Best Intake For MK7 GTI Reviews & Buying Guide

As far as aftermarket modifications go, an upgraded intake is never a bad investment. Especially to improve the work performance of a Volkswagen MK7 GTI model significantly.

With an improved intake, your engine can perform a lot more efficiently as it can enjoy better airflow in general. Better airflow leads to an enhanced combustion rate and more combustion means more power than before.

But how to decide on the best intake for MK7 GTI as there are so many options in the market? Well, that’s precisely why we will be reviewing the 5 best cold air intake for MK7 GTI models in today’s article. Go through the reviews and the subsequent buying guide thoroughly to know which one you should get.

Comparison Chart for Best Intake For MK7 GTI

Different types of intakes can double down on specific types of issues. For instance – some can simply initiate a higher flow rate while others focus on improving the combustion rate without spillage.

Here’s a brief overview of the recommended top 5 best intake for MK7 GTI models:

1. K & N Cold Air Intake

The K & N Cold Air Intake is our top choice for the day because of two prominent reasons. Firstly, the intake is highly durable and comes with an impressive million-mile warranty.

And secondly, the K & N cold air intake has been tried and tested to increase the airflow rate up to 50% in different MK7 GTI models. The intake can also improve the throttle response significantly – which ensures smooth uphill and rough terrain acceleration. And while doing so, the enhanced air circulation will suppress the annoying engine noises greatly as well.

2. Injen Short Ram Intake

Next up, the Injen short ram intake system is both an affordable and durable option for VWs. It has primarily an aluminum construction and weighs around nine pounds. So far, it fits perfectly inside any MK7 GTI model, especially the early-stage ones.

The filter itself is dry, so you don’t have to worry about exterior oil consumption and subsequent sumping. The installation process is as easy as it gets and the intake system is cheaper than most as well. Alongside improving the engine performance, the Injen intake can improve the groveling turbo sounds.

3. Velocity Concepts Turbo Air Intake

If you need the best MK7 Golf R exhaust system, you should go for the Velocity Concepts Turbo Air Intake. It’s primarily a high flow intake but comes with proper counterparts to battle the increasing heat issues too.

For instance – the aluminum heat-shield twinning with the insulation mat will keep your engine comparatively cool at all times. Furthermore, this turbo cold air intake is known for consistent & high horsepower output. Despite the complex installation and costly price point, the intake is worth all the trouble.

4. AF Dynamic Black Air Intake

While you’re shopping for the best lowering springs for MK7 Golf R, you should get the AF Dynamic Black Air Intake system as well. Constructed primarily from aluminum and silicon, this cold air intake can replace both your problematic OEM filters and airboxes.

Compared to your usual paper OEM filters, the AF Dynamic Black Air Intake can increase your filtration capacity by a massive 95%. Additionally, the torque improvement, deep sporty engine sound optimization, etc. makes this intake a must-have replacement unit.

5. Mishimoto MMAI-MK7-15WBK Performance Air Intake

Lastly, for the best GTI wheels i.e. upgraded performance, you should look into the Mishimoto MMAI-MK7-15WBK Performance Air Intake. The Mishimoto intake system doesn’t come very cheap, that’s true.

However, the Dyno-tested performance, top-quality Mandrel-Bent Aluminum pipes, etc. allow this intake to be a worthy investment. The intake fits in perfectly with all GTI models and the installation takes an hour at most. Furthermore, the air box has a black powder coating to prevent both corrosion and wear-offs.

Things To Consider When Buying An Intake For MK7 GTI

A great intake system is a necessity to ensure proper filtration inside the Volkswagen engine. Without proper filtration, you’ll face both combustion issues and suffer a major loss of power over the months. The oil sumping and aeration may cause acute engine failure as well.

Hence, it’s really important to invest in a high-quality intake to enhance the longevity of your very own MK7 GTI. Here’s a brief rundown of all the factors you should double-check before buying an intake system:


Since the intake is in charge of cooling and filtrating the heated air from combustion, it needs to withstand high temperatures. Aluminum construction is recommended for most Volkswagen models. But quality steel alloy intake systems can work great sometimes.


The design is important since not all types of intake systems can fit inside a Volkswagen engine. The intake needs to be specifically designed to withstand the high-powered engine of an MK7 GTI and similar models.

Ram System

If you don’t have the space for a proper cold air intake, the ram system can help you. You can easily switch to a short ram intake to save both space and extra installation work.

A shorter ram system can drive more concentrated power to your engine as well.

Tube Flow

A great tube flow is needed to prevent oil consumption and subsequent aeration during the filtration procedure. You need to ensure that the pipes are of quality material and don’t corrode and break down over time.

Water Protection

While filtrating the air, the heat will generate water vapor at times inside the engine. Without proper water protection countermeasures, the intake will easily fall victim to corrosion and consequent damages.

Final Verdict

We reviewed our way through the 5 best intake for MK7 GTI models in today’s article. Depending on which area you need improvements in your precious Volkswagen, you should invest in the best MK7 GTI accessories accordingly.

And needless to say by now – a good intake is more than necessary to ensure an improved and powerful engine in an MK7 GTI. They may cost a couple of hundred bucks but can enhance the performance greatly in the long run.

For instance, take another look at our top choice for the day – the K & N cold air intake. Million-mile longevity, 50% more airflow, improved uphill acceleration, noise suppression, and world-class protective measures. It’s almost cruel to keep your precious Volkswagen devoid of all these amazing perks and facilities.

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