15 Reasons why table tennis is the best sport: Benefits of Ping Pong

Do you know that millions of people love to play table tennis game which is also known as ping pong? The popularity of this game is increasing over time because of the rising benefits of ping pong in our daily life.  The sport offers an excellent time of entertainment as well has it has excellent benefits on health. None other than the entertainment factor the sport provide extra cardiovascular exercise which is good for your heart health. Besides the benefits of ping pong, this sport is recommended for those people who want to lose their body fat. Personally, I used to play this sport to avail several mental, social and health benefits.

Why  table tennis is the best sport?

There are 15 Reason Why Table Tennis is the Best Sport

1. Decrease the risk of sports injury:

In table tennis, sports players use a small paddle to it the ball in front of the opponent. There is no such heavy equipment used to play this game, so there are minimal risks of falls or injury. On the other hand, some researchers have proven that this sport can be perfect for those people who want to recover their sports injuries like joint problems.

2. Improves your hand to eye coordination:

This sport is one of the best sports which can quickly enhance any person’s hand-eye coordination. It can build the mental concentration, also simulated your mental alertness, and can build mind tactics. Many schools, college, and other institutes recommend students to play this game because it can also help them to sharpen their mind and to refine their mind tactics.

3. Can develop the human mental acuity:

While playing this game to maintain the speed, placement, and spin of the tennis ball is a bit crucial task for players. Only those players can beat the scores internationally if they do practice all the time. Table tennis will help these players in creating and solving tough puzzles with the use of mind intelligence. They can gain the acute visibility to solve tough games and to get an eye on fine details of any expression.

4. It can improve the reflexes:

Players who would love to play this game can quickly strengthen their mental reflexes. Because of this fast sport, both gross and muscles movement of human can be improved. In several gym industries, the bodybuilders would love to play this game because it leads to fast muscle development in a short time. The sport is perfect for the exertion of burst and for the recovery of muscle damage.

5. Burn your excessive calories:

Dietician and many fat burning associations concluded that some sports are perfect for burning body fat. Same like this table tennis can burn more than 200 calories in one hour. If you overweight and want to lose body fat, then we recommend you to play this sport daily. It can be fun and entertaining for you to burn your body calories with this addictive game.

6. It keeps your brain sharp and powerful:

In the most recent reports of Alzheimer, he concluded that people can get lots of motor skills and as well as cognitive awareness by playing this sport. In Japan, most recent clinical studies have shown that if a person can play this sport daily for only 1 hour, then they can easily maintain blood flow of brain. On the other hand, besides these benefits of Ping Pong, it can also overcome the possibilities of dementia.

7. Simulates your brain vessels:

By playing this game, people can focus on the opponent score and at the same time on the tennis ball. This will allow the player to use brain prefrontal cortex for defining a robust strategic plan. It is a perfect physical activity for those people who can focus on their studies because this spot can simulate the brain parts which are responsible for setting the targets in routine life.

8. Improves your mental balance and coordination:

Besides of all the benefits of Table tennis sport, it has a great ability to change the speed and direction of the ball quickly. To achieve the best scores in this sport, you have to maintain your mental balance on the right point. While maintaining the balance of your mind you have to look at the coordination which will allow you to beat the opponent scores. The sport also reduces the risk of getting into a state of dislocation.

9. Improves the quality of your body joints:

The sport helps you to improve your coral body strength. With the improvement of your coral strength, you will be able to increase the body energy to do heavy work. This will also enhance your physical and mental capability. The sport is very much beneficial for those people who want to get recover from a disjoint problem like twisted ankles, bone fracture, and knee disjoint, etc.

10. Good for your body metabolism:

Many doctors and expert physicians said that sitting in the same place for several hours can be dangerous for your health. It will also destroy your body circulation which can have unhealthy side effects. Playing table tennis twice a week will help you to maintain your body metabolism. If you are a bit exhausted and tired due to a busy schedule or sedentary lifestyle, then you must play this fun game that can maintain your body metabolism.

11. It offers a social outlet:

It doesn’t matter that whether you are playing in a park or in any industry this sport allows you to build your own social community. It is an excellent offer for everyone to build up a strong bond with people around you. It will enable you to improve your communication and also build strong relationship irrespective of any age group. It is a great and perfect way to spend some quality time with your friends and family members.

12. Provide an opportunity to meet with the new people:

Playing ping pong game is a great way to socialize you in all over the world. The game will allow you to comply with the new people instead you are paying in a table tennis game court or in a local ground. It will give you a perfect chance to meet with young or seniors people and build a new community in which you will laugh and go for fun playing activity.

13. You can play anytime & anywhere:

The sport is an excellent outdoor or indoor activity. It is one of the most popular and reliable non-seasonal sport. If you want to play this sport all day, then you are allowed to do this without any worries. You can play this game anywhere instead you choose to play in the ground, in a local club or in your home. You are not restricted to play this game in the morning only or in the night like cricket.

14. You do not have to spend a lot of money:

To play this sport, you don’t have to pay a lot of money to buy different expenditures. All you need is to buy a small paddle or racket and a tennis ball which can be purchased for around 30-40 dollars. Even if you are looking for a professional, high-quality paddle, then it would only go up approximately 80 dollars. Now you don’t have to spend weekly fees of tennis club because you can also play this game in your home.

15. Make your boring life full of fun:

Are you getting disposed or irritating because of your hectic routine? If yes then play table tennis because it is a brilliant fun sport which can take up for your boring life. It is a perfect game to play in your office, house or anywhere just to manipulate your mind away from the stressful experience. You can make your boring day fun of fun and excitement with this sport.


We have shown you some reasons why tennis is the best sport or benefits of ping pong in your daily personal or social life. There are hundreds of sports available, but table tennis is one of the most loveable and popular game ever players in the whole US. It relatively knows as the fastest competitive sport in all over the world. We assure you that while playing this game, you won’t get bored. Eventually, this sport will help you to maintain your health and social capabilities in one go.

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