15 Common Mistakes in Table Tennis & How to Avoid Them

As Table Tennis is widely popular, you will see TT tables in random places. In-office areas, sports room and even in the canteen people have enthusiastically taken this sport into another level. Here we will share some common mistakes in table tennis and how to Avoid them.

Do not be ashamed of committing mistakes anymore. Do not drown into ignorance; instead, try to get out of it to fix the issues you are dealing with. Those mistakes make the person even more potent.

Knowing the errors won’t make you any good at the sport. You must work hard to fix them and need to get wet on sweat and burn some extra calories practicing with the blade.

We are positive enough that you will know some crucial mistakes that occur while playing. Along with that, we will advise multiple ways to get rid of those. So, let’s dive in.

Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Now we are discuss common mistakes and how to fix them:

#1. Stand Too Close to the Table

Let us start with a widespread problem we find on tennis newbies. They often tend to stand too close to the table, thinking that playing in such a position will help them strike the ball even better. But the reality somewhat different than the actual scenario.

As a beginner standing too close with the table makes your move limited. Thus, you can’t make proper strokes to the ball.

That is how you will suffer to make a quick movement as well. It depends on how better your positioning is to play good tennis.

You will need to cover less distance only if your positioning is excellent. No player ever denies that proper positioning is the key to play quality shots.

#2. Using the Wrong Tennis Grip

If you want to have a better game, no matter what extra you do, your grip must be perfect. That is quite a typical mistake that tennis players do. Which ultimately makes your wrist weaker. You may feel pain in the wrist muscle after relatively longer matches.

Acknowledging the importance of holding the bat is commendable undoubtedly. If you feel that way, then we are sure that you must have some passion for this game.

The index finger has to be on the backhand rubber to grip the bat in the right manner. Your thumb has to be correctly placed on the forehand side. Then grasp the handle with three other fingers. Make sure there is no gap between the handle and your hand.

#3. Holding the Paddle Too Tight

If you have passed quite a time with this pastime, you might hear of a grip called the Shakehand grip. This grip is extensively familiar in the tennis arena.

As we discuss Shakehand grip, you have to know the perfect grip pressure is imperative here from scratch.

In this holding position, your thumb and index finger should touch the blade’s curve within the web of those two fingers. Holding the paddle is an art, as this determines how strong your shot will be.

Try to keep your wrist vertically aligned. Lastly, your thumb should stand firm against the lower edge of the forehand portion.

#4. Wrong Paddle Angle

After everything doing satisfyingly, yet falling apart in the matches might leave you in stress. You will ask yourself, what am I doing wrong to make the perfect move? A wrong paddle angle can make your matches disaster for you.

The paddle angle manages the amount of spin the ball will catch. Although depending on the material, the sensitivity level can vary.

But the primary purpose of this point is to make the perfect shots more about the right paddle angle. While creating each shot, learn what is the ideal paddle angle would be.

Do not overlook the importance of practice, though. In the end, this habit will make you successful.

#5. Running to the Ball at Wrong Place

Understand where to move and where to strike. The experience of the movement of the ball can help you to determine what is the right spot for you. Newbies are often don’t get the way the ball moves. That is why they often run to the ball in the wrong places.

If you are facing situations like this, make sure you are watching the ball. The judgment of the shot from the other side of the fence can make your assumption clear.

Be calm and confident while replying. Over enthusiasm often left the player clueless during the game.Take a deep breath, make proper use of your stance, and deliver the return strike.

#6. Hitting the Ball Too Hard

Unlike other sports such as baseball or so, you don’t have to hit the ball with a full blow. Gaining score by failing your opponent to make contact with the ball is the goal here. So, that doesn’t necessarily need to hit the ball hard to make your shots more powerful.

Instead, with the correct procedure and the smallest mistakes, boost the chances of winning sets.

We would love to suggest you play slow instead of hitting hard. When you start slow, it will be a hundred times more manageable for you to acquire decent techniques.

Successful players don’t bother hitting hard, yet they try to utilize the power in the right manner and system so that the result stays in favor.

#7. Closed Stance Footwork

The stance is the leading way to build footwork and flexible movement of the body. Many amateur TT players play with restricted stance mode, which ruins the footwork.

That results in limited body movement. So, we will suggest that we don’t allow yourself to stand in a closed stance.

Instead, try to stand on your front foot. When your balance is on your front feet, lean a bit forward. In this position, you always have to be ready to move backward whenever you meant to. Do not stand on your back feet.

Gradually, this will help you to improve your footwork. Thus, reaching the ball to anywhere will be much convenient.

