it more realistic and attractive than stickers. The color combinations are very impressive, glossy, and outstanding. There is no tension of peeling off or fading of stickers.

But one problem has been found out from a few customer reviews. Many have noticed spring noise while unpacking the product. The cube sounds a bit while moving. It might be considered an avoidable issue while the cube is offering multiple excellent features. One more convenience of the product is it includes a display stand and screwdriver to fix any problem.


  • RS3 M is the popular magnetic Rubik’s cube series of 2020.
  • Stickers are replaced by ABS material with various colors.
  • A dual adjusting system makes the turn, rotation, flip smooth.
  • It comes with a display stand, screwdriver, and solving guide.
  • Best gift to present on birthday and Christmas to friends and family.


  • The cube has spring noise inside.

4. D-FantiX Cyclone Boys 3×3 Speed Cube Stickerless Magic Cube

D-Fantix is a good company for producing high-graded Rubik’s cube. They are committed to providing nice cubes to their customers. This is the reason they are sustaining besides the top leading company. So, looking for a standard-priced good quality full cube? Cyclone boys D-Fantix is one of them. The product of the brand is reliable and satisfactory to speedcubers.

On the other hand, the materials utilized are high graded, harmless, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. The plastic-colored cube is beautiful and shiny. It offers wide ranges of color. Moreover, the cube is stickerless. No tension of peeling off, fading of colors at all. Use it for a long period of time confidently. But some cubers have different complaints on this issue. The colors of the cube are not so bright. Even the yellow and orange colors some players have look almost the same. They suggest that it is better if the colors are brighter, that would be great.

The speed cube is classically designed and comes with a standard budget. It is handy and lightweight. Good puzzle to practice for new gamers and expert players. 3×3 perfect for all age people and suitable for kids as well. Present the puzzle on occasion to friends, family, or anyone. It is a great time passing and fun to solve. A solving guide is also included with the puzzle where detailed info is explained.

Furthermore, the puzzle offers smooth and easy corner-cutting, twisting, turning, etc. It is anti-jumps out and lockups. No matter how fast or quickly you turn the puzzle, it never gets stuck. The manufacturer left an option for this, though. It is featured with a self-adjusting system. Unscrew the puzzle and tighten or loosen for comfortable playing. The user manual has everything in detail. Read the instructions carefully.

By fixing and solving the puzzle, a player can be an expert. It can help them to improve their memory and IQ. It is considered a great puzzle toy for brain functioning for anyone. In addition, it is suggested to play with Rubik’s cubes to be active. It enhances patience, enthusiasm, and problem-solving mentality.

And also, leisure time activity for senior players. Practice with the classic puzzle to train yourself for any competition. Playing with a high-graded Rubik’s cube also requires being an expert in a 3×3 puzzle. 4×4 or 5×5 cubes with different shaped speed cube need good efficiency on 3×3 puzzles.


  • Good for new puzzle lovers and professional use.
  • Great present for family, friends, and kids on occasion.
  • Simple cube comes at an affordable price.
  • It is anti-pop ou, lockup, and stickerless.
  • Offers excellent stability, reliable, smooth corner-cutting.


  • Yellow and orange are similar to each other.

5. GAN 356 X v2, 3×3 Magnetic Speed Cube 356X Magic Cube

GAN a speed cube manufacturer that launched its business in 2009. Then it became one of the competitive brands with Moyu. Even the well-known brand is also famous for producing some extraordinary series. Their specialty of cubes is on hardware, utility, design, etc. A professional twice winner of the World Championship, Feliks Zemdegs, has endorsed GAN cube.

However, the Gan 356X series is magnetic that offers four kinds of magnetic design. The super flexible magnet cube allows to fix or repair according to players comfort. Within 30 seconds, a cuber tensions it with hand without hassle. Moreover, the cube comes with the necessary tools to fix any problem. With the help of the tools, a gamer can tighten or loosen his cube settings. This is an additional convenience of the cube and upgraded version.

