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The Yamaha 115 is a reliable outboard motor that is used by many fisherman and boaters. When it comes to choosing the best propeller for your Yamaha 115, there are a few things you need to consider.

The first thing you need to consider is the type of boat you have. If you have a V-hull boat, then you will need a propeller with more blade surface area. If you have a deep V-hull boat, then you will need a propeller with less blade surface area.

Best Propeller For Yamaha 115: Comparison Chart

VIF Jason Marine 13 1 or 4×17-K Aluminum Propeller for Yamaha Outboard Motos 60HP 70HP 75HP 80HP 85HP 90HP 115HP 130HPOEM Parts No.6E5-45945-01-EL15 Tooth RH

Highlighted Features:

  • This is a high quality aluminum propeller that is made to fit Yamaha outboard motors.
  • It is precision engineered and features a 15 tooth design.
  • It is made from durable aluminum and is corrosion resistant.
  • The propeller is easy to install and can be used with motors that are 60-115 horsepower.
  • It offers great performance and is very reliable.

Jason Marine 13 1/4×17-K Aluminum Propeller for Yamaha Outboard Motos 60HP 70HP 75HP 80HP 85HP 90HP 115HP 130HP,OEM Parts No.6E5-45945-01-EL,15 Tooth, RH

It is a reliable and efficient aluminum propeller from Jason Marine that is specially designed for Yamaha outboard motors. It is made of durable and lightweight aluminum material that can offer resistance against corrosion and wear. Moreover, it has a 15-tooth design that allows it to provide good performance.

The Yamaha aluminum propeller is a good quality product. It arrived quickly and was easy to install. The only issue we had was that the rubber washer that goes between the propeller and the engine housing was too small. We were able to use the existing washer, but it was a tight fit.

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CAPTAIN Outboard Propeller fit Yamaha 115 T50 60 70 75 80 85 90 100 130 HP Engines 15 Spline Tooth Outboard Prop RH Aluminum Propellers OEM No.6E5-45945-01-EL

Highlighted Features:

  • CAPTAIN propellers are made of high quality aluminum materials.
  • They are precision machined and balanced.
  • It has 15 spline tooth design for secure fit.
  • It offers excellent value for money.
  • It is backed by a one year warranty.

CAPTAIN Outboard Propeller fit Yamaha 115 T50 60 70 75 80 85 90 100 130 HP Engines, 15 Spline Tooth Outboard Prop, RH Aluminum Propellers, OEM No.6E5-45945-01-EL

If you are looking for a new propeller for your Yamaha 115 horsepower outboard engine, the CAPTAIN 15 tooth spline aluminum propeller is a great option. This propeller is made for right hand rotation and is designed to fit Yamaha 115 horsepower models T50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 100 and 130.

It is made from durable aluminum and has a bronze bushing for long-lasting use. Order yours today and enjoy the improved performance and handling that this propeller provides.

A great propeller for Yamaha 115hp outboard motors. The aluminum construction is strong and corrosion-resistant. The propeller has a 15-spline design that fits most Yamaha 115 hp engines. The prop is RH rotation.

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Tim’s Marine 13 1 or 2 x 15 Stainless Steel Outboard Propeller for Yamaha Engines 60-115 HP Reference No.6E5-45947-00-EL 15 Tooth RH

Highlighted Features:

  • The propeller is made of high-quality stainless steel that is durable and resistant to corrosion.
  • It has a 13-1/2″ diameter and is designed for Yamaha engines between 60 and 115 horsepower.
  • The propeller is precision-machined for an accurate fit and smooth operation.
  • It comes with a 15-tooth RH configuration.
  • The propeller has a high degree of performance and efficiency.

This Tim’s Mo consider to make sure you get the best one for your needs.

The first thing you need to think about is the size and type of propeller you need. There are a few different types of propellers, including three-blade and four-blade propellers. Three-blade propellers are more common and provide good performance for most applications. Four-blade propellers are designed for higher speed and are used mostly on sport boats.

The next thing you need to consider is the pitch of the propeller. The pitch is how far the propeller blade travels forward in one revolution. A higher pitch propeller will travel farther forward and provide more thrust. However, a higher pitch propeller will also create more drag and require more horsepower to operate.