#8. Swinging from the Elbow or Wrist Instead of Shoulders

Have you ever seen any TT player striking the ball with the force of the elbow? If you do, then consider yourself lucky for what we are going to tell you. Swinging the blade from the elbow or mostly depending on the wrist will eventually make you a disappointment.

Don’t be that guy at all. In the long run, falling into some bizarre injuries won’t be that difficult. Rather play from the shoulders. Try to generate maximum power from that portion of your body.

While watching pro-players playing one against another, you will get to see some techniques they follow. Be more conscious about the method they are using to take the game away from the opponent.

#9. No Body Rotation

Body rotation depends on your flexibility. No-body rotation means your body movement will be slower and not that prompt enough to return the ball to the opponent’s side. Stretching can play a big part in achieving that skill.

It can make you physically more energetic and can enhance your core energy, which will improve your flexibility to a visible order.

Many players suffer due to not having adequate body rotation to play. So, start stretching and try to continue it before every session you do.

Soon, a drastic improvement will be apparent in your movement.

#10. Wrong Contact Point

The contact point is where you have to connect the bat with the ball to make a perfect shot. Beginners often try to just shot the ball to the other side of the table. Though creating good contact with the ball is essential.

There is no option excluding the right hitting position to ensure proper contact. Keep in mind, for the topspin, hitting on the spot around 3-4 is the key.

 After practicing frequently, you will be able to master it. Otherwise, you don’t possess the right to blame others. When a player can hit the right point, he can hit the ball to any portion of the table.

#11. Confused with Side Spin

While you are playing against a pro player, you will see some severe spin of the ball. Eventually, getting confused is not that unusual. Because pro players can spin to maximum extend.

However, to determine the amount of spin of the ball, an average player requires a lot of practice. The more you practice in the table, the better you will be. There is no short-cut for this. Play with different servings style. Learn how to understand the sidespin.

To be an advanced level player, take the long path.

#12. Not Having a Strategy

Can you tell, in which game any strategical move doesn’t require? Try to recall any sport from your memory that doesn’t bother about tactics. Surely, there is no game where a good strategy is not allowed to play the part.

After playing for some mentionable period, a player usually takes some approach to win the game. It can be related to anything, such as the paddle angle, the positioning, the striking method, perfect hitting power, balancing around the table.

Similarly, not having proper knowledge of how to return the ball, how and where to serve are catastrophic. Remember, TT is the game of speed.

#13. Don’t Have Own Style

Everything matters form your personality, from your attitude. Even in any game, players with style considered a graceful athlete.

It’s a treat to the eye to watch them play. When you are under-grooming, your coach must ensure developing your style.

In TT, some players have proper serving technique to attack the opponent, some players have forehand topspin, or some have amazingly balanced legs that move with the rhythm. So, to adopt some of those styles into your game, try to play like a pro.

There are some Combo-style that is a widely accepted method to enhance skill and create personal style. You can choose your favorite player to get some authentic ideas for building your own identity in the table.

#14. Wrong Equipment

There is a common phenomenon among the table tennis players that they tend to change their equipment too often.

It seems like, to be a pro-player, the material is everything. Although some credits go to the equipment as well. But it doesn’t change the core idea of being a champion in this game.

The technique is your weapon here to fly high on the sky. Choosing decent equipment can assist you in being the best version of yourself. Oppositely, wrong stuff can ruin your game, can destroy your true potential.

Proper skillset determines your luck on the table. But 10-15% of your techniques is depended on a good set of blades.

#15. Tension

Tension and stress are the deadliest enemies for any sportsman. It can even ruin your career and leave you midway. That is why dealing with anxiety as imperative as building confidence inside.

Due to excessive tension, you may fail to focus. Negative thoughts can burn your extra calories; yes, it is true.

Breathing exercise can be the ultimate rescuer for you to reduce tension. Practice breathing workouts and relax your body.

Try to breathe from the stomach and not from your chest. Breathing from the chest can create muscle tension instead of breathing from the lower part of the chest. Thus, the pressure will get reduced, and the concentration will be on the spot.

Do not make rash decisions while feeling tense because the hormones can drastically affect your decision-making process. You can do meditation to improve your mental health. It will create some tranquility within you.

Final Verdict

It depends on your passion for the sport, and it depends on whether you are practicing the TT wholeheartedly or not to be a champion someday. These we have discussed just about some common mistakes in table tennis and how to fix them.

Everybody makes mistakes. But when you try to deal with them to be a better one than others, you will satisfy your self-esteem. Until then, keep playing the ping pong with the blade and keep growing as a table tennis player.

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