Whereas old magnetic cubes are fixed with cubes permanently. So, it was impossible for a speedcuber to change its settings. But this new series is straightforward and consists of smooth turning. Besides, the honeycomb-designed cube is innovative and helps to spread lube equally. The interchangeable magnets come with a total of twelve sticks. It contains three different types of magnets: strong, weak, non-magnetic, and medium. The corner-cutting is 55°-30° very flexible, easy, and smooth.

The speed cube is anti-jump out, which means it will never disturb by scattering while solving. Apart from this, the Rubik’s cube is made of high scale ABS plastic materials which are non-toxic. The materials of the cube that have been used are eco-friendly. Which makes the speed cube more enduring and long-lasting. The cube also has a maximum guarantee ensured by the manufacturer. Before purchasing, check the time period.

The manufacturer team of the speed cube is friendly and helpful. Join their team for any assistance. Ask for any favor or complain. The team works 24 hours to solve customers’ problems and satisfy them. Furthermore, the cube also includes some other necessary accessories such as: solving guide, GMS manual, GMS set, VIP card, etc, which are money-worthy.

The speed cube is stickers but still looks nice. It offers multiple color combination 3-D outlook with stickers. Select the one you prefer much. On the other hand, one thing must be included; the adjusting system might be difficult for many players. Changing the magnet, adjusting tension, and tightening or loosen the cube is complicated for new players.


  • An interchangeable magnet allows changing it with hand quickly.
  • Offers four sorts of springs for different elasticity.
  • 55°-30° corner-cutting and edges prevent pop-outs.
  • The GAN team is always there to help out customers with any issue.
  • Includes GMS manual, tutorials, GMS set, necessary tools, etc.


  • Complicated to adjust for many users.   

6. YJ Yulong Smooth Stickerless Speed Cube Puzzle

YJ Yulong is a new series released by the Moyu brand. It features mostly YJ chi long but not entirely. Moyu brand is a famous brand, and there is nothing more to say regarding this company. It is a satisfactory and trustworthy manufacturer for many years. Apart from this, YJ Yulong is a friendly, flexible 3×3 cube for all ages. Actually, a 3×3 size cube is compatible with anyone from kids to seniors.

Even it is good for learning and practicing. Anyone who would like to solve 4×4 or 5×5 puzzles, be an expert on 3×3 first. The reason is 3×3 is enough challenging and takes time to learn the puzzle. However, this puzzle is a great gift to present on your buddy’s birthday. Whereas buying a showpiece is a waste of money. Rubik’s cube can be present on other occasions like Christmas, friendship day, etc. Some people considered puzzle playing as time-wasting, but it isn’t.

This kind of puzzle-solving isn’t time or money-consuming. It keeps both body and mind sound, calm, and healthy. Rubik’s cube helps to increase memory, IQ, memory and enhance brain function. Besides, solving puzzles engaged you in some work. Your hand and eye are working with the brain as well. Unless you solve it, you cannot keep it aside. This way, it involves you in hard work and keeps your patience.

Now let’s come to the product of the cube. Rubik’s cube is made with eco-friendly materials like ABS plastic. This speed cube is also not different from this. No toxic or harmful material is used at all. One important thing is, the cube is designed with beautiful plastic tiles. The colorful glossy square-shaped box of the cubes looks very amazing. It is more effective than stickers. The striker has the disadvantages of peeling off or color fading.

But the colors from plastic never fade. Moreover, the cube offers nice corner-cutting, smooth cutting, and turning. All are required for solving the puzzle within approximate time. On the contrary, some gamers have complained about popping out of cubes. For quick rotating and turning, it can jump out suddenly.

Few customers have raised this issue, though. Still, it is a good branded, quality, and reasonably priced cube. In addition, the cube has tension adjusting facilities. Fix any problem if it arises during playing according to your own choice.


  • It is very light weight and 2.24 x 2.24 x 2.24 inches.
  • Comes with very shiny plastic tiles except stickers.
  • Exciting new series of Moyu brand.
  • Offers fast cutting and good corner cutting.
  • Good control, stability, and adjusting.


