10 Exclusive and Best Rubik’s Cube Brands Worldwide In 2023

Introducing 10 Best Rubik’s Cube Brands, which manufacture world-class rubik’s cubes. Rubik’s cube is a box shape puzzle game popular among the young generation. People tend to be interested in the toy in late 2000. Besides, many companies also started marketing it commercially.

However, the Rubik’s cube was invented by Erno Rubik in 1974, a Hungarian architect and sculpture. Now the game has reached an international level. Many tournaments and championships are held under the World Cube Association. But today, we will focus on the companies that produced the cube and brought more variation.

10 Best Rubik’s Cube Brands in the world

Records show that the sale of rubik’s cube doubled from 2001 to 2003. In 2008 it reached 15 million worldwide. Mainly Chinese companies are leading the market now. They have introduced different shapes, sizes, etc. So, we have picked up the best cube producing companies. Have a glance at them below:

1. Rubik’s GAN

Rubik’s GAN is one of the most popular and number one brands among Rubik’s cube companies. The products they design by their experts are excellent, and those are arts. GAN 11 M, for example, is one of those products. This item is structurally advanced than other brand cubes. Implementation of magnets on corners made different from others.

However, Rubik’s GAN speed cube is a bit high in price. The rubik’s cube lover who wants an innovative and super cube, they must spend some money. But it is also true that buyers’ eyes always struck on this GAN’s cube no matter the price.

Apart from this, MoYu is recognised as one of the rivals of Rubik’s GAN. Where Rubik’s GAN produces appealing and premium feeling speedcubes, MoYu manufactures budget items there. More information will be found below about MoYu.

Our Favorite Model: Rubik’s Cube.

2. MoYu

MoYu was founded around 2012 after GAN but considered the only competitor of Rukib’s Cube business. The competition lies in how innovatively one can manufacture and sell at affordable prices. However, MoYu sells different design, model, and size cubes. Such as one is a regular cube, and the other is twisty puzzles.

So, gamers can find various types and size cubes of this brand. The items they launched grabbed huge attention in the market. Even the gamers or ordinary buyers also wait for their new model of products eagerly. The reason is the cubes they supply are unique and fair in price.

One thing can be stated here the MoYu is reliable for providing good quality items. Besides, MoFang JiaoShi is a sub-brand of MoYu, which also marketed competing models. The Meilong Series is one of them.

Our Favorite Model: Moyu RS3 M 2020 3×3 Speed Cube.

3. Roxenda

Roxenda is another good brand of producing Rubik’s cube. It manufactured various kinds of puzzles, speed cubes, etc. Experts of this brand designed the puzzle carefully. The cubes available from Roxenda are a pyramid cube, 3×3 cube, and 2×2 cube. All are attractive, and people are fascinated by these puzzles. Even the cube they made was budget based and good qualities. This type of cube also dominating the cube market besides Moyu and GAN.

However, anyone can find this branded product from an online shop. New series and models are being created from time to time. One important thing is people of all ages can find their choice able cube of this brand. They made their puzzle this way so everyone can find their favorite puzzle.

Our Favorite Model: 2x2x2 3x3x3 Pyramid Frosted Puzzle Cube.

4. Usaopoly

Usaopoly is mainly a puzzle manufacturer company that used to sell many kids’ puzzles. Almost any kind of puzzle can be found here. During the rubik’s cube craze era, many puzzle companies started to sell cubes. So, usaopoly was not different from them. They also began making speed cubes. The company is still selling cubes and dominating with other branded companies with a good reputation.

So, this one another online based company that sells cubes on an online platform. All the regular and traditional cubes are sold here. Other modern designed cubes are available that actually dominate the market. But these companies’ puzzles are affordable, quality and attractive.

Our Favorite Model: Disney Kingdom Hearts Rubik’s Cube.

5. D-Fantix

D-Fantix is another online based company that sells rubik’s cube. Not necessarily dominating in nature. But sustaining in the speed cube market worldwide. It has a wide variety of speed cubes. All are reasonable in price, so anyone can afford them. Moreover, the puzzles are designed in a way so everyone can get their demandable puzzle.