Your final consideration is the type of material the propeller is made of. There are three main types of materials used in propellers

Overall, I am very happy with the propeller. It was easy to install and seems to perform well.

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Buying Guide for Best propeller for yamaha 115

When shopping for a new Yamaha 115 propeller, its important to keep the following factors in mind:

Boat size: Before you buy a new propeller, you’ll need to determine the size of your boat. This information can typically be found on the boats registration documents or owners manual.

Type of boat: Not all propellers are created equal they vary in size and design depending on the type of boat they are meant to be used on. Make sure to select a propeller that’s designed for your boats type.

Propulsion system: Your boats propulsion system will also play a role in determining the right propeller for you. If your boat is powered by an outboard motor, for example, you’ll need a propeller that’s compatible with that type of motor.

Speed requirements: Different boats have different speed requirements. If you’re looking for a high-performance propeller, for example, you’ll need to make sure that the one you choose is capable of reaching the desired speed.

Material: The material used to construct a propeller can also affect its performance.

Frequently Asked Question

How Fast Does A Yamaha 115 Go?

The Yamaha 115 Goes Anywhere From 10-13 Mph, Depending On The Model And The Person’s Weight.

How Fast Will A 115 Hp 2 Stroke Outboard Go?

There Is No Definitive Answer To This Question As There Are Many Factors That Can Affect How Fast An Outboard Motor Can Go, Such As The Weight Of The Boat, The Size And Type Of The Propeller, And The Amount Of Fuel In The Tank. However, On Average, A 115 Hp Two Stroke Outboard Motor Can Reach Speeds Of Up To 50 Mph.

What Is The Most Reliable 115 Hp Outboard Motor?

There Is No Definitive Answer For This Question As There Are A Variety Of 115 Hp Outboard Motors Available On The Market, Each With Its Own Set Of Pros And Cons. Some Of The More Reliable Options Include The Yamaha F115, Mercury 115 Pro Xs, And Honda Bf115. It Is Important To Do Your Research And Compare The Specs Of Different Models Before Making A Purchase In Order To Find The Best Option For Your Needs.


There are a number of different propellers available for the Yamaha 115 outboard motor, and the best one for your needs depends on your individual requirements.