  • Pops up cubes sometimes.

7. Winning Moves 5027 Rubik‘s Cube

The appeal of Rubik’s cube is never going to end up. The more time passes, the lover of puzzles is increasing. New online manufacturers are also being created, which is raising the competition more. However, there is another series in speed cube world 3×3 from Winning Moves company. It has already become popular among puzzle lovers for its design, quality, and reasonable price..

Moreover, the design and colors of the cube are very attractive. No stickers attachment on the cube. The entire speed cube is eco-friendly ABS made with high graded. The colors of the magic cube are beautiful and offer variety. The six sides of the cube have six different colors. Even in the middle cube, there is a name of the brand. Overall, the cube is super glossy, and anyone will like it. The comes with a stand for display or show off along with a solving guide. The guide has details of solving a 3×3 speed cube.

On the other hand, the Rubik’s cube is manufactured with special care. The main features of the cube are corner-cutting, smooth turning, twisting, fast rotation, etc. All features are available and have great value while solving the puzzle. But one problem has been identified by some users. They said the cube has a hard turning. This issue is not very serious, though. The cube has tension adjustment, so a cuber can fix it. A player can repair the cube for any problem and make it compatible with him.

When a speed cube is unpacking, some mechanical issue might have in it. The issue can be fixed at the same time. Apart from this, this speed cube suits kids of the maximum age of eight years. The more age people also can purchase to play it. The sellers claim the puzzle is high quality, long-lasting, and durable. The anti-pop-up characteristic is another positive side of the cube.

Therefore, buy the Rubik’s cube for your own or present it to your beloved friends or family. Speed cube is a great recreational and a good toy for kids. If you care for your kids, buy them a speed cube. Watching tv, scrolling mobile phones, or playing on PC are never healthy activities for physical and mental growth. If your kids really want to play games, give them this puzzle. It is time passing as well as brings some positivity for health.


  • The 3×3 cube is a loose puzzle for quick solving.
  • It offers uncountable combinations but requires just one solution.
  • Must have a cube series for Rubik’s cube lovers.
  • Provides 43 quintillion potential moves.
  • The cube includes guidance and a display cube stand.


  • Tough turning during playing.

8. Harry Potter Battle of Hogwarts Rubik’s Cube

Is there anyone who isn’t a fan of the Harry Potter series? Who doesn’t love the character of Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley? There is hardly to find any kids who never read or watch any series of HP. Now the manufacturers of this rubik’s cube are bringing the fictional character into real life. The speed cube’s picturization is not limited only to multiple colors.

It is featured with different characters from one of the best movies in the world. The battle of Hogwarts is customized in the cube, and players have to solve it. Some other characters from the film have been included, such as Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Draco Malfoy. Solve the puzzle and set the cubes where it belongs. Apart from this, children from age eight to above anyone can play the speed cube. The classic cubes old enough and boring a bit.

So, take a new challenge with your favorite design of the cubes. Moreover, the pictures of the cube isn’t stickers at all. It is high-grade plastic materials (ABS) that are utilized to make the cube. The speed cube is strong enough, lightweight, and handy. It is easy to carry, grip, and super flexible. The Rubik’s cube offers multiple combinations with so many moves but requires only one solution.

Therefore, the product includes one solving guide with detailed steps. The guideline book is very convenient for new players. The professionals also can practice getting more involved with it. It will sharpen the brain and increase patience. Besides, the cube is fun for kids and a great leisure time activity for adults.

Furthermore, the manufacturer company gives one display stand with the item. Display the solved speed cube on the shelf of the drawing-room or private room. Even more, utilize the stand while resting after being tired of solving. On the other hand, the speed cube is created with special care with unique design. The cube doesn’t jump out for quick rotation. It is considered time killing and one of the bad experiences while cubes scatter suddenly.