The manufacturers are promised to prove good quality products to their customers. However, the company also manufactures some other types of puzzles. On their official site, different sorts of puzzles and cubes can be found. Sometimes they offer discounts during festivals. So, D-Fantix is one of the best brands of selling rubik’s cube.

6. QiYi

It is said to be the worst period in the cubing world when QiYi started their journey in 2013. MoYu came to the competition just one year ago and dominating the market. Their first puzzle was Bullfight and Warrior and enabled them to grab a moderate level of attention. That year actually was not for them, though. QiYi attracts the attention of the people with X-Man and Valk.

The budget of the puzzle was reasonable for everyone also. And X-Man is still considered the best cube ever. Valk 3 just broke the previous record of Mats Valk. And QiYi MS models are terrible in the speed cubes world. QiYi has appeared as an all-rounder budget, quality, design whatever it is. However, they are still trying hard to update their hardware and system to sustain itself in the market.

Our Favorite Model: BestCube qiyi 2×2 3×3 4×4 5×5 Speed Cube Set

7. DaYan

DaYan is one of the oldest cube companies in the market now. It is neither leading nor dominating, though. But still, it is existing in the cubing market and manufacturing nice rubik’s cubes. Once, it was among one of the top brands, but it is competing yet with others. One thing is all types of brands up to the bottom should be available. It can satisfy different types of people’s demands.

Apart from this, the company used to create the best cube that period. Zhanchi series and Prestigious, for example. Now they market some superior puzzles and people like them. Price is also in range. Some of their exclusive puzzles are TengYun 2×2, GuHong 3×3, etc. these are some appealing competitive products of the company.

Our Favorite Model: Dayan Cube 111020181115 Cube Puzzle

8. V-Cube

Panagiotis Verdes, a Greek Engineer, founded the V-Cube company in 2008. He invented a different design of V shape cube in the dominating cube market. He also patented his design, so everyone easily recognized this special Rubik’s cube. Moreover, the cube featured the logo of the brand on the centerpiece. Besides, the pillow shape of the cube launched a new shape cube.

However, the speed cubes were very trendy in those days, but unfortunately, the peak time is gone. A new brand possessed the place now. But they have not finished actually. They are producing image cube, which is more interesting. The images of the cube used are printed, usually not stickers. It gives realistic feelings to gamers.

Our Favorite Model: 3b White Pillowed Classic Speedcube.

9. Meffert’s

The old designer and inventor of today’s cube are Uwe Meffert, a German designer. First, he made a puzzle in 1970 with balsa wood that he never imagined others would love. In 1981 when Rubik’s cube crazy sensation began, he took his cube to a Japanese toymaker. The toymaker advertised his puzzle, and Pyraminx was sold above 10 million cubes. Pyraminx was his designed speed cube, which sold 90 million pieces after three years.

Then Mr. Meffert’s inventions include some other types of cube series, including Skewb Diamond, Megaminx, etc. later on, 3D mechanical puzzles also designed puzzles featured by Uwe Meffert. He manufactured so many puzzles and cube series accompanied by his associate.

10. Shengshou

Shengshou is recognized as one of those companies found at the beginning of Rubik’s cube marketing. That the cube was trendy among people. They used to supply different shape cubes in the market. They have the reputation of creating the biggest cube ever. The sizes are 8×8, 9×9, etc.

Shengshou was dominating the cube industry before MoYo came. Some of their speed cube models were at the top list that period. Then slowly, it lost its top position and other companies leading the market. But still, they manufacture some good products and offer varieties of new series. YuXin is one of the splendid products that compete with MF3RS2M MoYo. It was released in 2020 and has already brought record sales.

Our Favorite Model: 3x3x3 Puzzle Cube.

Final Verdict

Rubik’s cube is not just a toy of passing spare time. It is a joy of mind and enhancement of your talent. It takes time for a player to be an expert to solve such a puzzle. It needs the patience to be skillful players of this puzzle. We hope everyone has enjoyed the list of 10 best rubik’s cube brands.

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