Best Ping Pong Glues for Your Racket in 2023

When choosing a ping pong paddle glue, quality is very important. You have to consider ease of use, adherence, drying time among others. Each brand of glue has its own strengths and weaknesses. You must also follow some guidelines when applying the glue.

Different brands have different features that are used to differentiate them. I recommend you to look at these features before getting one. You have to make a good decision. Choose the best glue that will suit your play style when applied. Actually, this will make your game exciting.

When a good rubber is affixed to the blade, it will give you an attacking advantage. It gives you the best moments as a player. A proper glue is all that you need. Also, check more about you glue effect. Some of them have toxic compounds that will have a side effect on your blade.

Make sure that you glue have a good adhesion, good for sponge and green environmental protection. Remember that your table tennis is not cheap. For this reason, you should take them with a great care.

Take a look at how different ping pong paddle glue works. Also, I would recommend you to seal your blade before glueing your rubbers. Let us look at the best ping pong paddle glue.

Comparison Table for Table Tennis Paddle Glue

Best Ping Pong Paddle Glue Reviews

1. Stiga Attach Glue

It is an optimum glue that is attached rubber in a safe way. Stiga Attach glue is a quality brand that you will ever find in the market. With it, you can be able to remove the rubber easily from the blade. In fact, you can do this without damaging the wood. According to statistics, over 80% of tennis players use this glue. I give it 5 stars

It is easy to use Stiga. Applying it is just simple especially when you follow the instructions well. This is the best glue you will ever come across. It attaches the rubber well directly to the blade. Also, removing it is easy. If you want to remove or change the rubbers, Stiga is the best choice.

Very qualified when it comes to holding the rubber. You will need no splinters when removing it. There is no need of peeling of glue from your racket rubber. This is important when you require to change your blade.

I suggest that all tennis players get one. Stiga glue is environmental friendly with no toxic compounds. The best thing is that Stiga will dry fast when applied.

It is a good viscous glue. It usually dries up very easy and fast.

2. iNNOGLUE Easy Spread Table Tennis Rubber Glue

This is a high invented efficiency glue. iNNOGLUE is highly concentrated emulsion type of a glue. When applied well this glue will give you maximum benefits. Let us look why it is regarded to be of quality. It deserves 5 stars

We don’t look for quantity but quality. This ping pong paddle glue is well packed. The tube bottle is used to pack it for your easier handling. So, you are well protected and also it is well protected.

Its adhesiveness is fairly thick. iNNOGLUE has a very high and concentrated solids content, hence high efficiency. The Glue is designed in a unique way as it spreads easily and dries faster.

The glue is relatively thick and sticky. This makes it look “premium quality”. The best thing is that it can easily spread on your racket rubber sponge surface. The glue is also smooth and I recommend you to choose it.

3. JOOLA Table Tennis Rubber X-Glue

This is the best glue you can get easily right now. It is 100% efficient. You only need to visit your nearest market or purchase it online. I can assure you JOOLA is the one you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to find out more about this glue. 4/5 stars I recommend.

When it comes to practically using it, be sure it is easy. A single application will make your rubber to stick well. The best thing about the glue is that you can peel off by just using your fingers. This is especially when you pour too much of it by mistake.

This glue has this good characteristic. It ensures that when applied it sticks very well. Also, its latex base makes it more efficient.

This the best thing about the glue. It is quite thick. Without any hassle, this glue makes its job to look more perfect.

4. Killerspin – Table Tennis Torque AQ Glue

What you have been waiting for is here. It’s time to keep your tennis game on top. Killerspin is a water-based ping pong paddle glue solution that is applied to table tennis equipment. It is a quality glue that meets ITTF regulations.

It works great. You just follow simple instructions and the work will be perfect. 100% of those who have used it says that this glue is excellent. Others say, great product.

This makes this glue to work perfectly. It usually comes with 14 disposable applicator sponges. I would suggest that you try this one. You will Killerspin. With it, you can be able to remove the rubber easily from the blade

After you apply once, you rubber will remain attached well to the blades. This show how the glue is long-lasting. I suggest that this brand is durable and reliable. After applying it, you will be able to play for a long period and without problems.

5. XIOM I-BOND VOC Free Glue

This is perfect for you. XIOM I-BOND is a free water based ping pong paddle glue. I recommend you to try yourself. With it, you have a chance to enjoy your game.

Using it is the simplest thing you ever encounter. XIOM Champion quality is remarkable hence easy to use. When you apply once, the rubber will offer you good service for some time.

The glue has a 0% harmful volatile compounds. It adheres to all standards and regulations set by ITTF. That is why 90% of tennis players prefer this glue. They say that the glue works well. It has an affordable price, thus you can get one.

The glue is well packed with a 500ml can. This ensures its safety whenever you are applying it or when you store it. I recommend it because it does not pollute the environment you are living in. It is sealed well as the use.

6. Butterfly Free Chack – Best Table Tennis Glue for Your Racket

This one comes with application clip and sponges. Butterfly is just perfect for assembling a ping pong paddle. According to many users, the product is wonderful in terms of using it. Some even say that it smells just like a butterfly. This has been proved by its usefulness.

Just apply some drops to the blade slowly. Even if you put more glue to will dry up quickly. You don’t have to worry. The paint brush is used to apply this glue evenly. This will be applied to your table blade. It will only take you 15-2 minutes to dry.

It has zero VOCs and zero organic solvents. In simple terms, the glue is made of natural rubber that is 100 per cent liquidized natural caoutchouc. To add to this, it has an amazing adhesive property. If you want performance and top quality this will a better choice for you.

Butterfly dries fast than you can imagine. However, you must apply it step by step. It will only take less than 15 minutes to dry.

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