However, this Rubik’s cube is free from this problem. One of the inconveniences of this product is that the cube pictures are not so clear and darker. It takes time to solve, and after solving, it seems some cubes are not in the appropriate place.


  • The cube features the famous fictional movie Harry Potter’s character.
  • It comes with a display stand and solving guide.
  • Age eight to above players are allowed to play.
  • Attracts cubers with one of the most obsessed movies of Hollywood.
  • Offers very flexible and easy turn, twist and rotation of the cube.


  • The picture of the cubes is dark.

9. Roxenda Profession 3x3x3 Speed Cube

Roxenda is a good reputed Rubik’s cube manufacturing company which produces different kinds of speed cube. Roxenda 3x3x3 professional cube is a newly released model. It is designed in a way to make it compatible for types of gamers. New, advanced, and expert-level players can solve the puzzle. It is a very useful speed cube for tournament or championship participants. The solving guide includes the item that has all information on solving the cube step by step.

Beginners can find it very easy and interesting to play. Moreover, the design of the cube is classic and traditional Rubik’s cube look. No strikers are used on the cube, though. The plastic materials are used to make the speed cube with various colors. The colors are glazy and fine. Don’t worry about fading colors or peeling off stickers. Besides, the materials utilized are eco-friendly, and sustainable which ensure longevity. There are no harmful ingredients present for manufacturing the product. So, no chances of causing damage to the environment or any individuals.

Furthermore, the turning, rotating, twisting of the puzzle is smooth and flexible enough. One can tighten or loosen the screw of the speed cube on the joint option. The cube never pops out while solving the puzzle. It is anti-scatter or jumping. The puzzle comes with a very low price. The cost is fixed by the owner of the puzzle, which is giving at a low price. Therefore, this item can be the best gift for friends, kids, colleagues, or family members. The kids will be happier to get this cube as a present.

Even it is good to play as it improves memory, thoughts, IQ, etc. It is better to involve your children in such games rather than TV, computer games. Rubik’s cube is fun to play with and good spare time activities. It is lightweight and handy that anywhere the puzzle can be played. For example, sitting in traffic jams, waiting in a queue, etc.

One interesting feature of the puzzle is it comes with a display stand. Show off solved puzzles to your friends or competitors keeping on the stand. However, our researchers found one issue that the outlook of the puzzle is common and old. The same designed Rubik’s cube is available in the market. It might be the reason the item price is lower than others.


  • Eco-friendly and no harmful materials are used.
  • Compatible for beginners, advance, and expert level players.
  • This super speed cube comes at a low price.
  • Anti-jump out or scatter features.
  • Includes a solution book with the cube.


  • Not a competitive design.

10. CFMOUR Original Speed Cube 3x3x3

Are they looking for something different in the classic design of Rubik’s cube? Then CFMOUR is the best choice for upgraded design. The 3-D puzzle offers all vivid colors like orange, green, red, yellow, etc. It also comes with a fiber sticker which never fades. The manufacturer claims the stickers don’t peel off even after playing for a long time.

But many buyers already complained that the stickers are not effective and it comes out. The border color of the cube will never change, though. However, the players have given a positive review on some other factors. For instance, the production and structural factors. The ingredients used are eco-friendly and harmless. No toxic materials that can cause danger for both health and the environment haven’t been utilized. Moreover, it is durable, long-lasting, and anti-rustic.

The puzzle is featured with an adjusting system. If it feels tight, loosen the screw. If it feels loosen, then tighten the screw as your comfort. The cube is super flexible and smooth to spin, flip and turn. One more thing is, it never pops out during playing. The corner cuttings are flexible and offer so many combinations with numerous moves. The experts may solve the puzzle within minutes, but a beginner may struggle for the first time. Don’t worry! There is a guidebook that has revealed how to solve rubik’s cube puzzle. Be helped with the guidance and learn how to solve such puzzles.

