Best Ping Pong Robot - (REVIEWS & BUYING GUIDE 2020)

Are you searching for Best Ping Pong Robot? We thoroughly researched and build a list of the Best Ping Pong Robot 2020. Ping pong robots are artificially intelligent tutors of the ping pong game or as some people call it table tennis. The robot is usually not trying to outdo you or take over the world; its main objective is to make you better in the sport.

Be it a hobby or pro level table tennis playing, training is the only way to mentally prepare and physically sharpen your skills. Training is should not only be tied down to only human partners when you can be trained with the help of some of best ping-pong robots currently available. The sport has been gaining popularity in the recent times according to the reports from ittf. This is thanks to an increased participation of players both old and young. In addition, countries have also been at the forefront to promote the same through the facilitation of table tennis games and rewarding and competitive championships.

It is a less rigorous sport compared to other sports, it allows many of despite age, and gender or condition can be involved in to keep fit and active. Playing ping-pong has been proven to be very beneficial both health wise and mentally. Such may include better reflexes, improved concentration among others.

Therefore, the need for a personalized table tennis training brings in the idea and need to have a ping-pong robot. For those wondering what a ping pong robot is? A ping pong robot is a machine that fires ping–pong balls in a controlled manner. It has up to three main elements:

  • A ball loading and firing mechanisms
  • A control box that has electronics used to control the mechanisms
  • A net to catch and collect the hit back balls.

Best ping pong Robot Reviews

Below are five of the ping-pong robot machines that I have had a chance to test and their performances were impressive for the price they are retailing at and can be a good buy for anyone starting or training in table tennis.

#1. iPong Topspin Table Tennis Trainer Robot – Ideal for starters

The iPong Topspin table tennis robot is remotely operated for easy operation and control during the training. The remote has a quick response that allows the player to toggle through a number of ball service, spins and even delivery of the balls.

The machine has an easy feed mechanism to maximize training and play time than the ball loading. It has an open top side where you collect and place the ping-pong balls ready for the next training session.

It also features several balls spins and power select options that mimic a real play situation and offers consistency to help you redo the same hit for perfection, all controlled from the remote.

Its holder can hold up to 110 balls enough for a lengthy training set and can be adjusted to fire at a rate of up to 12-70 balls per minute. Talking of convenience in a small package, the ping-pong robot is made of lightweight plastic and is sizeable enough for easy portability that allows you move around within your bag while going for training.

The machine shape allows it to sit on a flat surface such as the tennis table with no fastening even while casting the balls. The manufacturer made sure that you that that the least effort and time was consumed during installation.



#2. Huieson Professional Table Tennis Training Robot – Best for basic training

The ping-pong robot appears different from its fellow counterparts. It is made of a long PVC tube that has a base table clip for installation on to the table tennis table. The machine is not complete without its rebounding ball on the free end. However, do not let the simplicity of this machine fool you.

It offers many training options to about anyone playing ping-pong shots the ball through rebounding the same ball. The rapid rebounding ball is ideal for stroke training recommended to improve your steps, speed, and reactions in different circumstances as in the real play. The fast and power the player, the quicker the ball goes.

Made of simple, lightweight materials, the machine is very small and portable with your training bag as you going to training.

The machine is mechanically operated making it simple to use and operate. This eliminated the need to have power for it to operate thus can be used in virtually any place.

Having the rebounding ball eliminates the need to reload balls. You can actually play the single ball for longer training sessions without breaking the rhythm to load balls. This ensures better utilization of training periods and consistency over any session. You stop when you feel you have had enough.

Due to its simplicity and safety as it does not cast balls makes it okay even for children to play or train with. It is also cheap and easy to use making ideal for both starters and experienced players.



#3. iPong JOOLA iv1 V100 Table Tennis Trainer Robot – Best for basic strokes training

If you looking for convenience and simplicity, this is the robot for you. It comes with a simple to read and understand instruction that makes it a simple and easy to assemble robot machine. I refer to this as plug and play.