MAPOL 4 Star Professional Ping Pong Paddle Review

Do you feel less accomplished in your line of work? Are you looking for mental motivation that will work for you? Then I think you are in the right place. Back in 2009, my career as a basketball player was not doing as good as I was even looked out from tryouts until my coach advised me to try out Ping pong. This challenging game got me thinking and very attentive at the same time, where could this very small ball go this meant I really had to move my hands faster than my thoughts and eyeball. Consequently, this led an improved and more focused me basketball player as I can be able to predict what my opponent thoughts are as I act swiftly.

Here is a review of a MAPOL 4 star professional ping pong paddle advanced training table tennis racket with a carry case that can help you get on your feet.

Product description

The paddle in Mapol 4 star professional ping pong paddle and the advanced table tennis racket with carrying case is made up of a seven-ply wood as it’s as light as 205 grams, the rubber is ITTF approved making it strong and durable. The bats have been designed to be very fast in the hands of a novice player thus giving the player the power and speed he needs. Suitable for professionals.

Delivery and Payment

The product is currently available in some parts of Europe as well as in America, once a payment has been made it takes up to a maximum of 5 days for this product to reach your destination. Online forms of payment are accepted.


With its pair of rackets, you can never miss playing. It’s annoying when you might be with a friend, you are both in the mood for some great ping pong playing but the thought of only one racket crushes your moods, with Mapol 4 star professional ping pong paddle advanced training table tennis racket with carrying case you will never have to leave your friend out as you can also carry the racket to any place as it comes with its carrying case.


The 7-ply blade makes it last a while. It’s built for best distance as it’s composed of a 2mm sponge covering its two sides as the sponge also increases its lifetime from wear and tear.


Made of handles that are comfortably flared.

Has 2mm sponge, specially fitted rubber.

Designed for good control as well as spins.

Comprised of a 7-ply blade.


  • The quality is more than what you pay for.
  • Long lasting
  • Its prices are affordable


  • They are heavy as opposed to the generic ones
  • Its speed is a bit low.

Frequently asked questions

Questions: Are the rackets made of short or long handles?

Answer: The rackets are short handles.

Questions: What are the spin, control ratings, and speed?

Answer: The foams thickness is not consistent thus some parts are but it depends on where you hit the ball from.

Questions: Does the net come along with it?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.


This product is not costly, given it comes with two rackets at the price one. It’s highly durable as its made of a 7-ply blade meaning it will take your life of ping-pong playing a long way. Consider adding this economical gadget to your collection of sporting equipment’s as it can be really handy. This package makes an affordable option.

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