The professionals can have this puzzle for practicing. On the other hand, a speed cube can be the best toy for kids. The colors of the cube are super attractive and beautiful. Anyone would love the colors and its new design. So, the kids also are fond of this color combination and love to play with it. Rubik’s cube is one of the obsessive puzzles that you will rotate the cube unless you solve it. Six years or above of this range, children can play this game. It increases the hardworking ability, memory, intelligence, etc.

Furthermore, it keeps away from bad habits of playing video games and using phones, etc. For adult to senior gamers, the puzzle is a time passing activity. They can invest their time on the puzzle rather than sitting ideally. On the other hand, this cube includes one display stand adults players may like this feature. This standard qualities and brand items come with a very reasonable price, though.


  • 3-D speed cube offers the flexible, smooth, and easy movement of cubes.
  • Allows adjustment of cubes tightening or loosening.
  • The stickers in the cubes are carbon fiber.
  • Great leisure activities and as a gift.
  • Enhances mental health of a person.


  • The carbon stickers are not so effective.

Best Speed Cubes : A Buyer’s Guide for Absolute Beginner

Rubik’s cube is also called a magic cube. A square shape cube that broke the toy market in 1980. Even the inventor never imagined that the puzzle would dominate the toy industry one day.

However, this puzzle is not just a simple matching game. It has extraordinary characteristics. The features have a connection with the resolving of the puzzle besides. The Rubik’s cube is different by some characteristics. Have a look at them:

1. First of All The Most Important Characteristics of Speed Cube

The features of a Rubik’s cube can make a positive and negative difference. Some features have a direct impact on cube quality and the performance of gamers. In contrast, some characteristics have indirect effects. Therefore, let’s dig deep to go to the root of the puzzle.


Turning is important for solving a puzzle. Rubik’s cube offers lots of combinations. For solving such puzzle turns, twist, rotation is required. However, turning a cube consists of two types of turning: fast and smooth turning.

  • Fast Turning

Fast turning is the quick movement of a gamer to his cube. An expert can rotate his puzzle quickly. The fast-turning is needed to win any competition. The faster a player can turn his puzzle, the more possibility of winning the competition.

Fast turning needs very little effort to twist. It also has little friction and resistance. Some other features of fast turning are dry, scratchy, and produce sound while solving the cube. Even more, fast turning means no control sometimes over the speed cube. This can be considered as a drawback of fast turning.

  • Smooth Turning

Smooth turning means very flexible and easy turning of cubes. It gives little more resistance than fast turning. But smooth turning won’t be dry, scratchy, and no sound while playing. Even for smooth turning, a player has control over his puzzle.

Which turning style is better?

The debate on which turning style is better never ends. It is difficult to decide which turn is effective or good on a speed cube. Both the turns have advantages and disadvantages. Both turns are necessary for solving the puzzle with time. So, a player should learn how to balance both turns. That will be much more beneficial. 

Corner Cutting

Corner cutting is possible in Rubik’s cube. It means without total movement of one layer; another layer can be turned. The advanced players can do this with a cube very smoothly. It depends on a player also how expert he is at corner-cutting. A good corner cut is nice and flexible. Whereas a bad corner cut is a bit rough and hard.

On the other hand, a good corner cut allows a player to move forward and concentrate on other turns. It accelerates solving the puzzle as well. On the contrary, a bad corner cut can fail to keep the rhythm. It distracts a cuber, disrupts the algorithm, and is time-consuming.


Many have already faced the problem that the Rubik’s cube can scatter around while solving the puzzle. It actually happened for faster turning, corner-cutting, etc. The entire cube is mainly adjusted with screws. The speed cube is updated much, though. Still, some issues hamper speedcubers. Many manufacturers guarantee that their cube never pops up.

So, look at these features carefully before buying. At the same time be conscious while fixing the cube. It is caused by quick rotation, loosen tension, or mechanical issues during manufacturing. During the purchase of a puzzle, necessary tools are included with the puzzle. Utilize the screwdrivers for fixing jumping out of cubes.


Speed cube is recognized as durable and long-lasting in nature, basically. During the production process of the cube, plastic materials are usually used. But the materials are eco-friendly, sustainable. It doesn’t cause any harm to the human body or environment.