Best Selling Propeller For Yamaha on the Market

SaleNo. 3
Quicksilver 835274Q1 Flo-Torq II Hub Kit Yamaha
  • For use with 150-300HP Yamaha 4-stroke outboards and 115-250 Yamaha VMAX SHO outboards that use a single-piece OEM thrust washer
  • Refer to the hub selection grid for specifics
  • Flo-Torq hub systems cushion and protect the drivetrain from most impacts
No. 4
13 1/4x17-K Boat Motor Aluminum Propeller - Replaces 6E5-45945-01-EL - Compatible with Yamaha Outboard Engines 60HP 70HP 75HP 80HP 85HP 90HP 115HP 130HP - 15 Tooth-RH - Aluminum Outboard Propeller
  • ⛵Replacement Model - OEM ones for Yamaha Outboard Engines 60-130HP,Replaces 6E5-45945-01-EL 6E5459450100
  • ⛵Size & Material - 13 1/4 Diameter x 17-K Pitch; Rotation: Right; Blade:3 ; Number of splines: 15;Color: White; Material: The material of this marine propeller is made of durable aluminum.
  • ⛵Excellent Quality - With strict quality control ,Our propellers are extremely durable without sacrificing top speed,acceleration or rmps, reduce the wear and tear on your engine and fully-fuel efficiency. make your boat motor faster and more efficient,and is lightweight, low profile.Provide safety
  • ⛵There is no deviation from the picture in real life, as shown in the picture.
  • ⛵Warranty - This Outboard Propeller comes complete with a warranty. If the part ever fails simply contact us for a replacement.we will reply you within 24 working hours.
No. 6
Qiclear Marine 13 1/4 x 17-K | 6E5-45945-01-EL Upgrade Aluminum Outboard Propeller fit Yamaha Engines 60-130HP, 15 Spline Tooth
  • ★Model Characteristic: Perfect quality with good painting and speed ; OEM ones for Yamaha Outboard Engines 60-115HP,Reference No.6E5-45945-01-EL
  • ★Size & Material: 13 1/4 Diameter x 17 Pitch; Rotation: Right; Blade:3 ; Color: White; Material: High Quality Aluminum
  • ★Outstanding Quality: Based on strict quality control ,our propellers are extremely durable without sacrificing top speed,acceleration or rmps,reduce the wear and tear on your engine and fully-fuel efficiency. Better speed and save money for you!
  • ★ Easy Installation: Sold as seen in pictures: propeller comes exactly as pictures showing, propeller comes with 835257Q1 Flo-Torq II Hub Kits for installation use; Fit your boat well and easy to install
  • ★Warranty Policy: We offer 18 months free replacement guarantee for blades fracture and bush slipping. (Except normal wear, accidental damage, modification, improper installation.)Any questions you can contact us , we will response based on your needs within 24 hours !
No. 7
VN 13 12x15-K Boat Motor Aluminum Propeller - Replaces 6E5-45947-00-EL Compatible with Yamaha 60HP 70HP 75HP 80HP 85HP 90HP 115HP 130HP 15 Tooth-RH Outboard Propeller-Boat
  • ⛵ FEATURES - Fits for Yamaha 50-130HP , please refer to below product description for detailed engines application, Ref Parts number 6E5-45947-00-E
  • ⛵REPLACE YOUR PROP - A propeller is a type of fan that transmits power by converting rotational motion into thrust,resulting in a force that acts on the ship and pushes it forward.Choosing a proper propeller is essential for your vessel performance.
  • ⛵PREMIUM QUALITY - Made of premium alloy aluminum material, our propeller can be used for a long time and function what it is supposed to. Giving your yamaha vessel a top speed,acceleration or rmps.
  • ⛵EASY INSTALL- Just need to install the new propeller using the new attributable hub kit, the whole process does not exceed 10 minutes, before repairing the propeller, be sure to switch the engine to neutral and turn off the ignition device.
  • ⛵Lifetime Warranty - This Outboard Propeller comes complete with a lifetime warranty. If the part ever fails simply contact us for a replacement.
No. 8
NovelBee Aluminum Alloy Boat Propeller for Yamaha 9.9-15 HP Outboard Motor (9 1/4x10-J)
  • Boat Propeller material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Boat Propeller Diameter:9-1/4";Number of Spline: 8
  • Propeller model:9 1/4x9-J;Pitch: 9"
  • Propeller model:9 1/4x10-J;Pitch: 10"
  • Boat Propeller great for Yamaha 9.9-15 HP outboard motor
No. 9
VIF Jason Marine Propeller Installation Hardware Kits fit Yamaha Outboard Propeller, Thrust Washer/Spacer/Washer/Nut/Cotter Pin Included (60-85hp)
  • 1.These are after market products: Fit for yamaha 60-85hp outboard motos,15 spline tooth props,Ref No.688-45987-01
  • 2. Outstanding Quality: Outstanding Quality based on strict quality control
  • 3.Engine Types: Please check your engine type before purchasing ;You can refer to below product description for details
  • 4.Sold As Seen In Pictures: Hardware kits come exactly as picture showing ; Include:thrust washer,spacer,washer,nut and cotter pin
  • 5.Service Promise: Quality and performance are guaranteed, free return is acceptable!
No. 10
COPKINGO Boat Propeller 11 1/8x13-G for Yamaha 30hp 40hp 50hp 55HP 60hp / Outboard Propeller for Yamaha Engine 3-1/2" Gearcase 11.125x13
  • Number of Spline: 13, Blades: 3, Diameter (in.): 11 1/8", Pitch (in.): 13"
  • For Yamaha Propeller Outboard Motor 30HP, 40HP, 50HP, 60HP (2 stroke & 4 stroke) after year 1984 engines.
  • For Yamaha Outboard Part Number: 69W-45945-00-EL (IMPT: check OEM part number before purchase!!)
  • Material: Made by high quality Aluminum Alloy, improved blade.
  • This propeller is after market product. Diameter and Pitch are identical to original OEM ones. We guarantee the performance and quality.
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