Even the puzzle is done in a way so it can last long even after rough utilization. The manufacturer includes a time period as a warranty. However, after this time, the cube doesn’t have any problems most of the time.

The only issue might be regarded as colors or scratch.  If the cube is stickered base, the color or stickers can be peeled off or fade. If it is plastic in color, the puzzle can go for long without any hamper. Moreover, if your cube is a good branded puzzle, then you will rarely face any problems.


A gamer must have control over his puzzle. Good control means smooth and flexible cutting, corner-cutting, twists, etc. The Rubik’s cube has to be lightweight and handy for control. The size and shape also matter for control issues.

Every cuber should choose the puzzle according to their age and knowledge. 2×2 cube is best for under eight kids. Every Rubik’s cube has its minimum age range. So, follow the instructions before purchasing. The 3×3 cube is for teenagers and adults.

2. Essential to Know for Every Player: Secondary Characteristics

Secondary characteristics are essential to know for every player. The features under this characteristic occur often. If anyone knows that, it would be easy to solve. Besides, these are common and happen in almost all types of cubes. So, have a glance at them below:


When a tier or layer of a Rubik’s cube catches another tier or layers. A tier can begin turning when another layer hasn’t completely finished it’s turn. The most obvious catching is recognized while an edge piece of the cube catches any other edge piece.

And also, a corner piece of a cube catches another centerpiece. There are many forms of catching, but it can affect solving the puzzle. It can interrupt its algorithms. A player might not notice it, especially if the cuber is new.

Even more, if the catching is mild, then it can be ignored by a player. However, catching appears for corner-cutting and turning style. If the corner-cutting is not good, catching can happen. On the other hand, fast turning is also another reason for this. 


Lockup on a speed cube is common and faces many cubers. So, the manufacturers are continuously working on this issue. They even succeeded in overcoming the problem. But not fully successful in resolving the issue.

However, 3×3 is the Rubik’s cube that is lockups free usually. Even 3×3 is considered the Best Speed Rubik’s Cube for many reasons. Lockups are one of those reasons. The problem arises more in 4×4, 5×5, or more layers cubes. The multiple layers cube means much more turning, twisting, and lockups issues.

Usually, lockups occur for very quick rotation. The experts don’t need time to solve, so they turn the cube faster. Therefore, this becomes a vital problem sometimes. That’s why the puzzle has to be opened and fixed sometimes.

3. Extra characteristics

There are some extra features or characteristics remaining in the Rubik’s cube. It is important to know as well. The factors may make the purchase of the cube effective. Some knowledge also increases by this on a player. Now let’s have a look at them:


A rubik’s cube can be fixed according to the own demand of a gamer. The performance of a player depends on perfect tension. It can make it tricky to easy. Some kinds of cube are really amazing. It doesn’t require fixing much after buying. For example, the Qiyi Valk series. But the Gan series needs a bit of fixing because it is hard to play.

However, there are procedures to fix it. The middle tiles of the speed cube of every side have to be opened. There are four fixed tiles in the entire cube. Use the screwdriver that is given with the Rubik’s cube. After taking out the small tiles, you can see screws inside.

So, the screw has to be loosened or tightened mainly. It relies on a cuber how he feels during playing. Then according to his impression, the screw has to be tightened or loosen. The loosen cube doesn’t mean flexible all time. At the same time, a tight cube is also not always difficult.


Lubricant is used while opening the tiles of a cube to make it tight or loose. There are specific lubricants used for speed cubes. Silicone lube is a lubricant that is utilized specially for Rubik’s cube puzzle. The lubricants come in varieties such as thick and thin.

Some cubes adjust with thick lubricant, and some adjust with thin lubricant easily. So, fix the tension when it is broken or needs any repairing. Some particular Rubik’s cube doesn’t need any repairing or tension during its lifetime.

Stickered or stickerless

Two types of cubes are found sticker and stickerless. The old version of a cube is stickered. Then gradually, the manufacturer designed the cube innovatively so that it doesn’t contain stickers. The plastic tiles are used instead of stickers which are smooth and shiny. Even the sticker puzzle has a fear that it can peel or fade for a long time of touching.

But the stickerless puzzles are more effective, and the colors never fade. Players also prefer the upgraded style of a Rubik’s cube. Sticker or plastic tiles don’t have any impact on performance, though. However, there lies a mental satisfaction of a cuber only. The designers are marketing different scenarios, pictures, characteristics of puzzles.

So, it attracts customers when they see their favorite cartoon, fictional character, or anything featured in the puzzle.

Size of Speedcube

The speed cube has different sizes and shapes. There are four sizes of Rubik’s cube such as 5×5, 4×4, 3×3, and 2×2. 2×2 is a children’s comfortable puzzle or might be good for beginners. But it is considered the 3×3 best speed cube. Beginners to experts can play this Rubik’s cube.

Even it is the original form of the cube since the early stage of the Rubik’s cube. Some other shape and size cubes are available in the market, though. 4×4 and 5×5 are extreme level speed cubes. Professional and expert players can dare to play these puzzles. On the other hand, a square shape cube is replaced by a triangle, tower, or animal-shaped cube.

Price vs. Quality Ratio

The price depends on the product feature and brand. The domination puzzle manufacturing company Moyu, Gan, YJ etc sells at high prices. They maintain their puzzle quality as well. The costing also differs on the size and shape of a cube. The junior Rubik’s cube 2×2 is not so expensive. Whereas 3×3 is a bit high priced.

On the other hand, 4×4 and 5×5 are expensive compared with a 3×3 cube. The range of a speed cube between $5 to $30 usually. Spending a minimum of $15 on a cube, you can have a good quality Rubik’s cube. For irregularly shaped speed cubes, a player may have to increase the budget a bit more. Those different size puzzles are fancy, actually. 


Accessories are the additional tools or something that are provided with every purchase of the puzzle. It may be a display stand or screwdriver. It is actually for accelerating the selling of a manufacturer. These things really don’t have any effect on solving or performance of a gamer. But the solving guide is essential for a player.

Moreover, the display stand may like many purchasers. And the screwdriver for fixing any mechanical problem. A player should have his own fixing tool for Rubik’s cube. Some updated featured puzzle brands offer more tools while purchasing. The magnetic puzzle includes a magnetic set with the cube. 


Guarantee or warranty is fixed by the original owner or manufacturer of the products. Different brand owners have different warranties for their products. It is clearly mentioned on the packet on the speed cube. If the cube is broken or damaged within the period, they will replace it with a new one.

There might be other rules for this fact, though. Some sellers offer full refunds of the cube as well. So, keep the warranty card carefully. If the card is lost or damaged, then there will be no use of this.

Customer Review

It is a good idea to see customer reviews of speed cubes. The product rating as well before purchasing. The reason is the manufacturer of the speed cube never reveals their product’s disadvantages. They may explain unnecessary information regarding their products to sell.

So, never convinced only by the seller’s presentation. Consider both the seller and customer overview. Remember, there is less chance that a customer may give fake reviews buying with his own money. 

Final Verdict

Taking into account the 10 best speed cubes, all the Rubik’s cubes are excellent in their own way. All the cubes have specialties and depend on the gamers which factors they focus on. If it is quality and brand, consider Moyu, YJ, and Gan cube.

On the other hand, searching for something different out looking than USAopoly is the best. The HP featured Rubik’s cube nobody wants to miss! Should any cuber look for a reasonably priced speed cube, Roxenda, Cfmour will best suit them. The other quality of the cubes is also compatible with the price.

But if you want all in one brand, quality, efficiency, usability, etc, then SpeedRipper, Hasbro is one of those cubes. However, if you think of the inconvenience of the Rubik’s cube, no product is without its drawback. What actually a player has to see is whether the problem is a big issue for him or not.

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